What’s life like in Australia for Singaporean retirees?

Perth is 5 flying hours from Singapore. Time wise, we are in the same time zone, +8 hrs GMT. And One SGD is about one AUD.

Scoot, SIA, Jetstar and Quantas fly regularly to Perth. Perth city is small in size, compared to Singapore.

Like most tourists, Singaporeans can get a 1 year tourist visa, multiple entry and 3-mths at one stay. I hear that we can even get a 3 or 6 year extended visa. Got to check.

Many Singaporeans settle down in Perth, not necessary in the city but in many suburbs south of Perth. Connected by fast timely trains and highways, one gets to travel into the city within 30 mins. Unlikely muti storey shopping centres, Aussie malls are generally ground or low level. Due to space availability, car parks are huge, and very often, one gets to park for free. How much do we have to pay for a car? SGD 4000 for a 2nd hand car or SGD 99,000 for a new car.

How are living prices in Perth? What’s it like to live in a house? Or should one settle for an apartment instead, just like many of us are used to? How much does it cost to buy a house or an apartment? SGD 450K or SGD 1.5 m for a 1,500 sq m space.

Food. How is eating out, or cooked in? What are prices like? Is it easy to get Asian food? What about service charges? How much does pork or chicken cost? What about vegetables, milk, fish, apples and mangoes? Will I feel at home? Afterall, we have live in Singapore for more than 50 years, with Cold Storage, NTU Fairprice, Seng Siong and our local grocery shop.

Friends. Easy to find friends and make friends? Where are they? One can tell how many Singaporeans live in Perth by chatting with the passengers on Scoot or Singapore airlines. We can also tell when there is a Singapore National Day gathering.

Health and Medical. As a citizen or PR, how are medical facilities and health costs? Oops, we are retiring tourist. How long does one have to wait to see a doctor? What is it like to see a doctor, a dentist or a pharmacist? Where are the hospitals? Private and Govt.

Seasons. How are the summers and the winters? How extreme can the weather get? Can we as retirees take the weather? Oh, my bones ache and my joints may go stiff. Or is it always hot, steamy and rainy? Does it snow?

Life must be more interesting. What about entertainment? What time do shops open and close? Do shops open on Sat and Sun? Heard that fishing, crabbing and picking abalones are fun activities. Are there bars, dancing places and restaurants that close at midnight? Or do they close at 6pm only? Anyway to get a massage for SGD 30 per hour? Cinemas, karaoke rooms and bowling alleys, are they easily available? What about open markets and Sunday Fleamarts? Hmm, got Korean or Taiwanese movies, or Singapore Ch 5, 8 or CNA, or not?

Space and fresh air. Australia is big. Australia is not Perth. There is Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, and many more cities. What’s there to do? Farm stays, passion fruit picking, grapes and vineyards, kangaroos, whales, dolphins and sharks. Can we truly see a million stars at night or is there haze at times? Can we engaged in sports?

Many Singaporean retirees travel to Perth each year. This include a number of SilverHairsClub members who live in Perth. What is it like to live in Perth? Or in any other city. Share your thoughts and comments.

Or from your mobile, whatsapp and join the group.


Terence Seah

3 thoughts on “What’s life like in Australia for Singaporean retirees?

  1. The idea of short term retirement in Perth works for some Singaporean retirees.

    Some members have asked for a gathering to be organised on this topic. But practically, finding a venue, a date and time is very difficult.

    So, let’s start a whatsapp discussion first on “What’s it like to retire in Australia” especially in the nearest city Perth. We can talk about all the issues that were mentioned in this post. And for those interested, we can also talk about how? And, for those who have decided not to consider this option, please do not join the discussion.

    The Whatsapp group can then decide on a date to have a physical gathering.

    If you are interested in short term retirement in Perth/Australia, send a whatsapp text message ‘Retirement in Perth’ to +65 9489 4360.

    Closing date for registration: 27 Apr 2018.

    Terence Seah

  2. There has been an ongoing whatsapp chatgroup talking about Perth and what life is like in Western Australia.

    Irene Wong is helping to initiate a trip to Perth and parts of Western Australia. A trip via self drive campervan is being discussed currently. Drivers are very welcome. Class 3 licence. Likely thinking for this trip is this Autumn which is 3rd qtr 2018.

    If you like to join this Perth chat and trip, Whatsapp “Perth” to +65 9489 4360.

    Terence Seah

  3. Perth, here we come.

    SilverHairsClub has started the Whatsapp group “What’s life like in Perth” a few mths ago. Yes, was the first meeting of interested participants, at Capitol Piazza.

    Irene Wong is leading the discussion. The initial group looked at fine dry weather, not to cold and not to pinchy hot.

    We arrived at a few decisions.

    1. Trip will be Oct 2018.
    2. Initial part of trip, about 5 days In Perth, followed by Campervan trip, about 10 days. Total about 2 weeks.

    3. One member is looking at campervan.
    One member is looking at cooking, F and B.
    One looking at flight prices
    And one looking at arranging part of trip with a travel company.

    The theme “What4 life like to live in Perth as retirees?”

    Interested to join the Perth Campervan trip, please register your name here. You can also join the Whatsapp Perth group by sending a msg “Perth” to +65 9489 4360.

    We are expect a full size outing group. Plse register early.

    Remeber this trip is almost a “do nothing” trip. We are there to enjoy the open space, the wine, the trips, blue skies, aircon most of the time and do nothing.

    Terence Seah

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