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     Dear members,

The Club likes to introduce the new upgraded and simplified passwords reset process.

With immediate effect

Members can now reset passwords on this webpage themselves. 

Goto “Password” page for full details.

Do have your UserID or email address ready.

Existing members who still cannot remember the all threes, password, UserID and email address. Kindly revert to the old method. Send your request to

The club treasures your membership, we will still issue you a password as long as you are registered with SilverHairsClub.

                                                                                           Thank you …..

2 thoughts on “Reset Password – Announcement

  1. How are we going to reset our passwords where there is no instructions given to proceed with the reset even though we goto “password” page on the above selection for full details. Here what’s your page indicate :-

    ” Password
    If you are new to SilverHairsClub, and would like to participate in the Club activities, forum, take part in events, organise an event or just to keep up with friends, this is the right place.

    Click here to get a temp password fast.

    Or Contact, let us have your registered username, registered email address and we shall send you a temporary password with a week.

    SilverHairsClub ”

    The temp password if not mistaken is for those who have their passwords what about we resetting it as we either want to change it or reset it by ourselves as indicated in the forum.

  2. Hi Danny,
    There is an existing procedure for members who wish to reset or change their passwords. Goto your profile page after login. Scroll right to the bottom of screen and key in your new password.
    Please email if you need further assistance.
    Club Admin

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