Music jamming

Hi All,
I am trying to start a group of music enthusiasts who can play musical instruments or sing. If you are ones those I am looking for , please let me know. Thanks

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  1. Hi Bob welcome to SHC, good to hear you are a music enthusiast. I do play the guitar/keyboard/sing with a few other groups/bands here and there .
    You can msg or chat with me at 91519301.

    Good idea we do have a few musicians here in SHC.
    Ron Wie

  2. Hi Bob!!

    Good initiative!

    We (my husband and I) don’t play but love singing.

    Let’s see where this goes eh?

    All the best,

    Doris & Graham Smith

  3. Dear Ron Wee and Bob Mong,

    I am glad that creative and artistic hobbies from performing,listening, watching and appreciating contemporary pop, classical, folk, soft rock, blues, bubblegum, hard rock, Canto-pop, Mandarin-pop allied music still comes alive among interested like-minded folks and members of Silver Hairs Club.

    For your information, there are regular music jamming sessions on Monday evenings at Public Place in Seah Street from 8pm-11.45pm and Sundays Open Mike Singing evening sessions at South Bridge Hotel (nearest MRT is Cross Street Downtown Line) from 6pm to midnight among senior familiar faces of veteran musicians and amateur singers like Johnny, Danny Tan, Alan, Steve, rock and bluesy lyricist and vocalist Maggie, Alfred Wong and spouse who would entertain you with their repertoire of Mandarin pop and English pop contemporary hit tunes of the 60’s to 90’s. Please make an attempt to drop by to the above entertainment spots in the month of September to December as they need your earnest support to keep the fervent spirit alive.

  4. hi there!,i have group which has been performing at Floating stage, one15degree mariner club, british club and will be performing at hard rock cafe on Nov. i play rhythm and sing and would like to jam with you guys.
    whatsapp me at 90623535. thanks!

  5. Hello Bob, do you accept ukelele music into your group? As you might know, I’m trying to start a ukelele group but we’re still learning so I don’t know how we fit with yours.

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