“One night in Batam” 2D 1N Sat 30 Jun – 1 Jul 2018

SilverHairsClub and members have organised a series of “One night Dinner and Dancing” with themes set in Taipei, Shanghai and JB. These activities help support a platform for members to get to know more and new friends.

This year, we had planned to hold our Dinner and Dance with the theme “One night in Batam”. We are able to create this event when Christine Teo, a keen dancer, volunteered to co-EO the dancing night, together with two days of sightseeing, lunches, shopping and a dinner at the M1 Hotel.

We will theme our event with Batam Indonesian culture and tradition. Members are encouraged to attire Indonesian style. Your room is just a lift away.

There are plans for music for dancing from disk/USB. We have a VJ in place, not karaoke or live singing.

A team of members BobbyB, ChristineP, DaisyY, YeoES, StellaS joined a recce event on Sun 10 Jun. We review the 10th floor of M1 hotel, surrounded by glass top to bottom, with a breezy view of the nearby area. This venue is bare, and will be redeveloped into a roof top restaurant in July. Christine has arranged for some seating out the glass walls so that a few of us can enjoy some moments of quiet, during dancing and dinner time.

The rooms are new and well set with clean bright bathrooms. The recce group love the M1 hotel.

Venue: M1 Hotel.
Dinner and dance venue: M1 hotel 10 floor

Period: Sat/Sun 30 Jun – 1 Jul 2018
ETD Singapore Harbourfront ferry: 0920 hr. ETA Sekupang.

ETD Batam Centre: 1710 hr.

Package for twin-share:
SGD 138 per pax (SHC members)
SGD 140 per pax (SHC members family and friends). All participants must be 45 or over). Participants need to find their own room mates.

Seating during the dinner will be done in groups of 6. Members may book and register in groups of 6.

Package include ferry tickets, lunches, transfers, sightseeing, room and dinner and dance. Details will be announced as ongoing comments.

Participation limited to 40 pax.
Registration starts now.
Final payment date: 23 Jun 2018.

Payment to POSB Savings  542-10756-1, Treasurer ChristinA Chan.

Committee: Christine Teo (co_EO), Terence Seah (EO), Christina Pan (Desk registration and showing you to your table), Christina ChanCL (Treasurer), Susan Tan (Registration list), Yoon Chin (Creative support), Mega Abudullah (Master of ceronmony 7pm to 7.30pm).

We are moving with progress planning fast as we have 20 days left to the event. If you like to volunteer to help, talk with Christine Teo. You can also contact me at +65 9489-4360.

Start getting your group together now.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence SEAH (EO) (pd)
  2. Christine TEO (Co-EO) (pd)
  3. Howard YONG
  4. Stella SHENG
  5. Francis MANGALAM
  6. Susan SIA  (pd)
  7. Susan LEE &
  8. Betty ANG
  9. Christina PAN (pd)
  10. Bobby BOK
  11. Johnny TAN  & (pd)
  12. Annie HO (pd)
  13. Sue CHAN
  14. HJ WONG
  15. Mega ABDULLAH (pd)
  16. Jimmy TSIN  (pd)
  17. Lydia CHIN
  18. George CHEW
  19. Lynda LEE (pd)
  20. Bill Yew Kwong KWAN (pd)
  21. Wai Choo LOW  (pd)
  22. Siew Choo PEH (pd)
  23. Jolly Kim Teow CHUA (pd)
  24. Evelyn Siew Leng TANG (pd)
  25. Angelina ONG (pd) &
  26. Jennifer SOH (pd)
  27. Ah Lung LOH (pd)
  28. Mdm Siew Yong TANG (pd)
  29. Janet THAM &
  30. Peter LEE  &
  31. Siew Meng LOKE
  32. Swee Fong KOK
  33. Marie &
  34. Andrew
  35. Simon NG
  36. Dolly WONG  (pd)
  37. Gina KO  (pd)
  38. Sam GOH  (pd)
  39. Thomas LOH  (pd)
  40. Lilian TEO (pd)
  41. Peri LIEW  (pd)
  42. Lily LIM  (pd)
  43. Doreen HO  (pd)
  44. Dorine TAN  (tentative)
  45. David Ah Kheok SIM (pd)
  46. Florence Mee Kian KUAN (pd)
  47. Alvin TAN (pd)
  48. Fook Heng SIN (pd) &
  49. Kim Chow CHEN (pd)
  50. Eddie  (pd) &
  51. Partner (pd)
  52. Josephine Chui Fung KOH
  53. Janis HAN (pd) &
  54. Margaret SOO
  55. Ah Ang ONG
  56. Soh Hiong POH
  57. Cheng Hiang TION
  58. Susan CH TAN (pd) &
  59. Irene POH (pd)
  60. Ann LIM (pd)
  61. Bessie LAM (pd)
  62. Lina TAN (tentative)
  63. Judy CHIA (non-member) (pd)
  64. He Min (non-member) &
  65. Ghim Seng CHNG (non member)
  66. TK POW &
  67. Helen WONG




