Jan 2010 Investment Meeting & Online Trading Lesson

Dear SHCians,

The new year brings in the beginning of a bull rally in the stock market. The much awaited downward correction never came end of last year, instead we have indications of USA and Asian economies on the mend.

Yes, we are expecting the stock market to pick up for the next 6 months and it is good news for those who have been preparing to be ready to trade and for online trading.

So, we are back to school again in Jan 2010. I shall be conducting stock picks, when to buy/sell sessions with hands-on lesson on online trading.

Place: Phillip Investor Center, Shan Rd (junction with Balestier Rd (check www.poems.com.sg for maps, location). Can take bus from Novena MRT station. Cashcard parking available inside, $1/hr.

Date & Time: 23 Jan 2010 (Sat) 2:00 to 4:00PM

Charges: Free use of the facilities

F&B: Buy your own, big Balestier hawker center nearby

The training room can take about 15-20 persons, plse indicate if you are coming.

I wish SHC investors will make it good this year.

Cheers, Ben

71 thoughts on “Jan 2010 Investment Meeting & Online Trading Lesson

  1. Well done Ben.

    Please to let you know that I encourage and support this event, with the intention of educating more SHCians in online trading.

    I also encourage and support other SHCians who are in this field to guide and teach other SHCians in online trading, even though they may be part of other trading or product groups. As long as you are personally doing the training or guiding, SHC will support this activity.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Ben

    It’s great that you’re back on the investment scene and helping SHCs with their investing knowledge.

    Please register me for your session on the 23rd.

    Thanks and regards


  3. Hi Ben,
    Fyi, already a POEMs member but seldom trade thru online, wish I can learn more from you and continue to utilise it.
    Pls register me for the lesson.


  4. Wow and congrats, Ben-F, you are certainly drawing in a tidy audience and kick-starting the year very well !

    To make this talk more memorable, think you shd also rope in the Low Hooting Sun as a guest speaker, the Min Lin Tong Sai bros and E-lick-the-bird sam (not quite the same sam the treble huat hor) on your panel? If you manage to put together these industrail bigwigs then die die I also must attend liao………..

  5. Since the market is quite hot recently, maybe it’s time to hear other veterans their take on which stock to pick.

    Please do register for me for this money-making session.

  6. Dear all,

    It is great to see many in a positive mood to start the year. Don’t worry about space, I will arrangement, so more can continue to register.

    Brother Tim, you can also invite industry captains to join us too, don’t just depend on me loh as i am OMO (one-man-operator).

    Getting a place has been a problem the last couple of months as the Phillip City Hall facility were fully booked on Sats. Hence, the switch to BALESTIER (plse take note, don’t go to City Hall eh). Cya.

    Cheers, Ben

  7. Ben-F,

    WM and HS probably quiver more than talk, typical of ageing folks.. I’ll speak with their erstwhile coach WC, now CEO in one of the subsidiaries, whether he’d like to sign up as a SHCian first and then assist at yr Talk.

    WC is a contrarian, is sharp and when he hits the jackpot, it’s invariably a big one. But problem is, he usually hides the jack in the pot than wants to hit it.

  8. Hi Ben,

    I am interested to attend this training, but hor, just realise not many weekend left before CNY. I have so many windows to clean, curtains to wash….aiyo time is running out, so I better skip this round. Please put me in your list, if you are conducting another investment training in future. Thanks!

    Ah Nee

  9. Hi Ben,

    You have make a good selection as far as venue is concerned.

    It’s a good place to have coffee and tea and yet have the opportunity to learn and pick some good stocks for some extra money for the coming lunar new year. Not forgetting it’s just a ten minutes walk from my place.

  10. Haha!

    I was so looking forward to this talk that I went last Saturday!

    Now Gary wants to squeeze in and, guess what, our friend Tim is going to oblige him.

    It’s going to be an interesting session!

  11. Well, Kenneth, ah min and ah sun will be engaged in a 12 hour workshop for their philips and flips, from 8-8, so cant attend (Ben, why you no go leh?) but think Ben will still make it very interesting even without these 2 industry honchos.

