24 February 2018, Saturday (9th day) – Chinese New Year Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road, 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Dear All

The information about the Tea Dance is as follows:

Date: 24th February 2018, Saturday (9th day of the Chinese New Year)
Time: 2.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road
Price: $33 per pax (the extra $ is because of special dish of Yu Sheng “Lou Hei”)
Food: Yu Sheng Lou Hei, Ngo Hiang, Stir fried “Mi Tai Bak” special, mini Quiche, Assorted Nonya Kuihs, Bubor Cha Cha and Assorted Cut Fruits.
Drinks: Free flow of hot and cold tea
Music: Dance music by DJ Armstrong – you can request for songs too. There will be some Line Dance music too.
Attire: Anything “Cheena” – anything festive – Cheong sam(qipao), Samfoo, etc for the ladies and the guys can come as Shanghai Tang mafia or in Changshan etc.
Highlights: Door Gift, Lucky Draw, Game(s) and a Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman contest.
Account: Please make payment to POSB Savings Account 067-00687-9 – Caroline Gee

We shall close registration when we reach 56 pax or 31 January (whichever comes first) with 50 pax as minimum for a closed door event.
Your seats will be confirmed once payment is received. We would appreciate it if you could make payment soon so as not to be disappointed.
If anyone feel generous, we appreciate sponsors or donors for the event. Many thanks in advance.
Also, we would like to thank all members and friends who have supported us for the events we have organised and we look forward to having a great time together again.
Everybody “HUAT AH”
P.s. its free seating except for the two long seats which are reserved for the two big groups. Many thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Registration List
1. SS James – paid
2. Eve Choy (SS) – paid
3. Edwin (SS) – paid
4. Loh (SS) – paid
5. Loh’s Partner(SS) – paid
6. Mei Mei(SS) – paid
7. Helen (SS) – paid
8. Fang (SS) – paid
9. Rosa (SS) – paid
10. Liz(SS) – paid
11. Peggy (SS) – paid
12. Boon(SS) – paid
13. GB Leong (SS) group – paid
14. J Howe (SS) – paid
15. Bobby Bok(SS) – paid
16. Caroline Gee – paid
17. Dolly Lim – paid
18. Stella Sheng – paid
19. Gingko – paid
20. Gabriella Chua – paid
21. Veron Chee – paid
22. Holly Lim – paid
23. Michelle Sim – paid
24. Michelle (friend) – paid
25. Lydia Poh – paid
26. Judy Lim – paid
27. Steven Chan – paid
28. Alice Liang – paid
29. Angeline (Alice) – paid
30. Ivy (Alice) – paid
31. Ann (Alice) – paid
32. Sato (Alice) – paid
33. Louis (Alice) – paid
34. Karen Thio – paid
35. Karen Thio helper – paid
36. Peter Loo – paid
37. Jennifer Lim – paid
38. Jennifer Lim Partner – paid
39. Jeffrey Gan – paid
40. Irene Gan – paid
41. Andrew Tan – paid
42. Catherine Tan – paid
43. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
44. Catherine Group (D) – paid
45. Catherine Group (C) – paid
46. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
47. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
48. Catherine Group (Diana) – paid
49. Catherine Group (Betty) – paid
50. Catherine Group (Feng Ling – paid
51. Mega – paid
52. Shirley Lai – paid
53. Joan Ang – paid
54. Doreen Chan – paid
55. Yoon Yoke Lin – paid
56. Peggy Seet – paid
57. Beatrice – paid
58. May Lee – paid

Waiting List
59. Doris Tan
60. Sally Ang
61. Sally Ang (hubby)

p.s. Closing date for payment is 29 January 2018.

Caroline aka Carly

64 thoughts on “24 February 2018, Saturday (9th day) – Chinese New Year Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road, 2.00pm to 6.00pm

  1. Dear Gabriella

    Yay! So glad you are coming. Missed you at my previous tea dance parties.
    Yes! long time no see. Looking forward to catching up with you again!