128 thoughts on ““One night in Batam” 2D 1N Sat 30 Jun – 1 Jul 2018

  1. Hi HowardY,

    It is always nice to have someone put up his hand first. Can we be room mates during our “One night in Batam”?

    Terence Seah

  2. Due to “One night in Batam” only a few days away, I encourage members to form tables of 6 pax now.

    As head of your table, please indicate your name and say 6 pax. You can add the names later.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hello EO/Co-EO,

    For some reason, my name has been erroneously registered for this event. Sorry folks, I won’t be free on these dates to join you all. Have fun!


  4. Hi, I am Christine Teo the co-EO for this 1 night in Batam dnd event. Frankly speaking, i am nervous when Terence announced me as the co-EO . I hold my breath for 2 days thinking. Now i appear to say that I am ready to take on the role. I am confident that with Terence guidance and support from members, we can and will make the Batam event an enjoyable and a memorable one. Call me at 96413796 on your feedback if any.
    I will be providing further details of the package and meals menu in separate posts.
    Please give your support to Terence and me and register early for the event. Registration closes on 23 June for 40 people.
    Thank you StellarS, FrancisM and SusanS for your early response.

  5. 1 night 2 days Batam package at $138/pax all incl
    – 2 way ferry ticket from Harbourfront 9.20am ferry and return at 5.10pm ferry.
    – 1night at M-One hotel deluxe rm
    – buffet breakfast at hotel
    – 1 lunch at kelong seafood
    – 1 lunch at the Duck King Chinese food
    – 1 dinner buffet at 10th flr ballroom with party dance
    -2day transport services n tour guide services

  6. Hi Terence/Christine,
    Thank you for organising. Please register me for the event and two of my friends new members to be , Johnny Tan & Annie Ho. Both of them had atm transfer $140×2 ie $280 to Christina bank account this morning already. Thank you..
    Bobby Bok

  7. Great. It is always nice to have new faces in the organising team. TQ ChristineT for taking up this challenge. I am sure this event will be a great success. And very soon, I see our transport will be full soon. 40pax is just nice.

    Please register Issac Ibrahim.

    Participants who are able to help make this event work smoothly, plse let us see see your hand.

    Terence Seah

  8. Those looking for roommate, single supplement pay $23 more. Theres also a deluxe suite with 1 king bed n 1 single bed n a large living room. Each still pay $138 but 3 in a room.

  9. Only $138 (member) $140 (non member) incl 2 way ferry, 1 night stay deluxe rm at M1 hotel, buffet breakfast, 2 lunches, buffet dinner at hotel ballroom with party dance, 2 day transport n tour guide services., a price not to be missed. Ballroom with full height window looking at batam view with outside area for quiet moment n smoking, a place u seldom can find. Lunch menues:
    Seafood at Kelong
    Black pepper crab, steam fish, fried cuttlefish, butter prawn, steam gong-gong,Tipan tahu, Omelette, Shellfish, Belacan kangkong n soft drinks.

