Countdown to our CNY Tea Dance on 24 February, 2.00pm to 6.00pm at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road

Dear All

Just a gentle reminder to
bring two oranges to “Bai Nian”;
come dressed in your Chinese New Year best (and your dancing shoes);
come and register by 2.15pm for the very important “Lou Hei” which starts at 2.30pm sharp ; and
most importantly, come with a healthy and happy spirit and mind and be ready to have loads of fun!

Club doors open at 1.45pm.

No fixed programme timing except for the “Lou Hei”. Its a free and easy afternoon!
Just eat any time you like, dance any time you like, have tea any time you like and play game when we like.
So looking forward to see you all soon!!!
Hugs to All!

Caroline & Dolly

10 thoughts on “Countdown to our CNY Tea Dance on 24 February, 2.00pm to 6.00pm at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road

  1. Dear Party Goers,
    2 days more to hit our CNY Tea Dance liao.. All must have Kim Kim and Kam Kam one so oranges are very important, big or small no issue.. cos everyone is having a huat huat time lor…

    Cha Bors, come in Cina costume for best dressed theme… No worry, Caroline and me are not allowed to join lor.. so all hong tao belong to all ladies out there.. wulala…

    ChaPos, come also dressed up swee swee and macho with style – We had something special for your guys there too.. hmmm.. what is that har? Guess guess lor..

    Just like Caorline had said earlier, there will be no planned programs lined up.. all F&E.. from makaning, chit chatting, laughing and dancing all the way.. till when it comes to extras extras…. I like to keep to this kind of suspense leh… hahahaha…

    See you there on Saturday… Cheers.. Caroline and Dolly

  2. Thank caroline and Dolly for the wonderful event .

    Very enjoyful tea dance with fantastic laughing games and music . All the prizes are wonderful.

    Keep it up with your Volunteerism and effortless contribution .

    Good heart and willingly to help is rarely able to discover and or find …

    If one day you feel like crying, call me. I don’t promise to make you laugh but I can cry with you.

    Haha ????

    Cheer !


  3. Dear All
    What a wonderful party! All the sporting guests, yummy food, fabulous dancing together with the shrieks and laughter that filled the air in the club – fantastic!

    I prepared a speech to thank you all and also to thank our sponsors but with all that was going on, I could not find my slip of paper with the speech. Its never too late.

    To all you wonderful people who came to the tea party – a very big thank you for your support! I hope you had a good time. My buddy and I were in stitches most of the time, especially during the game segments.

    Thank you to our generous sponsors for the prizes for lucky draw and games:
    (in alphabetical order)
    Club 5 – non member
    Dolly Choo
    Daphne Hedley – non member
    Dolly Lim
    Doris Gee
    Grace Kok
    Rosalind Lee
    My boss – non member

    p.s. Gingko & Shirley – Thank you for your graciousness.

    Till we meet again!
    Hugs from
    Caroline & Dolly

  4. Aiyo Caroline,
    You forgot to include your name as 1 of the sponsor too… Let’s hope thru 1 of your sponsor of 60pcs of Toto, we will have a winner tonight.. wow wow $1million leh..

    So dear members, if anyone of you strike the $1 million, organise a free tea dance for all that attend this party last Saturday, OK?

    I would also wanted to extend our special thanks to the most beautiful model, Irene Gan, for the sexy cat walk presentation for the best themed dress for ladies’ contest. Many thanks to the 5 sexy & beautiful ladies to take part in this contest…

    As for the KimkimKamKam orange game, guys, you all were really fantastic and very sporting.. My salute to you.. As without these from your guys, there will no fun game, I am sure everyone enjoyed this.

    Of cos, there was abit of hiccups here and there so kind understanding much appreciated from everyone too.

    Till the next event, we meet again… Many thanks from both Caroline and Dolly

    • Aiyo also. How can I say thank you to myself LOL!
      Yes, I hope someone at the party wins big and hopefully he or she will buy all who were present at the tea dance the next round of tea dance tickets. Keep fingers crossed!
      Have a great week ahead!
      Caroline & Dolly

  5. Dear Carly & Dolly,

    Thank You for a funfilled afternoon which I had enjoyed myself fully with dances & amused by your entertaining dialogs & game. U both are gracious EOs .

    And my heartfelt THANKS to all the sponsors too, I happened to be one lucky recipient for Best Dress. & Lucky Draw winner grabbing two prizes home from your generosity.

    May the year of doggy brings ALL luck & peace.

    Best Wishes,

    • Dear Lydia

      You so deserve the win lor! Wah your catwalk tok gong and you dress to kill hor! So glad you had a good time. Enjoy your prizes. Haha! we all like Hokien lian. Hope the year of doggy brings you good health and good luck too. Stay happy and pretty!
      Till we meet!
      Caroline & Dolly

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