        • Hi Carly, On Dec 11 you asked me to register Peter Loo for my Lohei but now that he’s reaffirmed attending yours, I suppose he will not able to attend mine and will therefore remove his name from my list of participants.

          Wishing you every success and have an enjoyable party at your T-dance cum Lohei.

          • Hi Susan,
            Initially, he said he wanted to attend the CNY Lohei party which is the title of your event so I referred him to you.
            Then he got back to me that it was my event he wanted to register for. I shall check with him if he wants to attend both parties because I know of someone who wants to attend both.
            that is to leave my party earlier and rush down to yours. So I am not sure if he wants to do the same.
            Thank you for bringing this up.
            All the best to your Lohei party too Susan 🙂

          • Hi Susan
            I just confirmed with Peter that he will not be attending your LoHei event. My apologies for the confusion. Kindly remove his name from your list.
            All the best.
            Many thanks.

  2. Hi Carly,
    Please note that I am also under SS James group and I will made cash payment and get the ticket from him. Once again thank you for organising and we look forward to the party and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cheers.
    Bobby Bok

    • Dear James
      Thank you very much for always being so supportive of our events. Deeply appreciate it. And thank you for the prompt paýment.
      It’s my pleasure and it was very nice of you to take time out to collect the tickets from me. Looking forward to see you and your group of lovely friends at Club 5.

  3. Hi Caroline,

    I have today transferred $33 to your POSB Savings a/c. My 2 friends Angeline and Ivy have also transferred $66 to your a/c under a/c name Tong Yuet Thor. You registered them as ” Alice Group” without any names so I thought I better let you know.
    Would appreciate if you can check. We are joining the SHC event and doing the funds transfer for the first time. Many thanks.

    Alice Liang

    • Dear Alice
      Good to hear from you again. Thank you for your payment and payments from you friends. Shall update accordingly and see you at Club 5 for a fabulous Saturday afternoon.

      • Dear Caroline,
        Thank you for your speedy response. Just to let you know that one of my friend’s name is Ivy, not Iris as shown on the list ( # 33).
        Looking forward to meeting you and everyone at Club 5 on 24/2..!
        Cheers and thanks again!

          • Hi Caroline,

            I have 2 more friends Ann and Sato who are interested to join in the CNY Tea Dance on 24/2. Is this ok? They will transfer funds to your a/c directly.
            Many thanks!


          • Dear Alice
            Your friends are very welcome. Will update the list to include their names.
            My apologies for the slow response. Very busy in the office so did not log in.
            Many thanks my dear.

  4. Hi Caroline, i hv just transferred 33 dlrs to ur account. Ref no .1971321802067.
    Sorry for the delay as i was away on last week.
    I really look forward to join this tea dance n meeting up w new friends especially you, Dolly, Holly and more! Lets Huat together n dance together to the CNY celebrations!!!!

    • Dear Veronica
      You are not late in payment so no worries at all. Thank you. We are looking forward to catch up again with you too. In the meantime, take care and stay happy!

  5. Oh gosh !
    Just manage to pay in time .
    If not for Stella who told me about this
    tea dance this morning I would have definitely MISSED the boat as I was busily separating and repotting the Vanda Orchid plants given by my neighbours. Thanks Stella for your kindness.

    Please acknowledge my receipt ref no 7852 at Clementi MRT 2. transfer $33.33 .
    Surprisingly another Loh Hei Event by E. O. Susan Tan coincided on same day. If it was on another day I would have attended both events .

    In future it is best to coordinate the 2 Lo Hei events so that they so not fall on the same day.

    My appetite has been extremely good since I came home from South America customised package tour a month ago .

    Many thanks to Caroline for continously organising tea dance for all of us to enjoy. .Sincere appreciation for all your time and effort .

    • Dear Steven
      Thank you for your payment. And thank you Stella for alerting Steven about the event. Looking forward to everyone having a good time.
      It’s always a pleasure to have people enjoying and having fun.