    Duck King Chinese Food
    Fried duck, fried fish with honey sauce, squid with salted eggs, Fried Tahu with minced chicken, steam eggs, vegetables, corn soup, fruit juice, rice n Chinese tea.

    Dinner on 10th flr
    Chicken rendang/garlic , fish rica rica/sauce, fried squid, omelette, asparagus soup, mee goreng, vegetables, rice, various kueh, various pudding, fresh fruits, syrup/tea/kopi. Porridge green bean for supper.
    Buffet breakfast at hotel.
    An event not to be missed. Please register early. Thank you all for your support.

  10. Hi Terence/Christine,

    I would like to reserve a table with the following participants:

    Sue Chan (Request a single room supp.)
    Alicia Lim (Request a single room supp.)
    Wong HJ (Tentative)
    Mega A.
    Jimmy Tsin
    Lydia Chin
    George Chew

    Respective payments will be made separately by next Friday.


  11. Wow response fast conning in. The figure todate is already more than 30 with some indicated attending but haven’t post. Thank you Sue, Alicia, Wong HJ , Mega, Lydia Jimmy, George n Howard for your support.

  12. Lynda Kim is head of another table.

    Lynda Lee (member)
    Kwan Yew Kwong Bill (member)
    LOW WAI CHOO ( member)
    Chua Kim Teow Jolly (non member)
    Tang SIEW Leng Evelyn (non member).

    Requirement: 2 double bed and 1 twin bed rooms.

    Payment, will advise.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Terence and Christina

    Please register Angeline Ong (Member) and Jennifer Soh (Guest)
    They prefer a twin sharing room. Payment will be made in due course.


  14. Received $832 from LyndaL for:
    LyndaL, Bill Kwan, LowWC, PehSC — S$552/members.
    JollyC, EvelynT = S$280/non members.


  15. Dear All, I will be soon be updating the Rooming post for 1 night in Batam . If u have specifically stated that your roommate will be XXX , I will enter both names on twin sharing basis. OR you can choose to say e.g. Mega twin or ChrisT triple without providing the other names. In this case I will give the room key to the head of the group. However I need to maintain a record on a confidential basis for my own reference to account for all the participants. If I need clarification I will contact you on private msg.
    To expedite check In, keys will be given to the first name or head of the group on the room sharing post. Thank you for your cooperation.

  16. Hi Terrence and christina
    I managed to retrieve my log in password.
    2 more joining Batam trip.
    Payment done.

  17. Hii. Kindly register us Janet Tham, Peter Lee and 2 guests (who have signed up as members but yet to hear from the Club) for the event. We would like to request for 2 rooms both with twin beds. Thank you

  18. Dear Christine ,

    & ANDREW
    (non member)
    Sharing Room

    1 Guest :
    (non member)
    Needs room mate

    appreciate ;

  19. hohohoho hahahahaha , it been ages since i am gg 2 BATAM YA….HALO CHRISTINE , ve bank in thru my son help ya !!…calling BRO thomas Loh !! over to you now ya !! cheers!
    opps please register me ya !!

  20. Hi Chris/Terence,

    Please register the following members in one table:-
    Sam Goh (already paid)
    Thomas Loh
    Lilian Teo
    Peri Liew
    Lily Lim
    Doreen Ho
    Dorine Tan (tentative)

    Thank you.

    • Hi Peri,
      Payment $552 received in order for:
      Thomas Loh
      Lilian Teo
      Peri Liew
      Lily Lim

      have fun…

  21. Terence, below are my guests joining the trip, all nin members
    1. David Sim $140
    2. Florence Juan $140
    3.Alvin Tan – single supplement $163
    4. Sin Fook Heng & $140
    5. Wife $140
    6. Eddie & $140
    7. Partner $140
    8. Koh Chui Fung, Josephine $140
    ChrisC – I will make payment tomorrow.

