Coming Down To Earth

I have been living most of my life in private housing.

Now that my children have grown up, its time to plan for me only cos all too soon, my girls will all be married and my three bedroom apartment will be too large for me.

So I made the big decision to downgrade and downsize.  A decision made with no regrets.

My new 3-rm HDB flat is less than 10 minutes walk to the MRT station and the Bus Interchange.  Surrounded by two 24-hr supermarkets and two other supermarkets – spoilt for choice.  Its also located within 5 minutes walk to my favourite wet market and hawker centre.  There are so many hair dressing shops, mani and pedi cure shops, coffee shops that sell yummy popiah and breads, etc, etc.

Also, I pay only $30+ for conservancy charge compared to the $300+ I paid for maintenance at my former place.  Hardly used the pool or the gym.  So not missing much.  I used to look at the big tree and green grass in front of my unit at the condo and now I still have green grass and a big tree in front of my unit but a different type of tree only mah!  It does not matter cos a tree is a tree. But I do miss the cleanliness of the private estate. People there will greet you and hold the lift doors for you.

I used to shop for my household items from the departmental stores.  I did not realise I’ve been ripped off cos I can find similar items at the neighbourhood shops for a fraction of the price – or maybe not but its at least 30% less expensive.  I have come to realise the cost savings and convenience of living in an HDB flat and I was gushing about all the good things in living here.

Then something happened last Sunday.  My sister and I had two bulky items to dispose of so we took the lift.  Then one elderly guy came into the lift.  And then a young man and a lady.  When the lift door opened on the ground floor, I was expecting someone to at least hold the door open for us.  To our dismay, the people in the lift just walked out and away.  Aaargghhhh!  How annoying!

Smelly and dirty floor, inconsiderate people, noisy children playing at the playground, old ladies "bitching and moaning" at the void deck, old man clearing their throats and spitting anywhere they like – have to be extra vigilante in case their missiles land on your feet – whatever.

I guess like what James said, you cannot compare an apple with an orange, or even caviar with duck eggs for that matter.

So I think I will have enough to lead a "good" life to my last day on earth, including funeral expenses.

But most importantly, I am happy living here – noise, urine, spittum and all.



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  1. We live our lives not for others to exclaim in AWE..”Wow! what a nice condo!” or this lady just downgradde from a condo to a 3rm flat! The idiosyncrasies of people all around us.

    The quality of lives do not equate with the ostentation of material possessions. The quality of life is lived when we are at peace with our elements.

    What is the most important aspects of a graceful silver-year retirement? It is the financial strength of comfortable living.
    I did that many years ago from my condo. to my present 5-rm HDB. ..haha, slightly better than Ah Mai. And this is egoistic comparison and is a no-no.

    When an upheaval of later life-living in another environment, many self-adjustment got to be taken into consideration.

    We live in a diversed world of individualism and characterization. We adapt our lives towards our happiness of living and remember we live not for others to see and judge. We live for our wellness and graciousness of existence.

    I hardly goes into Silverhairs nowadays due to my time factor. i was prompted into it by ‘fine dining’ and i chance upon ‘soo-kee’ mai’s write-up on her decision to downgrade to suit her realistic lifestyle without fear nor disenchantment of soothsayers.

    ‘A simple and meaningful life can be a good life’. With a sound financial planning in retirement.

    A sad world is lived with all the greed of “money no enough”. And when one lost too much in their silver years, there will be no turning back!!

    I salute you Ah Mai Caroline…a women of immense moral courage to share the finer points of living. The mantra of change and living is the ability to adapt ourselves to a new life, a new beginning of sort……

    This is my rare contribution for I find a courageous woman speaking from her heart not from her mouth!!!

    Patrick Lee Song Juan

  2. Dear Patrick Ah Koh @ #1

    Thanks for the compliment and looking at me up up.
    Yes, I have learnt to adapt. I downgraded from a huge semi-D to a condo and then to this 3-rm flat. Friends asked me do I feel sad or am I able to adjust and adapt.
    My reply is that I do it out of choice and not by circumstances so its easy to ease into living in a much smaller space. And I agree its for peace of mind.

    Now I return to a cosy home, small it may but its my home. The smile I see on the faces of the little children when I sent over a plateful of homemade waffles to my new neighbours – there are like almost 10 people young and old living in the little apt. I really appreciate my life even more.

    Dear Chris @ #2

    Cant agree more with what you have said.

  3. Dear Chris @ #2

    My laptop has gone bonkers hahaha! It just printed before i am done writing.

    I meant I fully agree with what you have said – its about being happy wherever you live and whatever you do.


  4. Carly

    I hope you save some waffles for us the next time we meet and also don’t forget you promise to let me try your doughnut ‘with a hole in the middle’.

    Don’t worry about the noise, smell and dirt, it is part of our culture. They cannot do you much harm, just ‘seam’. I have to smell chicken shit, cow dung and fertilizers everyday.

    What you have to watch-out are the suave, clean, smart and loving people who would spend all your money and leave you alone to die.

