Online Trading Training postphoned to 30 Jan Sat 11am

We have had a wonderful time at our investment event yesterday (Sat) but have to postphone the online trading training due to system maintenance.

There are those who had registered for the training during the event, names below.

I suggest this Sat, 30 Jan, same Phillip venue at Balestier Rd, where there are 8 PCs available for hands-on, at 11am. We can go for lunch at the hawker center nearby (good food & kopi I hear) after that.

I shall be conducting the training and timing can be flexible, 10am, 11am or 12noon (I suggest 11). The place closes at 1pm as we shall be using the PCs in the common area.

As we can only take in 16 trainees, plse confirm your attendances. Available space shall be given to others on 1st-come-1st serve basis.

1. Constance Wong

2. Jacqueline Han

3. Lilian Teo

4. Rose White

5. Peggy Ho

6. Kenneth Tan

7. Andrew Koh

8. Thomas Goh

9. Ginko

10. Tham Weng Hon


(6 places available, register is you want)

Those who has taken the forms, plse remember to mail to me asap to get the POEMS access.

Cheers, Ben

20 thoughts on “Online Trading Training postphoned to 30 Jan Sat 11am

  1. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for including me in for the training session. BTW its my first time there, can you kindly tell me what no. bus or nearest MRT station to alight at the destination? Im coming from Bukit Batok mrt stn. Thanks
    warm regards

  2. Hi Grace,

    Exit Novena MRT (NE Line),walk underground pass to come up to bus-stop along Thomson Road where you see the IRAS Tax Revenue House on the same side (or opposite side of the Novena Church). Look for the bus no that travels to Balestier Rd (I dun know the no, but there is one). After turning into Balestier Rd, it should be the 2nd or 3rd bus stop, check with bus driver, ask for Shan Rd or the road for walking to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Another landmark is the bus-stop is just before (30metre)the SPC car petrol station on the same side. Phillip is directly opposite the petrol station. Have fun in your Amazing Race! Ben

  3. Grace-N, from BB mrt, you head for the east and alight at the Lavender stn. After you have cleared the immigration/customs, believe you shd turn left, exit up the escalator that says lavender rd, jalan besar (I think), not the one that takes you up to the Immigration Bldg.

    When you’re on road level, you will see a bus stop. Wait there, dont run away. Board SBS service 145. Bus fare is fixed, cant bargain.

    The bus will take you for some sightseeing….Spore Casket Company on your left along lavender street, then the khalsa association, before it turns right to show you some roast duck and bat kut teh shops. Then, you’ll see what appears to be like a row of hawker stalls on your left and also watch out for the SPC petrol stn on the right side of the road……dont see these too late. Press the bell. But if you hv poor eyesight like I do, or get a bit groggy after turning yr head left-right, do bring your own bell so that you wont, in a panic, cant find the bus bell to press. The PIC is on the same side of the road you alight.

  4. Its bus no. 131 from the bus stop opp novena church.The place is actually the former Moulmein CC.the bus driver will know if u tell him tat n ask him to tell u when near.
    If taking 145 from lavendar (take from opp immigration) look out for the 24hrs food centre.The place is opp a big empty land where they going to build a hotel there.

  5. Thanks Ben,Tim & Joyce for the bus routes destination tomorrow.Will definitely not get lost armed wth such specific details but have to decide which is the most convenient route to take from my home.
    Mucho Gracias Guys!

  6. Hi Ben,

    Forgot to thank you after attending the 1st session, so now better be the 1st few to thank you for organising this 2nd session. We have learned quite alot about the “market” and “POEM”

    Looking for to the next sesseion.


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