  22. Wow, I am excited to see the number of registered participants for the batam event within 3 days from posting. And I am so touched by the tremendous support given to Terence and me. Thank you All.

  23. The committee has released the theme graphic for ‘”One night in Batam”. Created by Christina Pan. We have plans to use this as backdrop too.

    The theme graphic sets a fun and cheerful environment. We hope all participants are able to meet new friends. We encourage you to mingle around.

    Committee: Christine Teo (co_EO), Terence Seah (EO), Christina Pan (Desk registration and showing you to your table), Christina ChanCL (Treasurer), Susan Tan (Registration list), Yoon Chin (Creative support), Mega Abudullah (Master of ceronmony 7pm to 7.30pm). A few more committee members will be added soon.

  24. “One night in Batam” is part of a series of D&D themed in different cities.

    We aim to enable members and SilverHairs to get to know more and new friends. This event is likely to exceed our planned numbers. And our co-EO Christine Teo is making latenight plans to ensure things go smoothly.

    There will be many participants. In order to help us know one another better, we shall have a Whatsapp group for this Batam trip. The objective of this whatsapp group is to know better one another and talk about Batam. We can also use this chat group to find room mates, for those looking to share a room.

    Talk about what to buy, what to wear. Standby your ladies baju and Indonesia. Men’s shirt. And take this Whatsapp chat to be friends before coming on the 30 June.

    Strictly for those on the registered list only. Strictly TEXT chat only. No URL, Pictures, videos.

    On the week before the trip, we shall use this chatgroup to announce any last min or urgent updates. Maybe some will be lost finding their way from MRT to ferry terminal. Have fun.

    To participate, whatapps BATAM to +65 9489 4360.

    Terence Seah

  25. ChrisC – I have made payment of $1141 for my guests 1-7 and also for myself. Transaction ref 8062. Please confirm receipt of psyment.

    • Hi ChristineT,
      Kindly refer to your comments early today:
      1. David Sim $140
      2. Florence Juan $140
      3.Alvin Tan – single supplement $163
      4. Sin Fook Heng & $140
      5. Wife $140
      6. Eddie & $140
      7. Partner $140
      8. Koh Chui Fung, Josephine $140

      Total amount should be S$1143.
      Kindly make good the $2 difference in due time.
      Therefore, shall KIV this payment.

      • Hi ChristineT,

        also your comment: .. for my guests 1-7 and also for myself.
        for yourself = $138 additional.

        The amount indicated paid is not in order.

  26. Two more roles in the Batam committee.

    Stella Sheng joins Batam committee to manage prizes, gifts and prize announcements.

    Howard Yong joins us to play the PR and socialising role. The aim of this role is to assist members to know one another before the tour starts and before our Dinner and Dance comments.

    Welcome Stella and Howard Yong.

    Terence Seah

  27. We will require all participants to submit their names, so that membership will be compared with the database.

    Please ensure your name is in the registration list.

    Terence Seah

  28. For all participants to the Batam trip, we are organising the ferry tickets and purchasing in advance.

    1. Please take a camera copy of your passport page.

    2. Check your registered number in attendance list.

    3. Send via whatsapp a copy of passport page and your attendance registration number to xxxx-xxxx. This number will be advised and will remain confidential to the receiver only.

    Plse standby.

    Terence Seah

  29. Hi Chris

    On behalf of Angeline Ong, I have transferred $178 to your account.
    Ref: 20571274054
    Angeline Ong (member) $138; Jennifer Soh (non member) $140

  30. plse note registration no.
    36. is Dolly Wong and not Dolly Ong
    37. Dolly’ s friend
    also plse allocate twin room to 36 & 37
    I do not see them in the room allocation list

  31. Hi Chris

    Earlier, on behalf of Angeline Ong, I transferred $178 which should be $278.
    Hence I have transferred another $100 to your account. Ref: 20571364956.

