First SilverHairsClub gathering, Chiangmai Sun 25 Mar 2018

Trip is over> here’s a 10 min video.

As part of plans to build a SilverHairsClub communiy in Chiangmail, we shall have the first SHC gathering in Chiangmai on 28 Mar 2018. A venue will be identified towards the end of Jan 2018. Venue will be in Chiangmai city. we will invite fellow Singaporeans who are already living in Chiangmai.

Currently Scoot flies direct Sin/CNX/Sin on certain days of the week. March is the low peak season, is also attractive because of low hotel rates and low airticket prices.

For those interested, please make your own airticket and hotel arrangements. You may come to CM any date or time, but the SHC Chiangmai gathering is firmed for Sun 25 Mar 2018.

There is also a SHC Retirement community Chiangmai evaluation trip from 23 – 29 Mar 2018. This group will also meet up for this SHC gathering on 25 Mar 2018. For members considering long term stay in Chiangmai, you can participate in this trip. Whatsapp Terence +65 9489 4360.

We have identified a Thai song Sabai Sabai which is a catchy and popular song. This song is reflective of the SHC Chiangmai community that we will build in Chiangmai. I hope you will learn this song, to better understand the community, the culture and the language.

Keep in touch with updates here. Please register your interest to come hee.

Terence Seah

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  1. We shall be annoucing the venue for the first SHC Gathring in Chiangmai soon. The gathering date is Sunday 25 Mar 2018. Likely attendance for the gathering will be 30 pax. Present will be the SHC Retirement evaluation group, Singaporeans living in Chiangmai and supporting Thai community.

    We shall also use a popular Thai singalong song, Sabai Sabai, sung by Bird Thongchai. The song is reflective of our Chiangmai community, the thai culture and our togetherness.

    To listen:

    Terence Seah

  2. Many Singaporeans have visited Chiangmai. And, we have identified the MaeRim area, 1 hr north of Chiangmai city as the first place to set up our base community.

    The first group goes on the 1st Chiangmai retirement evaluation trip on the 22 Mar 2019. Two groups, with the 2nd group joining us half way. The Mae Rim resort has been identified, and we are using this place to move around Chiangmai. If you miss the 1st trip, there is a 2nd trip in May. Here’s what the schedule looks like.

    D1 – Sin/CNX ETD Scoot TR 674 1420 hr ETA 1615 hr, transfer to Mae Rim resort. Dinner en route.
    D2 – Breakfast, brief of resort and Mae Rim area, local lunch, local tour of surrounding area. Dinner and night F&E
    D3 – Breakfast, Gathering with local community, visiting local markets, convenience, food places, local transport. Dinner & night F&E
    D4 – Breakfast, Sat Day out around Mae Rim with Sompho. Walking Street & dinner F&E
    D5 – Early breakfast. One day viewing and evaluating other community resorts, properties and nursing venues with June. Walking night sights and Dinner F&E
    D6 – Checkout 0900 hr, visit morning market, visit international hospital, checkin overnight in CM hotel 1300 hr. Afternoon to enjoy city. Dinner F&E
    D7 – CNX/Sin Scoot ETD TR 675 1445 hr ETA 1900 hr

  3. The first Chiangmai retirement trip 22 March to 29 March 2018 is getting closer. 18 pax have signed up, and we will be meeting in Chiangmai, starting at Chiangmai airport. Participation is now closed. All retirement evaluation trips are strictly for SHC members only.,

    Our community will be located at the Mae Faek Villa resort, about 1 hour north of Chiangmai city. This is all ground level villas. After many months or even years of exploring, we have identified the Mae Faek Villa resort, as the place to be our first community village. This is designed as a kampong, but with many modern facilities like gym, a dining area, swimming pool and WIFI. Surrounding the resort are padi fields, low level land and a local community with all the day to day items you require.

    Retirees or would be retirees who enjoy scenic views, rivers, mountains, fresh air, greeneries, rice fields, large local fresh markets and local bus/motorcycle would love the place.

    We are at the Mae Rim district, and from here, retirees can get to explore the Myanmese border, Mount Intannon, the golden triangle, Pai and many more mountain resorts. We wont get a chance to see all these durng the evaluation trip but you can travel to these areas leisurely when you come and stay for 3 months, the max your visa will allow you.

    So, come while your legs can carry you. And experience what living is like in this part of Chiangmai. We will make this retiree project come true by going as a group, and as part of the SilverHairslub community. You will be among friends.

    Terence Seah

  4. The first retirement evaluation trip ended today. Here is a summary of feedback from participants. Generally, the feedback was low, and I am reluctant to proceed with the current plan. However, I am still going ahead as i have committed to go ahead with the 2nd evaluation in May, with some fine tuning.

    For those still wanting to go for the May evaluation, I would suggest you ask more questions before buying your air tickets. I attach a feedback from a participating member which fairly represents many participants.

    “On the whole, I enjoyed the Chiangmai trip as it gave me the opportunity to interact with fellow SHC members. It’s only when we are together for a few days that we get to know each other better. So 10 for being together in harmony with members.

    As for our accommodation at MF Resort, we appreciate that it’s a newly developed resort, and may need the following improvements.
    a. Provision of transport/shuttle to city or nearest foodcourt or market
    b. Provision of mobikes/bicycles/motorcycles for rental
    c. Room service for food, if possible
    d. Toiletries
    e. Provide children’s playground equipment/facilities
    In a few years when the trees are fully grown and mature, the resort should be a great place. For the present, my rating of MF is 5.”

    The Mae Faek resort is 1 hr from CM city. Many view the distance is too far from the city, and as such requiring transport to and fro.

    Price wise, some felt the room rate price is too high. Some members felt TripAdvisor can offer a lower price, compared with Agoda.

    Yes, the resort is new, but many were disappointed the swimming pool was not ready. Others felt the trees were not matured enough, and not providing enough shade.

    The resort had one bicycle. Most felt that more bicycles should be provided. Rental bicycles were available at about sgd 8 per day, and almost all felt it was too expensive. So, we had no cycling.

    While the local fresh market is 1 km away, some felt there should be cooking facilities or room service 24/7. Most see the breakfast was good. Lunch and dinner had to be prebooked.

    Room wise, the rooms are big, spacious. But due to the new resort status, it did not provide daily supply of drinking water, and there was inconsistent supply of shampoo and towels. One of the days, the water pressure was low, resulting in not able to wash the hair properly.

    Altho Uber is available, the service was not immediate. It was also expensive, going to the city. Local transport using pickups were considered far between, 30 mins apart. There is a general view that transport should be freely available.

    Many participants felt there should be a structured program, every day.

    In general, the environment, facilities and costs did not meet the expectations of most members.

    Therefore, on this feedback, I do not advise participation for the 2nd evaluation trip in May. However, the trip will go on, and I shall be going too.

    Terence Seah

  5. The first evaluation trip to Chiangmai saw 18 participants. We had originally planned to hold the second evaluation at the same location, at least for a few days.

    I discussed with the resort management last night for a few days, so that the 2nd group can get an evaluation of being in the Maerim area.

    In response, the management has turned down future SHC stay at the resort. The Thai people are very nice accommodating people. Unfortunately, the attitude, demanding nature and unreasonable behaviour of some members in the 1st evaluation did not go well with local tradition and culture. This has given Singaporeans a bad image.

    Terence Seah

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