UPDATE NO. 2 (6 JAN 18):

Attention line dancers, kindly practise your steps for our mini 1-hr Line Dance Jam at Tea time at 4.00 pm:


Electric Slide
Khoo Kaat
One Step Forward
Stroll Along Cha Cha


Waltz Across Texas
Silver Thread
Tango with the Sheriff
Rock around the clock
Chillie cha cha/Magic cha cha


Sweet Joanna

Vertical Expression

Red Hot Salsa


Come Dance with Me

Time to get those boots dusted and stomping!!


UPDATE NO. 1 (16 Dec 17):

1.  Can we request for payment to come in by 25 Dec since we have reached the targeted 50 pax.   Once all payment has come in, we can start choosing the best caterer and secure our booking because it’s the CNY season, a very busy time for caterers and we’d like to plan early.  Thank you.

2.   Meanwhile please continue to register under “Waiting List” below, in case we have cancellations by deadline 25 Dec and we will replace them with those in the queue.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to making this a better Lohei than the previous one.


Time:  3.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Venue:  Aloha Loyang Seaview Bungalow (please click the link for layout and shuttle bus service):

 How to get there:    SBS Bus service No: 354 (loop service) from Pasir Ris interchange

Cost: $30.00 per pax

No. of pax: 63

Some friends want to know what’s in store for the CNY Lohei and the STAMP-ers have just brainstormed what to put up.   It is confirmed on 24 Feb as we have booked and paid for a very spacious bungalow at Aloha Loyang.

While we welcome friends of SHC Members to this celebration, they will be placed on the queue until we have confirmed the headcount for all SHC members who have signed up and paid..

You have 5 very serious energetic creative experienced Lohei members in our team – yes, we will not settle for second best.   Each of us has a unique skill and they’re left to create their own ideas eg:

  • The delicious yusheng with extra fresh toppings which even beats the hotel restaurant standard.
  • A fresh idea for the card games which will ensure that you will not get dementia after this…..
  • The best value-for-money banana cake for tea  – yum yum, for someone who’s v fussy with food, this has passed my QC.
  • The home-made “muah ji” which was generously offered at our previous Lohei.
  • Yours truly will hopefully be able to do a couple of slabs of siew yoke since this is CNY and everybody loves a crispy bite of the lean, moist and juicy meat, provided we have enough left in our kitty.

And something NEW for the first time:   Line dancing (simple steps – electric slide, chillie chacha, come dance with me, bossa nova, etc. – requests welcome).

Please make payment by 31 Dec 2017. Those paid will be confirmed in our list and we reserve the right to accept the next person on the waiting list to replace unpaid registrants after 31 Dec.

Kindly make fund transfer to Treasurer Christina Chan’s  account POSB Savings 542-10756-1 and mention here after you have paid, thank you.


  1. Susan CH Tan (pd)
  2. Theresa Seow (pd)
  3. Ann Lim (pd)
  4. May Woo (pd)
  5. Peri Liew (pd)
  6. Thomas Loh (pd)
  7. Charlee Low (pd)
  8. Bessie Lam (pd)
  9. Judy Lim (pd)
  10. Oi Cheng (pd)
  11. CJ Ang (pd)
  12. Leon Lau (pd)
  13. Steven Yuen (pd)
  14. Lily Lim (pd)
  15. Doreen Ho (pd)
  16. SK Chua (pd)
  17. Joy Chuang (pd)
  18. Ronald Lam (pd)
  19. Lily Ho (pd)
  20. Helen Wong-Pow (pd)  &
  21. TK Pow (pd)
  22. Andrew Koh (pd)
  23. Pauline Khoo & (pd)
  24. Richard Lim (pd)
  25. Irene Poh (pd)
  26. Richard Wong (pd)
  27. Yatsing (pd)
  28. Lillian Teo (pd)
  29. Esther Mok (pd)
  30. Sam Goh (pd)
  31. Christina Pan (pd)
  32. Bernie Chung (pd)
  33. Irene Tan (pd)
  34. Dan Huang (pd)
  35. Charles Wee (pd)
  36. Thomas Goh (pd)
  37. Winnie Tan (pd)
  38. Aaron How (pd)
  39. Veronique (pd)
  40. Lam Hoy Tzee (pd) &
  41. Hwa Bee Gek (pd)
  42. Catherine Yeo (pd)
  43. Susan SW Tan (pd)
  44. Jane Ong (pd)
  45. Peter Goh (pd)
  46. Evon Lim (pd)
  47. KF Lee (pd)
  48. John Howe (pd)
  49. Alex Woo (pd)
  50. Grace Kang (pd)
  51. Shirley Wee (pd)
  52. Doreen Chan (pd)
  53. Rina Tan (pd)
  54. Karen Phoo (pd)
  55. Joan Ang (pd)
  56. Janis Han (pd)
  57. Kim Seng (Terence Seah) (pd)
  58. Margaret Soo (pd)
  59. Jenny Ho (pd)
  60. Jenny Ho’s husband (pd)
  61. Lydia Chin (pd)
  62. Lina Tan (pd)
  63. Barbara Ong (pd)


From the STAMP team….

