Online Register for New Members

Silverhairsclub’s system has installed a feature for easier, friendlier and faster online membership registration with effect from today.

Individual can now first register online their interest to join SilverhairsClub.

Yeeeaah ! Here we go:-

Step 1.

Click “Register” located at the Dashboard legend on this webpage. Instructions are available to guide. The system will generate an acknowledgement and deliver by email.

Step 2.
Goto to “Membership” page on this website, and email the list of Required Members Information to within 7 days from date of online registration.

The club sends acceptance of membership by email.


Do take note all correspondence with SilverHairsClub is by email only. Kindly make sure the email address is 100% correct when registering.


SilverHairsClub welcomes new members. There is no membership fees. All programs/events are organised by our very own members. Members can join our robust evenful FB group.

If somehow, you missed reading more about SilverHairsClub, do goto FAQ page on this website to know more about SilverHairsClub.


2 thoughts on “Online Register for New Members

  1. Membership with SilverHairsClub is simple and free. Some members wonder what are the considerations before being accepted as a member. We keep it simple.

    1. A member must have a registered name, eg our passport or NRIC name.

    2. A Mobile number, preferably linked to a whatsapp account which is most commonly used in Spore for instant communications and club updates.

    3. Must be at least 45 years of age.

    4. A registered email address is required.

    5. Agree to accept the Club rules on No discussions on race, religion, sex, politics, direct selling and MLM.

    In the process, the Club is considering a new rule. This is anti-social behaviour. This is very difficult to implement. As we get older, we do get weird, fuzzy, demanding, queer, odd and annoying. We lose some memory cells, expect others to be like us and forget to give and take. Going older sometimes lead us to use more “I” and less “We”. I hear this frequently, “I don’t like…..”. All these symptoms irritates fellow SilverHairs.

    The Club has no intention to add any new rules. Let’s enjoy the spirit and company of one another. SilverHairsClub has only one objective; and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends. So, anti social behaviour runs counter to our objective.

    Please make my life easy.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi…Terence, I am quite puzzled. To whom is this post intended for?
    Existing members certainly do not need this.

    If it is intended for the public at large (45y and above), how do you attract, capture, encourage, entice or persuade anybody to read it and hopefully join us?

    Perhaps it is intended for members to invite their friends. But the paragraph on “anti-social behaviour rule” – to have or not to have – does not augur well with a membership campaign. A stranger certainly will not want to be part of a “weird, fuzzy, demanding, queer, odd and annoying” assemblage.


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