SHC Facemask Singing competition, Aug 2018

Come 2018, the SilverHairsClub will be organising a Facemask Singing competition. If you love singing, like to entertain a crowd but shy to sing in front of an audience, this singing competition may be just right for you. Please note participants need not be good singers.

1. Venue: not confirmed.
2. Date and time: not confirmed. Likely period: Aug 2018 evening.
3. Participants should start planning their songs now.  Participants should also prepare their own CD with music to accompany.
4. Lyrics, scripts, tv monitors not allowed.
5. Participants should start looking for a Facemask.  You will need to buy and wear the facemask before you start singing. And you would be required to remove your facemask after exiting the venue. You can wear a wig, any shirt, blouse, dress, pants, jacket or gown.
6. Participants are required to maintain absolute confidentiality on their song title, language or dialect, original singer name, your name and your participation. Only one person in SHC will know of your participation. Even the judges and comperes will not know who you are.
7. Participants are required not to use their regular, normal voice and accent when responding to comperes and judges.
8. Attractive prizes are being planned, for both Facemask singers and audience.
9. Participation strictly for SilverHairsClub members only.
10. More details will be provided after mid Feb 2018.

Terence Seah

4 thoughts on “SHC Facemask Singing competition, Aug 2018

  1. If you like singing, amateur or professional, this is a good chance for you to sing in front of an audience without the audience knowing who you are. Come take part in SHC first Facemask singing competition. Attractive prizes being planned.

    For audience, you will also get to participate. Identify as many Facemask singers as you can, and you too will get an attractive prize.

    Facemask singing competition aims to get you to know your SilverHairsClub friends, new or old. Event strictly for members only.

    Terence Seah

  2. Terence
    If you wear a mask, you can’t sing properly. It will somewhat change the tone of your voice and it can sound muffled if the mask is not well made as it restricts the jaws’ movement. Unless you are making special masks to wear for singing.
    However, to each its own. If its for the novelty or the fun in the guessing game, why not? Just my two cents worth.

    • Caroline,

      We hope Facemask singing competition will of good entertainment value to participants and audience.
      The judging criteria is still worked out. I would say we are not looking for perfect singers. More looking for good and fun entertainers.

      Participants have enough time to look for a mask or making one homemade.

      We are on the lookout for judges.

      Terence Seah

      • Terence
        Exactly. If its more for the entertainment and fun derived from singing with masks on, then thats great. I am sure it will be entertaining and maybe somewhat hilarious at certain points.
        All the best!

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