  32. “One night in Batam” Rooms IN 30 June 2018
    Hi Christine
    plse amend
    6. James Han to Janis Han
    and allocate a twin room for Dolly Wong and friend
    (registration no 36 & 37)

  33. Hi ChrisT/Terence,

    Please register SusanCH Tan, Ann Lim, Bessie Lam. Will make payment asap.

    Total: 10 members for our group.

    Thank you.

  34. Noted that my name ln item 6 of the updated list is wrong. Should be Janis Han and not James Han. Plse amend your records accordingly.
    I have transferred payment of $138 (Ref 0453) to Christina Chan’s savings acct via Atm today. Plse acknowledge receipt. Tks

  35. Hi Terence/Christine Teo

    Please register Judy Chia (Non Member) who is a friend of Angeline Ong (Member) who has registered and paid up earlier.


  36. Hi, i am back with wifi now. Noted all comments on rooming n new registrations. I thank Ann Lim, Bessie Lam/Susan Tan, Dolly Wong n friend for their support.
    I have lots of matters to catch up and will respond separately.

  37. ChrisC – sorry for the confusion. My payment is for 1-7 n myself. Total $1141.
    Will make payment for Josephine and the rest of my guests this week.

  38. Hi Christine,

    Wong HJ has asked me to inform you that he prefers a single supplement room.

    Separate payments from my table will be transferred in due course.


  39. The Batam registration list is managed by Susan Tan. As our list is getting longer, the committee needs to make sure your name is correctly regiatered., And seated in the correct table. Please check the registration list, your registration number and first and last name.

    At a later date, we will require your passport copy and this will be tallied against the registration number.

    Mr and Mrs, friends and partners, please send in your first and last names. SusanT will be revising the list quickly.

    Terence Seah

    • Thank you, Terence.

      To follow up on your suggestion, let me give members an example of how their names will be arranged:

      No. 20. Bill Yew Kwong KWAN
      No: 58. Susan CH TAN &
      No. 59. Irene POH

      Calling out the following people, kindly update your names according to the above format, thank you.

      No. 31 & 32 (Janet Tham’s guests)
      No. 33 & 34 (Marie & Andrew)
      No. 49 (w/o Fook Heng SIN)
      No. 50 & 51 (Eddie & Partner)

  40. Hi Chris C

    On behalf of Judy Chia (Non Member), I have transferred $140 to your account.
    Ref: 20579146434. Pl check. Thx


  41. Hi Christine Teo

    The following 3 persons wish to be together in a triple sharing room:

    1 Angeline Ong
    2 Jennifer Soh
    3 Judy Chia (Chia Mun Lee maiden name)


    • Hi Mega/ Christina ,
      My table together me , my friends Johnny Tan & Annie got 3 vacancies.
      The following 3 persons wish to be seated together:

      1 Angeline Ong (Member)
      2 Jennifer Soh (Non Member)
      3 Judy Chia (Non Member)
      You are welcome to join my table so that we will have 6 people for that table . Thank you ..
      Bobby Bok

  42. Hi Christina P

    The following 3 persons wish to be seated together:

    1 Angeline Ong (Member)
    2 Jennifer Soh (Non Member)
    3 Judy Chia (Non Member)


  43. Hello Susan CH Tan,

    The following members are seated at my Table:

    13. Sue Chan
    14. Wong Hong Jeng
    15. Mega Abdullah
    16. Jimmy Tsin
    17. Lydia Chin
    18. George Chew

    Hopefully, for those who registered earlier will not be given the tables behind.


    • Hi Sue Chan,

      I’m sure the table arrangement will be handled by a competent person i/c in the committee, who is not me, thank goodness, lol!

  44. Hi Christina,

    Payment of $138 has been tt to your a/c today (18Jun) Receipt No.3828 for NO.59 Irene POH.
    Kindly confirm receipt. Thank you.

    • Hi Terence,
      if your scroll up to your registration, you will see confirmation of your payment on 15June. 😀

  45. Batam chitchat has started. We start about how and when to meet at the ferry terminal HBF. Also how to recognise the group as we are a big group.

