New SHC whatsapp group “Careshield”

The Ministry of Health has announced a new long term care insurance to be launched in 2020.

SilverHairsClub has a discussion group starting 26 Feb 2018 for members on CPF life, Medishield and Eldershield. The group discussion is now closed.

The new Whatsapp Careshield discussion starts 15 June 2018. This topic will end 15 Aug 2018. To participate, please register with whatsapp +65 9489 4360 with the msg “Careshield”. Registration closes 12 June 2018.

1. Strictly for SilverHairsClub members only. Participants are required to introduce your name and interest.
2. No URL, video clips, pictures.
3. No copy and paste.
4. Screenshots allowed.
5. No unrelated topic, except eldershield, medishield. A star * will be given for unrelated topic. A second star * means automatic exit.

2 thoughts on “New SHC whatsapp group “Careshield”

  1. An update announcement on Careshield was made recently. To share and participate in the SHC Carehield discussion, whatsapp “Careshield” to +65 9489 4360

    Terence Seah

  2. The SHC whatsapp group “Careshield”, like all other existing chatgroups, will be given more autonomy. I have decided to relinquish my role as admin and moderator. This will give more creativity and freedom to the chatgroups and its new Group Admin. This takes immediate effect.

    This group admin is now: Christina Phau.

    To participate, plse contact Christina here.

    Terence Seah

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