Monthly Cycling : 24 Mar 2018.

Hi cyclists

Our March cycling event.

Date : 24 Mar 2018
Time : 1700-2100 hrs

Beginners to meet at 1600hrs

Mrt Stn : Stadium
Meet at: Singapore Sports museum, circle line exit A.

Cycling routes – To Gardens by The Bay.


1. Doug
2. Andrew
3. Aaron How
4. Irene Poh
5. Dolly
6. Caroline
7. Marg
8. Fredalim
9. Lydia Chin
10. Allan Wee

1. Joyce

19 thoughts on “Monthly Cycling : 24 Mar 2018.

  1. HI Doug,

    I can’t access Facebook. Can u kindly post the information here? What’s the cycle route, and where’s the destination?

    And will you assist us in unlocking those yellow/orange bikes? I heard it’s free for 1st 2 hours, right?

    Lydia Chin

    • Hi Lydia
      1. I will add you to Facebook.
      2. You must be a registered bike user in order to use your. Smartphone to unlock those share bikes.

      • Thanks Doug… but I can’t access Facebook on my phone, cos not enough memory space; can’t access from office computer ‘cos its a blocked website, and do not own a laptop/computer at home! Gosh… I’m an antique 🙁

        So kindly post the details here, if you don’t mind.

        I shall attempt to access the share bike website from my Iphone6 (which only has 2 GB left) Which one should I go for?

        • Hi Lydia.

          Updates with more details to this Saturday ‘s event has been posted above.

          We usually upload photos in shc Facebook for shc events.

          To unlock and use shared bikes, use your smartphone and register with your credit card, otherwise, you’ll not be able to unlock those shared bikes.
          You may wish to register with
          1. Ofo
          2. Obike
          3. Mobike

          • Thanks Doug. Do I need to download it prior to event, ie one day in advance for it to take effect, or can I do at when we meet up… reason being I’m not very smart phone savy too ;(

            I am planning to come and join in this fun cycling event, unless last minute got headache etc…

            See u tomorrow.
            Lydia Chin

          • Lydia
            Please download and stored it on your phone. You only pay when you use it.

            We will help you to download if you’re unable to,just standby your credit card for the registration.

  2. To all beginners.

    You want to ride a bicycle but you can’t balance and you’re afraid to fall. We all started from there.

    Come, join us and we will teach and guide you. Personalised lessons can be arrange.
    Let us know.


  3. Weiwei, Doug,
    Both Caroline and me are coming this Sat to support but then we 2 LLP will probably cycle for 2hours nia hor.. ka bo liak lor…

    Caroline, better download these 3 app for bicycle rental hor.. if not, you will need to walk with me hor… 🙂
    1) OFO
    2) Obike
    3) Mobike

    Cheers.. Dolly

  4. Hi Douglas,
    A wonderful afternoon/evening well spent.. Thank you also those who had helped me through many obstacles too. Hopefully to meet up with everyone again next month cycling event too.. Cheers.. Dolly

    • Wah buddy you beat me to it. But I must say also.
      Thank you Doug for a wonderful afternoon. Great workout! Also thank you Allan for watching over us and Andrew for helping with the bike. And to all the others who came, thank you for the nice company. Looking forward to the next ride, barring any interference.

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