Update No. 2 (6 Jan 2018):

Thank you, Lohei participants, for your wonderful support.  Registration is now closed.

Attention line dancers, to enjoy the dances as much as possible, kindly practise your steps for our mini 1-hr Line Dance Jam slated at 4.00 pm.  Best way to refresh fast is to watch the dances from YouTube but choose one that is demo’d by a teacher which is easier to follow than group dancing.  Have fun!


Electric Slide
Khoo Kaat
One Step Forward
Stroll Along Cha Cha


Waltz Across Texas
Silver Thread
Tango with the Sheriff
Rock around the clock
Chillie cha cha/Magic cha cha


Sweet Joanna

Vertical Expression

Red Hot Salsa


Come Dance with Me

Now, tIme to get those boots dusted and stomping!!


Update No. 1:

We will be closing registration tomorrow (4 Jan 2018) as we have already given extension of timeline from 31 Dec. .  Those who have not paid by tomorrow will be considered withdrawn and we will cancel their names from the list as our next task is to secure our order for the buffet dinner from a caterer asap.


Thank you all 50 participants and your early payment.  This is definitely a great motivation to the STAMPers, thanks once again!

Originally we wanted 50 pax only but after our meeting recently, we are pleased to extend 10 more pax.   If you are interested, please register here and make payment to Christina Chan (POSB Savings 542-10756-1) by 31 Dec. We will close registration once payment is received or by closing date, whichever is the earlier.

We are crystallising the Programme, basically it will look like this:

3.00 pm:    Arrival of Participants  and Welcome  (Door Gift)

Tea, Bingo games, easy-peasy Line Dance (Electric Slide, Come Dance with me, Khoo Kaat…..)

7.00 pm    LOHEI and Dinner (full-fledged caterer)

Card Games and Rummy-O

Registration 10 more pax:

  1. Shirley Wee (pd)
  2. Doreen Chan (pd)
  3. Rina Tan (pd)
  4. Karen Phoo (pd)
  5. Joan Ang (pd)
  6. Janis Han (pd)
  7. Kim Seng (pd)
  8. Margaret Soo (pd)
  9. Jenny Ho (pd)
  10. Jenny Ho’s husband (pd)
  11. Lydia Chin (pd)
  12. Lina Tan (pd)
  13. Barbara Ong (pd)

Registration Closed.   Thanks very much for your great support!


From the STAMP team….

38 thoughts on “SHC CNY LOHEI, 24 FEB (PT 2) – INCREASE BY 10 MORE PAX

  1. Hi STAMP,

    Saya ta’nampak ini…. thought my part done… hohoho

    wooow 60pax The more the merrier!

    Wonderful, folks!
    The Treasurer

  2. Hi, Susan

    I joined the club recently and am unfamiliar with event registration. I am interested to attend the LOHEI event. How to i register and how to pay?

    Yoon Lin


      Hello Yoon,
      Glad that you’re coming, and we encourage new faces to join us and experience and enjoy the fun and togetherness of everyone there.

      You may fund transfer the payment to Christina POSB Savings 542-10756-1 and notify here when it’s done so that Christina can confirm when it’s received.

      I enclose the previous link (above) when the first announcement was made for your information.

      I will now register you in the list.

      • Hi, Susan
        I was abit confused with CNY posting here and I have make payment to your account on 26th Dec thinking event continuation of club 5, only to realize there is 2 separate lohei events by separate organizer at different locations!!.
        I am interested to attend club 5, park hotel as timing and location fix me well.
        could you arrange refund to me? alternatively, to transfer my payment to Caroline , club 5 event?
        plz reply to my email.


        • It’s ok, we’ll refund you the money but I’ll leave it to Christina Chan to see how best to handle the refund as you have fund transferred to her account, not mine. Enjoy yourself at Caroline’s Tea Dance!

          I will delete your name now.

        • Hi Yoke Lin,

          Apparently the $30 was transferred to my account through the ATM.
          Club 5/Caroline’s event, the cost differs.

          Kindly EMAIL your bank account details to me as well as your mobile no.
          My email adr:

          Hear from you soon.



  3. Great! We’re seeing new faces coming in one by one. Warm welcome, Shirley.

    We’re planning a buddy system to support the new members and will assign a buddy for every 2 new members . Hopefully this will help them to settle in nicely at the Party.

    For those interested to attend the CNY Party, you will need to apply for SHC membership by Emailing to with the following information:
    (Copy & paste)

    Full name (as per Identity Card):
    Identity card number:
    Display name (No nickname):
    Preferred sign-in userid:
    Sex: Male/Female
    Mobile tel (required): +65
    Postal district:
    Email address:
    Are you over 45 years?: Yes/No:
    How did you come to know of SilverHairsClub?

  4. Hi Doreen, I just saw your request to put you in my SHC CNY Lohei but you have registered for Caroline’s Lohei too.

    We’ve got two earlier individuals who signed up with us, then realised their mistake as they got mixed up with Caroline’s. I just want to double check first.
    Please reply through this thread, thanks.

  5. Hi YoonLin,

    Blog here reflects your name as YokeLin.. typo error?

    Has refunded $30 to your DBS account given in your email.

    See you another time.

    • Hi Lydia, what took you so long? Got a lot of catching up to do when we meet.

      Can you pay by 31 Dec cos soon after that I want to start placing my order with the caterer after counting everyone who has paid, thanks.

      Calling Shirley too, have you registered for SHC membership? This event is strictly for members only and the STAMPers have charged a minimal fee of $30 only, a nominal $2.00 increase from the last Lohei organised by us a few years ago. Please pay by 31 Dec upon membership approval by the Club admin, thanks.

  6. We will be closing registration tomorrow (4 Jan 2018) as we have already given extension of timeline from 31 Dec. . Those who have not paid by tomorrow will be considered withdrawn and we will cancel their names from the list and our next task is to secure an order for the buffet dinner asap from a caterer soon.

    Thank you for supporting!

  7. Dear Participants,

    Kindly indicate your payment else unable to match.

    Appreciate your kind co-operation.
    The Treasurer

    • Hi Lydia,

      While we are glad that you can join us for this joyous celebration, we have made an exception to accommodate you this time – as you know it’s been more than 15 days since you registered but not paid, and we did inform everyone to pay by 31 Dec. We want to avoid creating a precedent for future events, and in order to minimise our work, as I have to call the caterer to adjust our order, please make sure it is paid by today and I will list you down after you have confirmed payment here. If still no payment by tomorrow, it will be taken as cancelled. Hope you understand.

      On behalf of STAMPers….

  8. Hi Chris,

    I’ve just transferred at 2357 hrs $60.00 on behalf of Lina Tan & Barbara Ong ref: 19873971241.

    Registration is now REALLY REALLY closed!

    Thanks for your wonderful job, Chris.

    • Hi Sue,

      Confirm received $60.

      aiyo yo ,,, STAMP team did all the jio2….

      To: All registrants,
      Have a HAPPY time; remember to bring “wang wang” home
      😀 😀

  9. Dear Participants

    Once again, thank you for your great support. I understand that some of you are asking for further updates and I shall of course post this in good time – 17 February, one week before our Party.

    Your STAMP team is going into overdrive making sure no stone is left unturned to make this the best Party of the Year so we are putting everything together and will announce the Final plan on 17 Feb.

    Meantime. Happy CNY to our Chinese members and HUAT ARH!

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