    But horn there will be…..I can see Dennis the Haha’s name up there………wonder whether his side-kick KTW alternating btwn horny and holy will also show up and if they both do, it sure promises to be very intersting, with their and my interjections and filibusters.

    Hehe, Ben, no worry lah…………tim now no noti but hold lofty values liao lah.

  12. Hi Ben,

    Please refer to comment 14. I have a last-minute urgent commitment on 23/01. I’ll only be able to reach around 3 pm.
    Will I miss much of your talk? If so, let other SHC fill up the place that is reserved for me.

    I am so reluctant to miss your talk actually.



  13. Brother Tim, sori to disappoint you. Last minute need to go to Johor for my orthopaedic Shoe project.

    Only be back on Monday. No sidekick for you leh….

    KTW will show up if you invite him.


  14. Dennis-H, no see you so long, thot will see you soon, so so sad you cant attend the talk. Not an iota of doubt that KTW will make a strong roaring comeback after he has re-invented his ATM. I have lots of cofidence in this man.

    Since you’re still very much in action with your shoe biz, I have this to share.

    Recently, I was in Panyu and they sell very good & cheap leather shoes there. I wanted 3 pairs but took home 6 pairs. This is how it works.

    The display rack only showed 1 shoe. I tried one after another. All 3 shoes for the right foot was right. Fit. Good. So I said, pls wrap them up for me.

    In the hotel, I openeed the boxes to pack into my luggage. No one pair was of the same color. Or design. So I did what you wd have done. I went back.

    The shoe seller was more polite than he was earlier. Shoes soldd are not exchangeable, he said. Since the next box also contained the other mix (not a mix-up, clearly), he offered me to buy them. At a premium. So, I ended up with 6 pairs.

    Not a bad sales strategy. You can try that out at yr shop. Blaze the trail with new ideas and the horde will run after you to learn.

    Or chase you with parangs?



    NOTICE: Closure of PICs on 23 Jan 2010 (Saturday)

    Please be informed that the Phillip Investor Centers (PICs) will be closed on 23 Jan 2010 (Saturday) for an annual company event.

    Business will resume on 25 Jan 2010 (Monday).

    We regret any inconvenience caused

    l called n confirmed all centers closed tmr. So Ben can double confirmed if not those dont know will go there tomorrow.

  16. From my understanding all their investor centres – Raffles City Tower, Raffles Place, Marine Parade, Toa Payoh, Bukit Batok, Boon Keng, Marsiling, AngMoKio are closed for their company event.

    Phillip Investor Hub i.e Shan Road (Balestier Road) will still be operating.

    Maybe Ben can do a confirmation with them that their investor hub at Shan Road will still be operating.

  17. Just call their investor hub at Shan Road and was informed that it will also be closed for that company event.

    Just wondering if there is any extraordinary event that will be happening that warrant the conduct of a ‘company event’ at such a short notice?

  18. Thanks much, Joyce-T and Steven-N.

    True to what Kenneth-T has predicted @ #41, this talk has become interesting even before it starts.

    I dont claim to know enough but below is what I know, and will share.

    If you’re free 2mrw morning, and not going to any mourning, say at abt 7.30, do sit on the parapet on shenton way where the conference hall is, and watch.

    You’ll see folks dressed to kill trooping into the building nearby, inspired by the roaring success of SHC’s recent Cabaret and Day Club thingy. But only employees are involved, almost as exclusive as our Cabaret was for SHCians. No bouncers but happy people bouncing in, looking forward to a good year and bumper bonus.

    But dont shun Shan Rd. It has been booked by a Baby R and a Mr Foo who are neither de jure nor de facto, employees……as much as a Philipino is as unlike a Filipino.

    So it’s likely that the show will go on.

    Ben, arda uru ka?

  19. Hi all,
    So, the much awaited market softening has arrived.
    Where do we go from here ?
    Next week will be interesting.
    Have a good discussion.
    Something intersting happened yesterday.
    Someone with “fat fingers” did 35 million lots at 1 cent and lost $175,000.00 in one day.
    Please trade carefully.
    Best regards.

  20. Roger, good if you too can attend the talk.

    DBest predicts that the stock mart will see a sharp correction mid year; obviously, Soros wont be in sorrows if it turns out to be a double dip recession and the IMF chief warns of the inebriated rush into China, HK and SG realties.

