So last year, August, I had surgery done to remove a huge soft tissue tumour from my right thigh. My Dr said it must have been growing for years. I only realize there was a lump when i went for an MRI as it was hurting so bad. Thank goodness it was benign.

I was diagnosed with ostheoarthritis 15 years ago but it was under control but the pain eventually came back. I went for chiropractic treatment but it didnt help. Then a good friend introduced me to dancing then the pain was gone. No kidding. The pain came back only after the soft tissue tumour op. One muscle was removed and then there was only one left. My poor right hip had to work extra hard.
So last week, I had total hip replacement (THR) on my right. Down time 6 to 8 weeks and full recovery time prob 6 months to 12 months, depending on individuals age n strength. So no dancing for time being. Wondering why i MIA? now you know.

I was feeling depressed during those months of pains. Just wanted to have dinner, shower and sleep after work.
I will let you know after 6 months if it was worth going under the knife.

I am not seeking sympathy. Just wanted to share my experience. And feel free to ask me if anyone has similar problem and would like to know more about the procedure.
Lastly, i have not forgotten the baking classes i wanted to conduct. Will set up the dates once i am fully recovered.

In the meantime, take care and enjoy life to the fullest.
Best regards
Caroline aka Carly

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    • Thank you dear Gabriella for your kind words. Will do my best to recover asap. Maybe we can have another teadance when i am fully recovered. You take care too.
      Hugs from Caroline

  1. Carly Deary,
    Mind, is the best medicine !
    With your cheerful n “seow” traits, u wl be well n moving about with no pain soon.
    Stay HAPI for the timebeing ya .

    Be well soon & we go yio-ah-yio, ON bo ?

    Best Wishes,

    • Haha dear Lydia. Thank you for cheering me on. Yes!!! Can’t wait to go yio yio with all of you again.
      Have a fabulous day and hope to catch up soon :)

  2. Dear Carly,
    With your positive approach to life , I am sure you will be able to overcome this temporary setback . Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you Charles. You always have positive and kind words of encouragement for me. Always respect you. Cant wait to be in action again.
      Have a great day!

  3. Oh Carol. I am sorry to hear of the ordeal you had gone 0through. Wishing you speedy recovery. Please rest well and take care. Hope to See you in action soon..

  4. Hi Caroline, we met a few months ago when you told me you are going for the op. Hope you have overcome the pain and is in pink health
    I remembered when we had group karaoke practice to prepare for the 2nd KSL D&D, you bake the fabulous cake to entertain us. The cake melted in my mouth just like the kueh bangkit taste feeling
    I could not forget our Caroline, the baker, as I called. We are still waiting for our baking class to start. Take your time to rest till you are fully recovered
    I wish you a speedy recovery

    • Dear Doreen
      Thank you for your well wishes. I am progressing well and getting there soon.
      Thank you for your compliments. I am looking forward to standing up straight and walk without crutches. Will keep you posted on the baking class when i am ready.

    • Dear Sally
      Thank you and so good to hear from you again. Yes, i shall be working very hard towards full recovery. The nightmare of surgery and initial aches and pains post surgery are almost gone. You have a great weekend!

  5. Hi caroline
    I still remember so clearly how you glided and swirled on the dance floor..couldnt believe you had gone thru so much pain. Please take good care, with physio you should be on your feet in no time..God bless !

    • Thank you dear Maria.
      Looking forward to organising more tea dances when i am ready. Of course hope to see you there. Definitely looking forward to be able to glide and swirl across the dance floor again.
      Take care

  6. I had visited her quite often and noticed her tremendous effort by strictly followed by Doc’s order… Rest assured that she will be a better shape in the next couple of months la… Cheers.. Buddy… Dolly

    • Thank you dear buddy for the regular visits and checks on me. Yes i am very guai. Follow instructions from Dr and physiothetapist to the T (well almost).

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