2 thoughts on “A 10 min video clip of the 1st Chiangmai retirement evaluation trip, Mar 2018

  1. We will continue to explore opportunities for short term retirement stay overseas. Feel free to share your thoughts on the 1st Chiangmai retirement evaluation trip and how we can expand and make this option available to interested Singaporean retirees. Especially, how we can settle now in small workable groups together.

    Terence Seah

  2. Thank terence for organising the 1st chiangmai trip.

    The 1st chiangmai trip has come and gone.
    My gratitude and honour to be together  with  20++ members , thus fulfilling one of the objective of the trip .

    Believe All members is Professional and Should treasure and respect,…

    Other Member contributions, on the various of offer getting good deal …

    And rarely have the opportunity from sincere Member, alike to share the happiness with other; to enjoy

    NO the event has not ended. We shall continue to share our ideas and interests on future chiangmai trip. Till we meet again, take care and have a nice day ahead.


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