SHC Dec Monthly gathering, Sat 9 Dec 2017

SilverHairsClub monthly gathering is held regularly for all registered members. This is a good occasion to meet new and more SilverHairsClub friends. This event is strictly for members only.

December has many festive holidays. Weather is cooler, and many members go for holidays. It is an opportunity to gather the family together. For members who are still working, it is rewarding as a bonus is forth-coming from your company.

We have firmed up the December gathering, and you are invited to come join other SHCians. This is also the only date I have in Singapore.

Venue: Food Junction, #05-07, OneRafflesPlace
Date : Sat 09 Dec 2017
Time : 1400 – 1700 hrs. Feel free to come earlier for lunch at Food Junction.

Nearest MRT:
One Raffles Place Shopping Mall is located above Raffles Place MRT station and directly connected via Basement 1.

1. Please register your coming here. Group Leaders can register for other members in your own group.

2. For members in the SHC gardening group, you may bring some potted plants and gather other interested garderners to join the group. No problem, if you can sell your pots. Good to tell others so they can expect to carry home a potted plant.

3. Some members have started to conceptualize a travel biz. This Travel Biz group is having its meeting at the same time. Express your interest, and the organisers will contact you.

4. Android users group was formed recently. As smartphones today have numerous features, members have shared their expertise with others who have questions. Again, express your interest and we shall assist you to join a group during the gathering.

5. Holidays are coming, and so are holiday plans. Tell us your holiday thots, and we will join you with others have the same plans.

Whether you are going to volcanic Bali, cool Chiangmai, Japan, Seoul or nearby Penang, do share and others will know. Further away in NZ, Perth, Vancouver or snow cap Myanmar, some will join you. Find your travelling partner here.

6. Bitcoins have gone up in price. Recently, it has risen above $10,000 on CoinDesk’s Bitcoin price index. If you are interested to join a group for discussion, please indicate your name and interest. We shall form a group during the Sat gathering.

7. The eccommerce group formed recently was very eager to learn more about online selling, online buying and online marketing. Again, we will help you form a group if you express your interest here.

8. A good way to find likeminded friends is to say what your interests are, so that another likeminded member will notice and join you. If you just sit down, and drink a cup of coffee, I am afraid you will just look pretty or handsome the whole afternoon. Time to find yourself during the SilverHairs days. Be a GL and you can gather your own close interest group.

8. Feel free to bring and share your home baked cakes, cookies or biscuits for your friends. This is a great way to meet friends. Start a conversation. Say “Hello, my name is Coconut.” and introduce yourself.

8. We are always on the lookout for new members. Please email or whatsapp this application to your friends.

If you introduce two friends as new members, and successfully approved before 6 Dec 2017, you will get a chance to win a free lunch. The Lucky person will be announced on 8 Dec 2018. Don’t forget to tell your friends to name you as introducer.

Register your coming for this SilverHairsClub gathering now. Get your Group Leader GL to register for you today.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Andrew Koh
  2. Doreen Ong
  3. Christine Teo
  4. Bobby Bok
  5. Jimmy Tsin
  6. Lydia Poh
  7. Nina Choo
  8. Christina Chan (to be confirmed)
  9. Marg Tian
  10. Yatsing
  11. Dolly Lim
  12. Caroline Gee
  13. Sam Goh (to be confirmed)
  14. Jessica Barbara Ing
  15. Richard Kee
  16. Gingko Tay
  17. Ronnie
  18. Chan Keng Ngee
  19. Elaine Kong
  20. SS Tan
  21. Doreen Chan
  22. Thomas GOH
  23. Mega
  24. Jane Tan
  25. Jennifer Wu
  26. Catherine Yeo
  27. Ann Lim
  28. Peri
  29. Theresa Seow
  30. Frisna Tan
  31. Doreen Ho
  32. Judy Lim
  33. Leon Lau
  34. Thomas Loh
  35. Shirley Lai
  36. Veron Chee
  37. Alan Aw
  38. Rosalind Lee
  39. Steven Yuen
  40. Kheng Lim
  41. Ronald Lam
  42. Lum Oi Cheng &
  43. CJ Ang
  44. Helen Wong-Pow &
  45. TK Pow
  46. Krystal Lam
  47. Lina Tan
  48. Grace Kang
  49. Yoon
  50. Pauline Khoo
  51. Chris Leow
  52. Melissa Khng
  53. Daisy Yeo
  54. Mitchelle Sim
  55. Terence Seah
  56. Ronald lim
  57. Patricia Lim
  58. Catherine Yip
  59. Victor Chee
  60. Lydia Chin
  61. Kent Chan
  62. Freda Lim
  63. Richard Wong
  64. Janie Leong
  65. Eve Choy
  66. Bessie Lam
  67. Yoon Chin
  68. Doug Chan