    Do keep in touch with your group leader. You can also join Whatsapp +65 9489 4360 so we can be in touch last min announcements, and during the 2D1N.

    Terence Seah

  46. Hi ChristineT,
    As per your earlier registration These are the No. 1-7 participants:
    1. David Sim $140
    2. Florence Juan $140
    4. Sin Fook Heng & $140
    5. Wife $140
    6. Eddie & $140
    7. Partner $140
    6pax @ $140/ea = $840
    3.Alvin Tan – single supplement $163
    Total: $1,003!
    Include 2. ChristineT = $138
    Total received: S$1,141.00!

  47. H Christina Pan,
    Recapped for your Attention and action……….
    Christina Pan on June 14, 2018 at 9:49 pm said:
    Hi christina chan
    plse take note that my guest has just transferred $280 to your account at about 9.30pm on 14.6.18 but she said machine ran out of paper, no receipt

    My reply
    ChristinA Chan (Walking group leader) on June 15, 2018 at 4:03 pm said:
    Hi ChristinaPan,
    Regret that payment did not come through to my account.
    Kindly ask your guest to check as well as your guest(s) names.

    My bank records reflected only one iBanking payment of $280 on 14Jun paid by LyndaLee for her 2 friends.
    No further such an amount received on 14Jun or 15Jun.
    Your action: to check with your friend(s)..?


  48. This Sat 23 June 2018, registration for “One night in Batam” is closed.

    Hotel rooms and ferry tickets will be arranged through the travel agent. Due date for payment: Mon 25 June 2018. No refunds will be allowed after 25 June 2018.

    All those not paid will be moved to a waiting list on 26 June 2018. Table seats not filled will be adjusted.

    Due to closeness of event, appreciate your cooperation.

    Terence Seah

  49. Hi Christine/Susan Tan,
    Thank you for organising & facilitating. I dun mind to have a roommate. However if not available I m happy also to take a single room supplement. Please reserve a front table for my group of 6 as follows:
    10) Bobby Bok
    11) Johnny Tan
    12) Annie Ho
    25) Angelina ONG
    26) Jennifer SOH
    63) Judy Chia
    We look forward to see you all soon. Thank you.
    Bobby Bok

      • Hi Susan, Christina,
        Thank you for the fast response. Christina would appreciate if you could allocate a table preferably at the front for my group of six as follow:
        10) Bobby Bok
        11) Johnny Tan
        12) Annie Ho
        25) Angelina ONG
        26) Jennifer SOH
        63) Judy Chia
        We look forward to see you all soon. Thank you.
        Bobby Bok

  50. Hi everybody, especially the Batam participants.

    Many of us don’t have the experience to organise an overseas trip for 60 to 70 pax. We have been receiving suggestions and comments from all angles. We have a committed committee and we hope you will find “One night in Batam” memorable, among friends.

    All Batam friends, we have a gathering this Sunday 24 June 2018 at OneRafflesPlace at the Foodjunction, 5th floor, starting 1pm. Come and meet fellow members and friends.

    Please note payment due date is Sat 23 June. After 23 June, those NOT PAID will be moved to a waiting list. Rooms, ferry tickets and other arrangements cannot be guaranteed after 23 June.

    The official registration and payment status is on this Post. Do check. TQ.

    Terence Seah

  51. Hi Christina Chan

    I think you overlooked this payment I made on behalf of Judy Chia (also known as Chia Mun Lee) as there is no acknowledgement
    Mega Abdullah on June 18, 2018 at 9:54 am said:
    Hi Chris C
    On behalf of Judy Chia (Non Member), I have transferred $140 to your
    account. Ref: 20579146434. Pl check. Thx


  52. 4 more days to closing of registration and payment. After 23 June 2018, guests who have not paid, will join the waiting list. Please check that payment status against your name.

    And, here’s a video to lead us into “One night in Batam”. The committee looks forward to you enjoy the evening, coming very soon.

    Terence Seah

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