    Isnt this world becoming increasingly dangerous…..and unpredictable?

    2011 beckons. Collect my cpf, pack up and go to a less civilised place which ironically, is more civil. At least there I wont find oigarettes to smoke altho Ill miss my k’ok.

    Roger, wanna join me to build a tree house there, host the monkeys, chase the bees and where life is so laid-back, easy and free……………

    Ivan-L, you too.

  21. Good morning all you investors out there πŸ™‚

    Spoke with Ben a moment ago. Here’s a message from him. Shan Road PIC is open today. The investment talk is on as scheduled.

  22. Thanks Gingko.

    Wonder what has happened to Ben-F….so quiet. Hope he wont be so quiet at this p.m.’s talk.

    Weng Hon, market collapsed…….? So easy meh? I see sharp spurts of corrections on and off, with a tendency of the market moving up this year…….the Chinese economy is now leading the pack, stull with a lot of steam and wont suffer a stroke so easily, quickly.

    Will attend this talk…..and if no Ben there, nvm, will go round the Shun Rd bend to look for the Middleton Hospital where I spent 18 days of my best years there, listening daily to those 5 p.m. Er Ton Jie Mu songs like Xiao Bai Chuan, Mama (now, mamasan) Hou……..

  23. Sorry folks, been out of circulation last few days. I have book the facility at Shan Rd and have spoken to our staff there as of yesterday, so should be good. See you there, I shall be there early in case of any surprises. Ben

  24. Tim-L #55,
    Happened to read you calling…..MMMMMMMmmm a bit crowded leh! Standing room only I believe …. these days, my legs are getting weak and bladder can’t hold water long …. so will give this talk a miss.
    Hi Ben,
    Sorry for not being there. Maybe next time, ya! You have a good (or hard??) time this afternoon but dun get personal with “debates”, it comes with the territory ….. hahahhaha πŸ™‚

  25. Well, all’s well end well! The show went on as scheduled albeit some misunderstanding caused by lack of response last couple of days to on-or-off query brought about by Joyce and Steven.

    A big round of appluase for the 28 of you who came and made the event an wonderful one. With such support, I shall make every effort to book the same venue for the next month’s meeting. Watch this space.

    As a Phillip securities consultant and in compliance with MAS’s requirement, I take the opportunity to clarify that the talk on gold purchase investment by Joyce has nothing to do with me or Phillip. Joyce had requested before the start of our event for some time to introduce her gold investment. Sportingly, I had agreed if it was after our session and if the participants would stay back to listen.

    On the stock markets themeselves where they are regulated by the authorirites, there are other investment instruments such as GOLD ETF (exchanged traded fund), STI ETF, IS India ETF, Lyxor China ETF, Emerging Economies (BRIC) ETF, DBX Vietnem ETF, etc plus REITs (real estate investment trust, great for collecting rental dividents), etc…. where you can see the buy/sell prices all the time, where there are always ready buyers and sellers. where you can trade on-line, where you pay only brolerage fees (no sales and management charges).

    I shall include discussions and fundamental & technical analyses of ETFs and REITs in the next session.

    As we were not able to conduct the POEMS training due to the system down for maintemence, I suggest we meet again on this coming Sat at Balestier same place at 11am. We can then go for lunch at the hawker center nearby. Look out in the new post in main bulletin.

    Happy trading to those active ones, don’t forget to apply what you have learnt. Watch to see likely further dip on Mon before going in.

    Those who took the account opening forms, plse complete the forms, together with a signed photocopy of your IC (front/back), mail the self address envelope. Call me if in doubt.

    Any feedback to improve in any area shall be appreciate.

    Cheers, Ben

  26. Thank you Ben-F. Nobody talked cock – you didnt, we didnt. You came almost perfectly prepared – charts, name cards, registration forms. Next week, please be nore prepared, with angpows to give away…a token of $100 each red packet will do, to show and assure us that you’re already riding the bull i this perceived bullish year.

    I can vouch that your charts are current bcos they all reflected an uptrend. That stock charts showing a long flat plateau are not going to move much, to me, is a good assessment. Your answers to questions were considered but not opiniated and therefore were fair.