60 thoughts on “SHC Dec Monthly gathering, Sat 9 Dec 2017

  1. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for organising. Yes please include me as I am also in the Travel group and we are also having our first Travel Group meeting. For those who are keen to have more discussion and hand on with their Android phones and some other apps for their mobile phone you are also welcome to meet up with me over at the monthly meeting. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  2. I will also be coming to this monthly gathering. Look forward to seeing you come and meet new and old friends.

    There will be a table for smartphone Android users. Keep a watch on that day.

    Terence Seah

  3. Bro Terence ,
    tentatively , i chope a place first ya…as DEC ve lots of spring cleanings in JB.
    play by ears first lor…hahahahahha cheers Bro Sam Goh

  4. Hi Terence,
    Kindly register me, Veron Chee & Alan Aw (Alan is a member of SH too).
    2 pax. We are interested in Travel Biz, Baking, Travelling & Online Biz talk too.

  5. Hi EO,
    Please register the following named members for this December gathering. .
    Theresa Seow, Peri Liew, Ann Lim, Frisna Tan (also for Biz/Travel Talk)
    Doreen Ho, Judy Lim, Leon Lau n Thomas Loh
    Thank you.

    • Hi AnnL,

      I see you are a Group Leader. I can also see you have a good size group of member friends.
      Please continue to keep your group of friends together, and update them on SHC activities.

      Terence Seah

  6. For members coming to the monthly gathering, please register your coming. When you arrived, please head for the registration desk.

    Please bring along your nametag. The SilverHairsClub name tag has the following specifications. Please design and print your name tag yourself, and put the card into a plastic holder, which can be hung around the neck or pinned on the shirt/dress. No need to standardize the design. Just be creative.

    Size: 89mm x 51mm (3.5inch x 2inch)
    Paper: Can be of any colour or material.
    Font size: As bold as possible so that others can see your name from far. Any colour, shape or design.
    Content: Your name. Must have the first and last name or first, middle and last name. No abbreviation.

    All SHC events do not allow discussions on politics, race, religion and MLM activities.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi, Terence and all
      i am new here and am interested to meet up members at the gathering.

