SilverHairsClub goes on a retirement trip to Chiangmai, Thu 22 Mar – 29 Mar 2018

Advance information. After all the talk on retiring in Chiangmai, about time to put some action into plan.

We are organising a special trip to chiangmai, for members to Chiangmai, with the aim of assessing retirement locations, activities and facilities. The dates are 22 Mar to 29 Mar 2018 (fixed).

A few points:
1. Thai tourist visa, applied at Spore Thai embassy is 3 mths, free. You need to show return air tickets.

2. Kenneth Tan, our regular CM advisor, suggests Scoot flying direct Sin/Chiangmai/Sin. Cost, less than SGD 300. So, you may want to book early. This is non-holiday period.

3. This is not a tourist trip, as it is intended for members looking at Chiangmai as a retirement location. CM will be used as the central and springboard to places in North Thailand. We plan to live the Thai way.

4. Accommodation, we will be staying at a few identified places, within a 1 hr radius from Chiangmai city.

5. Facilities planning will include local fresh markets, hospitals, pharmacies, Internet, parks, bus stations, lakes, night markets.

6. For those with special interest eg cycling, walks, gardening, chickens, Thai cooking, herbs, fishing, ease do research on the Internet. Let me know, and we try to accommodate.

So, please plan ahead. Do join the SHC Chiangmai retirement group, if you are interested.

Terence Seah

14 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub goes on a retirement trip to Chiangmai, Thu 22 Mar – 29 Mar 2018

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you .
    I am interested in above Retirement trip to Chiangmai , can you give full details of the itinerary so that we can plan our stay in Chiangmai .
    Thank you

    Cheng WK

  2. The SHC Retirement Chiangmai Chatgroup has covered many issues regarding long term stay in this Northern City.

    Interest members have booked their airtickets Sin/CNX/Sin. The cheapest direct and return fare on Scoot is less than SGD 300. If you wish to join this trip, you should book down as Mar is low season.

    Terence Seah

  3. The topic on Short term retirement overseas has been discussed within SHC, ever since the Club started. A lot of feedback and concerns have been collated over the years; and this year, I intend to give this project another kickstart, with setting up SHC Chiangmai retirement community.

    For members who are considering short term retirement in Chiangmai, here are some updates.

    1. Focus will be on a 3 mth stay, which is the max tourist visa obtainable from the Thai embassy.

    2. Two venues, located within one hour from Chiamgmai city, will be identified, capable of housing 20 – 30 members. Participating members may also stay in any hotel, resort, house or apartment in Chiangmai. Some members prefer to go for permanence or investment, and stay with their friends by buying a property. Wherever you stay, we meet once a month in Chiangmai city.

    3. Presently, we have 20 participants in the SHC Chiangmai Retirement. They include frequent travellers to Chiangmai, interested members wanting to retire in Chiangmai and supporting team members to our community.

    4. Topics being discussed include:
    a. Process involved to retire in Chiangmai.
    b. Attractions and weather in Chiangmai and surrounding areas.
    c. Visa, spouse, retirement and PR.
    d. Learning thai.
    e. Sompho, our thai SHC member, offers to bring groups on tour to scenic places. Kenneth Tan and Daisy Wee are frequent traavellers to CM, and ready to guide us through with being local and in touch with the thai community. Using Chiangmai as the base to explore North Thailand.
    f. How to maintain the singapore property and still have enough money to live in Chiangmai.
    g. Hobbies, interests and keeping the body and soul healthy.

    If you are considering a 3 mth short term retirement in Chiangmai, join the SHC retirement community in Chiangmai. We will go and stay as a group, support one another and enjoy the benefits of scale while enjoying our retirement. We will move around selected loctions, visit facilities to better understand what it is like to retire in CM. For example, fresh markets, police stations, hospitals, kitchens and mini marts. We will get a feel of access to international airport, internet and wifi communications, experience the food and culture And not forgetting,where and how to enjoy the sights and air of Chiangmai.

    Scoot flies direct Sin/Chiangmai; and return fares cost less than SGD 300 now. I encourage you to come and build a Singapore retirement community together.

    Terence Seah

  4. Here’s an insight into the 22-29 Mar 2018 retirement evaluation trip to Chiangmai.

    The group will stay at a Mae Rim Resort, located in the Mae Rim area, approx 1 hour from CM city. During this period, we will immerse ourselves into the local community.

    One of the acitivity is a one day trip to at least 4 possible retirement locations. We will meet the retirement resort owners. We will also visit another health cum retirement resort, with nursing but not medical assistance. This is a one day event, set for Monday 26 Mar 2018.

    This trip aims to give you a picture of what retirement resorts are liked in Chiangmai province. This is specially arranged, and we have sought the assistance of a smart and we’ll networked Singaporean lady who has lived in Chiangmai, for more than 15 years, to lead us on this one day trip. We will organise a guide, driver, petrol and a minivan. Approx cost SGD 35-40 for this whole day trip will be advised and confirmed early Feb. We may add a pack lunch of spicy fried rats with rice for lunch.

    For others, not joining this one day program, we will continue to explore the huge local surroundings.

    Seats are limited to 9 pax. Please register your interest here.

    Terence Seah

  5. Chiangmai Retirement first evaluation trip has taken off well. We will close at 20 pax or 10 rooms, and I expect to the trip to be fully taken up.

    Those who cannot make this trip can catch up the next evaluation trip in May 2018.

    Interested members can whatsapp me if you are considering Chiangmai as a retirement community. There are no sightseeing, no massages, no beering and no entertainment in plan during the evaluation trip.

    Terence Seah

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