Actually it’s an excuse to invite you for Tea at my house (near Chinese Garden mrt station) and we’ll be jamming with our ukelele instead of mahjong playing.   Ukelele is also a good brain exercise and not only that, it bonds players together with good teamwork while enjoying the music and singalong.   Practice makes perfect and we’ll be better ukelele players soon and be able to play anywhere at future SHC gatherings.

You will also be guinea pigs for my Tea spread and anything new that I’ll be trying.

This is not a ukelele class  – basically it’s to gather beginners and intermediate players together but we welcome expert players too!

I intend to have it on the first Saturday of the month at 3.00 pm.

If you’re game for this please sign up below and I’ll ask Terence for help to set up a groupchat for us.

Thank you.

Members of Ukelele jamming:

  1. Susan CH Tan
  2. Maria Tan
  3. Yoong Chin
  4. Dorine Tan
  5. Johnny Pow
  6. Susan’s Friend 1 (Jojo)
  7. Susan’s Friend 2 (Sharon)
  8. Joan Ang
  9. Vivian Lai

13 thoughts on “UKELELE JAMMING, ANYONE?

  1. Dear All,

    I think I shall close the registration as 7 is just right for me to accommodate everybody at home. I will create a groupchat and give you the date of our practice/jam.

    Maria Tan, I dont have your phone number – pl email me to give me your phone number and I will add you in the groupchat

    Not to worry if there are others please whatsapp me and I’ll see whether I can add a few more.


  2. Yes, I would like to join you all, if there is still place. I don’t play ukulele but I would like to share , I have a group that playing together every Tuesday.


  3. Dear Friends,

    I really need to close registration though I’d like to welcome more, but there’s a limit to fill my hall space. I hope that those registered will start practising so everybody can play at the same pace together. Don’t need very good skills, just remember the basic chords will do. And the strumming patterns, of course.

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