      BTW I injured my foot so I will be leaping to the meetup.
      thank you

  7. monthly gathering, Sat 09 Dec 2017
    1. SHC monthly gatherings are strictly for registered members only. No discussions on politics, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.
    2. Register your attendance for today event. We don’t have a registration desk today. Now, we being served by robots. Whatsapp +65 9489-4360. Say “I am here”. If we have your records, I will ask you to collect a SilverHairsClub cloth label. You can sew it on your bag, cap or T-shirt. Limited labels available.
    3. Please put on your homemade name tag, so we can recognize you from afar.
    4. How many hairs are there in the SHC logo? The first two persons to whatsapp the Club gets the SHC cloth label. Please send your answers only between 4pm and 4.15pm.
    5. Find your own group interest. Form at least 5 member friends and keep in touch with one another. Group Leaders GL have quicker access to Admin.
    6. Find out from another member how to put a SHC shortcut on their mobile. This will help you to access easily for updates? Make a friend too.
    7. Join the SHC Facebook. Andrew Koh is the administrator. Say hello to him and find out how to share your interests and events with SHC members and seniors alike.
    8. Doreen Chan owns a travel company. She helped organized the travel arrangement of our last JB KSL trip “One night in JB”. If you need some travel advice, do approach her.
    9. A remarkable and handsome man is SS James Tan. Learn dancing, join his dancing group. He is a patient guy indeed. Approach him if you like dancing. He wears a smile all the time.
    10. And if you are trying to catch up with the times, with your kids and the latest trend, you can take part in PayNow activity today. Transfer SGD 1 cent to a fellow member friend, and have your member friend transfer back SGD 1 cent to you. Check if there are fees involved. How long the process takes. And whether you feel comfortable with paying your favourite foodstall, the Ka Chang Puteh man. It is a trendy way to give angpows during Chinese New Ywar. Also, this is a great way to make a new friend today.
    11. How to make a friend? Ask around, who is the oldest SHC member? And, who is the youngest member? Check out who is Oi Cheng and CJ. CLUB has a Siow Siow channel, hosted by Frisna Tan. You will know why, after talking with her. SHC has a member who is a great supporter of SHC events, But he will always come late, even if he is busy. Find out who.
    12. If you love walking exercise, go catch Christina Chan. Chris and her team lead a monthly regular walking route to somewhere, not nowhere. The SHC walking group is one of the oldest activity, since SHC started in 2005. Christina is also SHC Treasurer.
    13. Bobby Bok is tech savvy. You may like to approach him, if you have an Android Phone and only knows how to ON and OFF the phone. He is easily recognized wearing a white long sleeve shirt.
    14. Caroline Gee is organizing a T Dance during 3rd week Feb 2017. Say hello to her, if you love meeting friends and love dancing. Dolly Lim is assisting Dolly. Both are aged members.
    15. Come join the SHC committee as a volunteer. Simple offer and approach me.
    16. And finally, have a good time planning your holidays, your retirement, your hobbies and interest. As SilverHairs, we have to take care of ourselves. No one will. Make a new friend today.

    Terence Seah,

  8. Hi Terence Seah,

    Acknowledge receipt of SHC December Members Come Together event posting through my Smartphone Galaxy J3 Pro #92777149. I am Android Smartphone user and can gather new ideas on travel from Bobby Bok on leisure travel update.

  9. Hi Terence and all other SHC Gardening members ,

    I would like to see more ACTIVE members who share more of their gardening skills and tips .

    I would like to give 3 FREE Wild White Dove Orchid Plants on a 1st come 1st Serve basis after this comment has been moderated by Terence.

    The Common Name is White Dove Orchid because it resembles a white dove in flight with its wings spreading outwards widely and it has many species. Sorry I have forgotten its scientific name. I have posted a few photos of this white dove orchid flowers at our SHC GARDENING CHAT GROUP. Shown there are 3 different species . I am NOT sure which species mine come from . I pulled them up from an old decayed tree bark stump .

    V.Sorry to post this comment so late because I was too busy with my own gardening from 2.30 AM till 1.3O pm today taking care and nurturing 105 potted green plants , orchids and air plants my favourite among them along the common corridor , living room and bathrooms.

  10. Yes, we had a successful turnout of SilverHairsClub members. And I believe many enjoyed the company of one another.

    Well, I was about to put up the group photo, and I noticed there were some kids in the photo.

    I am not sure who brought the kids to the gathering, but there are definitely not members. This is a serious breach of our Club age ruling. Whoever brought them in did not even bother to inform the EO and seek approval.

    Some members came unregistered. Again, these did not bother to seek an ok from the EO. This is not polite. It is not the Club’s practice to come for monthly gatherings unregistered.

    I like the person who brought in the kids to contact me. Same with those who came unregistered.

    Terence Seah

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