“Malaysia Kelong, an oasis of tranquility nestled among beautiful islands and untouched by modern development, is your ticket to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the rustic charm of a fishing outpost, relax and unwind to the sound of gentle waves and savor the beauty of its amazingly beautiful sunsets……

Go on….engage yourself in some of the most exciting fishing off the coast of Penyabong (north of Mersing, Johor) or simply take a dip at the secluded beach of Pulau Acheh.”

Here we are back to basic again… this year we shall have our  2Day 1Nite FUN TIME at Kelong Acheh  depart on 7th Aug 7a.m. & return on 8th Aug 2p.m.

30 FUNTASTIC  PAX @ S$155.00 per pax full-board inclusive of:

40 FUNTASTIC  PAX @ S$145.00 per pax full-board inclusive of:

1)  Transport: 2-way transfer from Sin-Mersing and Mersing-Sin pick up and                            
      return for 1 point only in Singapore (to be advised).                                                                          

2)  Group Insurance.
3)  All HALAL Food: Lunch, tea, BBQ dinner, supper on Day 1, breakfast and
     lunch on Day 2 before departure from Kelong.  
4)  Hot and cold beverages are provided free-flow throughout the day and night.  

5)  Live fishing bait provided for avid anglers (pls bring own fishing rod otherwise
     rental at kelong would be charged at RM10/set, tackles purchased separately)
6)  Free boat transfer service to enjoy FUN Swimming at Acheh Island.                                                                      
7)  FUN Activities:  Mahjong, karaoke, carrom…. (choice to bring own games, Music               
     CD for those who wanna dance and Karaoke CD for own choice of songs).
8)  Accommodation:  8 FUN dormitories that houses 12 to 20 FUN guests each
     (Choice to Group according to sex or Intermix for FUN). Clean sheets, mattresses  
     and pillows are provided. Fans are also available in the dormitories.
9)  Fresh water which is sourced directly from the hills on Acheh Island is available         
     on taps and in the numerous bathroom/toilets around the kelong for washing, 
     bathing and cleaning…so enjoy a fresh and invigorating FUN Bath as and when
     you please.                                         


  1. Boon Liang (EO)
  2. Yew Kwong (EO)
  3. Janet Chan (co-EO Finance)
  4. Dan Huang
  5. Joy Chuang
  6. Ann To
  7. Alice Teo
  8. Sunny Yeow 

  9. Henry Yip
  10. Cat Yeo
  11. Freda Lim
  12. Alan Bok
  13. Ann Bok
  14. Douglas Chan
  15. Andrew Yeung
  16. Sockie
  17. Karen Thio
  18. Judy Lim
  19. Irene Poh
  20. Lily Ho
  21. Eileen Thean
  22. Maggie Teo
  23. Albert Tan
  24. Molly Chua
  25. Oi Cheng
  26. Daisy Yeo
  27. Gabriella Chua
  28. Maureen Lee
  29. Ah Nee
  30. Susan Chang
  31. Sam Goh
  32. Alicia Soh
  33. Mike Tan
  34. Rene Leong
  35. Kristen Leong
  36. Venika Leong
  37. Margaret Lee
  38. Gwyneth Lee
  39. Caroline Gee
  40. Lawrence Lee
  41. Jessie Lee
  42. Waiting List –

    1. Lai Fong
    2. Norlinda
    3. Rosalind Soh
    4. June Koh
    5. Bobby Bok
    6. Pat Lee GS
    7. Anna Seet
    8. Ivan Lim
    9. Helen Wong
    10. Helen Kuek
    11. Cat Ho SC
    12. Margaret Chan
    13. William Wong
    14. Anne Chee