  6. Dear All
    We will be closing registration soon. For those who have registered and yet to make payments, please do so soon. It’s first pay first confirmed. If there are new paid up registrations, the unpaid ones will be moved to reserved list once we reach the maximum number. Your understanding is very much appreciated.
    Caroline aka Carly

  7. Dear Caroline,

    My friends Ann and Sato have transferred $66 to your a/c early this morning under reference : 19722443193. Would appreciate if you could check. Thank you!

  8. Hi Caroline,

    As much we like to support your event, this date crashes with our ‘lo-hei’ in the evening.

    Sorry, we will not be able to support you.

    Best Regards,
    Susan Tan

  9. Hi, Caroline
    I am abit confused with CNY lohei posting. Realize there is 2 separate party on same day!?!?
    I like to attend the lohei at Club 5 Park Hotel as timing suit me well and I make bank transfer to designated account. plz confirm and let me know status.
    BTW I am new to sillverhairs club.


    • Dear Yoon Lin
      I have registered you for the Chinese New Year Tea Dance. You can make bank transfer of $33.00 to POSB savings a/c number 067-00687-9 Caroline Gee Pay Loo. Please update me after you have done the transfer.
      Many thanks and looking forward to see you.
      Cheers Caroline

  10. Hi Caroline
    I have just registered as a new member. I would like to attend CNY Tea Dance.
    Please help me to register and let me know how to make payment for the same
    after confirmation from you.

    Thank you and looking forward to participate in your events.
    Warm Regards
    May Lee

    • Dear May Lee
      Welcome to Silverhairsclub. You are very welcome to join our Chinese New Year Tea Dance.
      Please transfer $33 to POSB Savings Account number 067-00687-9 for Caroline Gee.
      Looking forward to see you at Club 5.

  11. Dear Caroline,

    Is the Tea Dance full now? A friend of mine Philip would like to join if possible. Can pay you tonight if can be confirmed.
    Thank you.


    • Dear Alice
      Happy New Year!
      Apologies for the slow response as I was on leave yesterday so was out whole day and did not check the site.
      Philip is very welcome to the Tea Dance as there are several who have not paid up yet. Priority given to those who have paid up.
      Thank you very much for all your support.

      • Dear Caroline,

        My friend Louis has now replaced Philip and he will
        be transferring funds to your bank a/c tonight. Will advse you the reference number later. Please amend the list to show “ Louis” instead of Philip.

        Many thanks!

        • Dear Alice
          Louis is just as welcomed. I shall change the name on the list. But if Philip changes his mind, he could always register to come too.
          Thank you much much!

          • Dear Caroline,
            Louis has transferred $33 to your a/c early this morning under Ref No that ends with 86A63. Pls check.

            Thank you

          • Dear Alice
            Thank you. Shall check during my lunch hour and shall update accordingly. Many thanks and see you soon!

          • Good morning Alice
            I have checked last week and forgotten to update you. Many thanks for the payment and the list has been updated. See you all soon.

  12. Dear All,
    Registration for this event is now closed. Thank you all 56 friends who have registered and paid up.
    Yay!!! Dolly and I are looking forward to having loads of fun with all of you. Come dressed in your fabulous Chinese New Year outfits cos we have a best dressed contest. Not forgetting our game and lucky draw segments.
    Registration is at the door and remember to collect your door gift.
    Door opens at 1.45pm.
    See you all soon!
    Caroline & Dolly
    In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and happy!

  13. Dear All

    Please, kindly note that “Yu Sheng Lou Hei” will commence at 2.30pm sharp. Probably everyone would agree that we all want to HUAT! and will toss as high as possible and needless to say, we all will HUAT! from floor up to the top LOL! The Club’s cleaning team will be on stand by to clear out the tables and make sure the dance floor will be ready asap.
    Remember doors open at 1.45pm for registration and Hi Tea Buffet starts at 2pm. We can have our food and also dance while waiting for 2.30pm to start the Lou Hei.
    Do come early (or at least on time) so as to make the best of the time we have at the Club.
    So looking forward to see all of you there and have a great time.
    Now everybody say it together HUAT AH! HUAT AH! HUAT AH!
    Caroline & Dolly
    In the meantime, be happy and stay safe! HUGS to all!

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