    After yr talk, the foto of a happy smiling baby in front of 2 gold bars, was held up. I asked and was told that the price was $60 a gram.

    Obviously the toddler was well tended to, well fed and his chubbiness told me he must also eat very well. So, my eyes weighed the baby – easily 12,000 gram or 12 kg. $720,000 is not exorbitant but prohibitive for me. No one bidded so I supposed it’s also prohibitive for others.

    In that note, we thanksed the apeakers, left to pursue our respectives interests, pleased with and smarter after the event.

  27. Thank you Ben n members for giving me the opportunity to share abt the gold program. l come across it,checked it out n l went in. Not bad deal ,the asset in my hand n still can earn 18% p.a. on my investment.

    It was nerve wrecking to share n talk in front of a group.but l hoped l delivered well n gv u all another investment opportunity if u want to.

    l forgot to mentioned l hv joined them as sales associate so l am authorised to carry out the transaction.So anyone interested to join a low risk investment n get a good return for yr hard earned money.email me joy3880@yahoo.com.sg (terence dont worry l am not worried to gv out my email,all members here,nice ppl)

  28. Hi,

    Tim #55,
    How I wish I can collect my CPF and join you relocate to some nearby Indonesian island and live like a king.
    Be careful of this Soros guy….he strikes like Zoro and cut you down so deeply, you have no more blood in your body thereafter. I think he is the only guy whom Mahathir respects…haha.

    Ivan #63,
    Sorry, forgot I did not mention the counter…its Centilion.
    Poor chap only managed to have 5 million out of 35million cancelled.
    The JAL story has more to do with politics than what you read from the media, people got burn on this counter too.

    Ben #64,
    Only Reits you play directly with the market. Warrants, ES, ELNs, Gold and other ETFs are derivative products. Hope you highlighted to our folks that they are playing with “market makers” and not directly with the market and explain the differences and consequences.
    My personal opinion is that most SHC investors are not that experienced yet. Therefore I am not sure if you should stray away from stocks to these derivative products.
    SGX have not been successful and is still struggling with these products (note the spread and volume). Its better to wait for these products to be more established before jumping in.
    Just stocks should be sufficient to make our folks rich or cause them severe headaches.
    Finally Ben, you have make the effort to educate our folks and wish you success in your recruitment, however hope if you can clarify:
    I was told you were from Phillip Capital, yet you mentioned Phillip Securities.
    I know that Phillip dealers, Account Executives, Remisiers and Mobile remisiers take in clients. Stockists, Licenced traders, Analysts and Consultants are not suppose to take in clients….or have things changed.


  29. Thanks Roger-L, for suggesting the indo islands…..I was actually thinking of far-flung un-named islets in the Indian Ocean.

    Since some of these islands are the hideouts of pirates, I need not retire but go straight into the piracy business, starting with training pirate taxi drivers, then pirate softwares, hardwares..pirate anything you wear. Then, I shall offer all SHCians above 50 with both genders included, full pirate membership – no zoning, rightists, leftists, centrists, lost & directionless all welcomed. There is good money to make in these busy sea-lanes. We want the world to see us up, not dole or dote on us as also-runs.

    After cabaret mamasans, hostesses, we have ah peek ah umm pirates, who even if we are caught, are spared the rotan for crossing the age 50, hehe……….

  30. Wah!

    Ah Liu has painted an enticing picture of a retirement haven somewhere in the Indian Ocean, maybe off the coast of Somalia. Just imagine… acting like Pirates of the Caribbean… swash-buckling, modern-day Robin Hoods hijacking container vessels…

    What? What!! Oh! It’s only a dream!!

    Much like the Retirement Community that SHCs dream about.

  31. No, Kenneth-T, the islet is in the deep of the Indian Ocean, showing up for as many days as it’s submerged by the sea, making tracking and catching us difficult.

    We dont hijack vessels – “hijack” evokes “fear” and that’s evil. We are civil. We call out to the ships’ captains “Hi Jack, money we lack, for using our waters, on you we must tax”. Tax is fair, right?

    So, dont dream, come Kenneth, join us but you must first learn to look mean and fierce, not like a bean and with soft ears.


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