WhatsApp Chat Group for Widows only

SHC WhatsApp chat groups are moderated and have rules. Please read this before joining.
1. Anything related to politics, race, religion, sex, MLM or any forms of Network marketing are NOT permitted
2. Pictures/ messages must be focused and benefit the widows only
3. Total No. of pictures/ messages : 3 max per day
4. No pushing of URL (including videos)
5. No greetings – good morning, afternoon or goodnight
6. No advertising/invitations to unrelated events
If you break the rules
1st time: Unaccepted messages will be flagged with a * by Admin.
2nd time: Admin will give you a 2nd * and will remove your name from this Whatsapp group. You can request to rejoin the group after 60 days.
Posts/Topics can include the following
Widows who are alone
Widow Grandparents who have to look after grandchildren – the 5Ws
Widows whose children are adults, or in their late teens
Widows who seek common grounds to make friends, help with job opportunities, life long learning, chit-chat, travel, makan, exercise, share hobbies/interests, accommodation, etc. etc.
Terms & Conditions
This chat group will start after 10 chat members have signed up.
You can organise your own activities and invite fellow widows to join you. If the event is strictly for SHC member, you are the Event Organiser (EO). If the event includes non-members, you are the Event Cordinator (EC).
You can start a topic of interests, and invite participation. You must follow up on your post/topic, or you may be restricted from future posting.
When a post/topic is up, you are the author of the post/topic.
Whatsapp your full name to Dora (who has been a widow for 7 years) @ 9851-0545.
This is her Year of Jubilee – a time for liberty, restitution, and simple living.
Come and join the Dec Monthly gathering on Sat 9 Dec 17.

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About aDORAble

Retiree since 2001 and is now 70 yrs young. Was working as a secretary in a MNC. I have 3 daughters. Enjoying myself doing volunteering work, e.g. sharing IT knowledge, organising events for seniors, going for holidays with families and friends, etc. I worship at New Creation Church. Update pw: 17Nov17.

6 thoughts on “WhatsApp Chat Group for Widows only

  1. Hi ms Dora
    I would like to join the wudow”s chat group for common interest’s in meeting up; going movies; exercises; walkathon etc etc if time permits thank you Ms Dora

  2. Initially, I did not want to participate in the Widows group because I prefer the group to be strictly ladies.

    However, I see there is strong need for widows to gather together, share and help one another. It is difficult to start a groupchat without knowing one another, so I shall help kickstart this new SHC group.

    Please contact me at +65 9489 4360. I shall put you in touch with the group. Strictly for widow members only.

    Not that I am not interested, but amongst Widows, there is better closeness, sharing and understanding. I shall exit the Widows group end Dec 2017. So, Join the group now.

    Terence Seah

  3. The widows group, headed by Dora Lim, has taken off. The group has also decided to rename itself as “SHC WiCherish”. The group’s main objective is to give support to one another.

    Members wishing to join this group can contact Dora Lim on this post. You can also whatsapp Dora or myself to join the group. Strictly for SHC widows only.

    I shall be exiting this group today. TQ Dora for initiating SHC Wecherish.

    Terence Seah

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