Guided Autobiography (GAB)

Celebrating Life: Telling Your Life Story

A Guided Autobiography (GAB) Workshop

Our silver years are a time for celebration of our lives and our love for life – a time to celebrate our experiences and our uniqueness as individuals. This is a chance to ask ourselves these questions: Where have you been? What have you experienced? What were the key events or people in your life? Where are you at now? Where do you want to go? You might even want to write it down, record it and leave a legacy for your family and friends.

GAB will provide you with the framework to appreciate and document your life story in a supportive group environment. The workshop series will run on every Thursday for six weeks in the Third Quarter of 2018, between 10:00 to 13:00 hours at a venue to be decided. The implementation logistics would be worked out amongst workshop participants. Cost would be shared by participants who are expected to prepare their story for sharing as airtime is limited.

We welcome all seniors above 50 years interested in exploring their life journey. GAB is a platform for seniors to reflect on their life journey and share their experience in a secure environment.

Please register your name here and we will be in touch with you. Closing date 28 February 2018

Interested Registrants


CHIANG Cheng Pun and Edwin ONG are SHC Members

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2 thoughts on “Guided Autobiography (GAB)

  1. Today is the closing date and I note that there are no takers. Presumably the current activities are more alluring. For those who may change their mind, there is a second chance if you look up the of The Arts House. ‘Guided Autobiography for Seniors’ will be presented under ‘Just write your legacy’ on 9 March 2018 between 10:00 and 12:00 at the Living Room of The Art House (Old Parliament Building. I will present this segment together with the Guided Autobiography Alumni members.

  2. Good morning Edwin
    Guess most members here are not into Art & Culture. Or those who are into it are busy and unable to make it.
    Maybe because I have too many painful memories to even want to write about it. Trying to remember things from long ago is difficult. It may take a lot of effort on my part.
    My interest is more on cooking, baking, singing and dancing. Always on the move type. No mahjong or card games for me. I dont have the patience to sit down for a few hours except if I am on an aeroplane.
    Have fun in what you are doing. And thank you for sharing.

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