62 thoughts on “SHC CNY LOHEI, SATURDAY 24 FEB 2018

  1. Hi Chris
    Pls cfm receipt of cash $360/’ being payment of $30/- each for fllwg named members. Thanks.

    1. Judy Lim
    2. Pauline Khoo
    3. Doreen Ho
    4. Andrew Koh
    5. Ronald Lam
    6. Bessie Lam
    7. Ann Lim
    8. Peri Liew
    9. Oi Cheng
    10. C J Ang
    11. Theresa Seow
    12. Thomas Loh

  2. Hi SusanT,

    You and STAMP definitely will make a good start to the DOG year. I won’t be in Spore, but I can already feel this LoHei event will bring in the festive cheer and create strong social links among SilverHairsClub members.

    Well done. I appreciate your bring everyone together.

    Terence Seah

    • Thanks, Carly. Will do.

      I’ll join your next event to catch up with the dancing groups – have hung up my chachacha heels cos I’m too tall to find a partner and it’s very clumsy when I do a disco rock with all the variations, lol! I’ll just settle for line dancing la..

      • Hello Dear Susan
        No worries.
        I guess we have different supporters so we both are actually doing quite well in the numbers. So glad its going fine re the registration.
        Looking forward to seeing on the dance floor some day.
        All the best and catch up soon.

  3. Thank you, Peter Loo and Christina Pan, for your interest in joining the Lohei Party. We will have fun, I promise you.

    And thanks also to Richard and all those who have made prompt payment, even though we gave you lots of time to pay. Appreciate your early commitment and confidence in our organising this event, which may not be held every year, but once every few years, due to work commitment.

  4. Payment received from:
    1) Yatsing
    2) RichardW
    3) Steven Yuen & Charlee Low


    To facilitate easy tracking, kindly indicate in this blog once payment has been made. Ensure you have paid to the correct bank account number. 😀 😀
    Confirmation of payment received will be not be indicated soonest possible; regret for any inconvenience.

  5. …. ooops typo error…

    Confirmation of payment received will be indicated soonest possible; regret for any inconvenience. 😀

  6. Dear Hoy Tzee and Bee Gek, It looks like a big warm reunion again after the Lohei done at the the same place at Aloha Loyang a few years ago. Glad that you and Bee
    Gek can come!

    Richard, thanks for informing me. So glad that Catherine can make it!

    What about the NEW members? Dont be shy, just join us and dont worry you wont be left alone cos there are 50 of us and you will find somebody who will share something in common with you.

    Thank you all!

  7. Hi Chris,
    I’ve transferred $300/- to your posb acct being payment for the
    below-named participants for Lohei Event. Kindly update. Thanks.

    Richard Lim, Irene Tan,, Lily Lim, Leon Lau, Sam Goh, Peter Goh
    Lilian Teo, Esther Mok, Evon Lim n SK Chua.

  8. Heeheehee!
    The SHC should be renamed the Supermakan Hochiak Club…
    Every event with food is fully or over subscribed!
    It is sad that lesser activities like craft or senior care get few, if any, responses.
    I’m not putting down the other activities: they make for a vibrant and active club participation…
    I’m sure that many have their own interests and keep a balance in their personal lives; I’m just wondering how to expand the role of the SHC into our really senior years.

    • Hi Helen,

      Received $60 for you and your hubby 😀
      Side track … look forward to see both of you in our walks for 2018 😀

  9. Hello Christina Chan,

    I have transferred S$30.00 into the account no. 542-10756-1 for the above event.

    Please acknowledge receceipt.

    Thanks & Cheers


  10. Hi Susan SW

    Kindly advise date/time of payment that includes for Jane Ong.

    Dan Huang,
    Kindly advise date/time of payment.

    As am unable to match.

  11. Hi Chris,

    1. Susan SW Tan transferred on 17 Dec at 2218 hrs.

    2. Dan Huang on 18 Dec at 1735 hours.

    3. I’ve just fund transferred $30.00 for KF Lee.


    • Hi Sue,

      1. On 17Dec there was only $30 and has ack it as from BernieC on 18Dec morning.
      Kindly ask SW Tan to check and send image of payment.

      2. 18Dec payment received; ackd as from DanH.

      3. Payment from you for KF Lee, received.


  12. Lol Chris, my mistake. Upon checking the ATM transfer slip from SusanSW, I realise that she transferred to me instead.

    I have just done the transfer a few minutes ago. Sorry for the inconvenience, Chris!

    • Sue, high 5! mystery solved. 😀 😀
      Received your transfer $60…
      Believe all party goers has paid up….swee swee liao! Organisers can get working haha

      Much as I wish to, with much regret am unable to join in this Lohei
      as I will be away 🙁 ;(

      Merry Christmas, Everyone!
      muack muack!

      • Thank you so much, Chris. You’ve done a wonderful job being the “clearing house” for all the 50 payments.

        As you know, I’ve created a new Post with updates and also invited 10 more guests to join our party, making it a total of 60.

        We still need you to continue your good job as Treasurer, and thank you for your help even though you cannot attend. We will migrate to the new Post now.

  13. Hi Susan
    Just log in and is surprised the overwhelming response of the SHC CNY LOHEI, SATURDAY 24 FEB 2018
    Was overseas and will be back today
    Would like to join the LOHEI if I am given the opportunity
    Will pay to Christina if accepted
    Thank you

    Doreen Chan

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