Cycling – 3 Feb 2018

Hi all

Our first cycling event for 2018 is this Saturday, 3rd February.

To facilitate easy bicycle rentals, member must download the bicycle sharing apps, namely: “OFO” “mobike” and “Obike” from your mobile.
You should have a data plan to activate its usage.

Time : 5pm.
Meeting Point : Sports Hub. Circle line exit A. Infront of Singapore Sports Museum.

### OFO’s bike is free usage until 04 Feb.

Please sign here if you are joining.

01. Doug
02. Andrew
03. Thomas Goh
04. John Howe
05. Eva Choy
06. Yew Kwong
07. Jade
08. Judy
09. June Koh
10. Anna Lee
11. Henry Ong.
12. Yatsing
13. Margaret Tian
14. Adeline Tan
15. Freda Lim

1. Bobby Bok.
2. Aaron Howe
3. Cola Tan
4. Heven Kuek

12 thoughts on “Cycling – 3 Feb 2018

  1. Hi Doug,

    June Koh n myself will be there too.
    Will keep you inform once I got the confirmation by another two members.

    Thank you for organise the 1st cycling in 2018.

  2. Douglas
    So enjoy
    Even fall n injure my leg will not stop me from joining your next cycling trip.

    Looking forward for your next organise

    Cheers !


  3. Hi DouglasC and AndrewK,

    I was following up on the revival of the cycling group and the 1st event of the year. I heard the cycling event had gone well, and that the participants enjoyed the late afternoon ride.

    Many pictures were sent to me, and I shall post some of them. TQ for re-creating this healthy activity. If there is anything, I can do, please let me know.

    Meantime, I would encourage more SilverHairsClub members to pick up cycling. Do come join other SHCians.

    Well done DouglasC and AndrewK.

    Terence Seah

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