  5. Dear Carly ๐Ÿ™‚

    A house is just a house…be it a big bungalow or a small
    cute HDB flat..most important,it can be called our home-sweet-home la…

    To be a happy person,we must be surrounded with close family & good frens & great neighbours!..we can hang out…cakap2,jalan2 & go for tour every now & then…best rite?..hehe

    I was also thinking of downgrading next time,when the kids have grown up & have their own home…
    Buy small flat,prefably ground floor(no need to climb or take the lift)..easier to maintain & clean ..cos by back ache oredi la….how to do so much housework!..haha
    With extra $$,we can go tour round the world!..ooppss!..i mean, round the kampong!

    Carly…we are all happy when you are happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi Caroline,

    BTW, not all HDB dwellers are inconsiderate or uncouth. I’m living in a HDB flat and I’ve met people who had held the lift for me when they saw me carrying bags of grocery with both hands. The people in my estate are also relatively clean. I guess it depends very much on the estate where you live.

  7. Dear James

    Thanks and well said ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Tian Soo
    A promise is a promise. Will bring you waffles with home made ice cream, and a dough with a hole, when we next meet. I guess you are used to to the dung and fertilizer smell by now. I will get used to it in no time.

    Thanks for the caution! Yes, at this age, dont know love me or love my money (not that I got so much money that they are coming out from my ears, nose etc) heee!

    Norlinda Sayang
    Last para – call you sayang not wasted :)Thats why I decided to be and stay positive and be happy.

    Yes, I feel the same way too. We must be comfortable living in it, big or small. After you sell your house, chia buay liao so you and your hubby can tour the world, not only kampong.

    Employ a maid, she got nothing much to do. Dont employ a maid, we got too much to do. Susah lah apa macam? Downsize lah!


  8. ..a chair is still a chair….
    even when there’s no one sitting there…
    But a chair is not a house, and a house is not a home,
    when there’s no one there to….

    Dear Carly, goodday all,
    Recently there has been talks about ‘aged homes’ & ‘Yunnan’

    Our Chief seems very interested to go & take a look. haha
    who knows, but in the not too distant future, I imagine a group of SHCians community living in a very affordable, clean, and exciting place in paradise call SHC Yunnan Retirement Farm haha.

    In recent lunches with my kakis, inevitably the subject of keeping purposefully occupied in our silver years croped up. Most of us cited how nice it wud hv been if v can be farmers living in a farm. Fresh air. manual work & sunshine keeps us happy & healthy. Of course there wud be internet too hehe.I immediately thot abt SHCians like Tian Soo.

    I imagine how a typical day at the retirement farm wud be like. I imagine Dolly as our farm manager taking roll calls every morning at 8.30am on the duty rosters.

    Dolly will shout out ” SueChan! hv U milked our cows already?!” ” Henry! hv U clean out the pig sty yet?!” and so on & so forth…hahaha

    I imagine healthy organic food for lunches & dinners.

    Cyclying groups can be formed instantaneously, there wud be mahjong games everyday, a gin tonic is just a hello away…..imagine ..imagine…hahaha

  9. Hello Bro

    Your imagination very fertile hor! Did you steal some of Tian Soo’s fertilizer? Hahaha!

    I think Terence is not dreaming only. It actually can become a reality. Yes, I think we will have a lot of fun milking the cows and you can clean the pig sty heee!

    Dolly will definitely make a good farm manager. No nonsense so we get our harvest from the fields and fresh milk and eggs everyday. Tian Soo can be the “Inspector”.

    Dont forget our stereo and karaoke system for the dancers and the singers. No MJ for me. Cant sit for too long on the butt.


  10. Before we further fantasize about running from one bollywood tree to another on the farm, starting an organic farm and sustaining one is no laughing matter; you can pick the financial brains of our farmer and charles chua on this…

    so the easier thing we are doing is to organise 2 weeks to one month type of retreat and farm stay with some side/outside activities for our proper sanity and better sanitation.

    if you read terence seah’s posting on nursing home etc., you would know that we are shouting for folks to come on end February 2011 trip for a group. December date is still in inertia as i do not know if i have the time/energy to have others come with me, especially those that need attention. I will be there.

    anyway, for sure we are working on bringing more folks to eternal spring yunnan next year up to 4 trips a year so that more folks can come and live simply or simply live; to our long life and extended enrichment, enjoying the rich multi-ethnic cultures of yunnan and abundant agricultural produces.

  11. Hi CubCha @#8

    My apologies if you feel offended by my comments.

    Insulting HDB dwellers never crossed my mind. Whatever is said, its done tongue in cheek. I was merely relating my bad experience. Almost all of my sisters and their families are HDB flat dwellers and I have never heard them complain about their neighbours.

    I am just unlucky on that said day ๐Ÿ™
    I hope to someday meet some nice people so that I will feel as lucky as you ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. Hi Feztus

    Yes, count me in for the simple living. But I am still working so cannot stay for too long. Two weeks too long for me cos I get home sick – not kidding. One week is good. The others in the group can stay and I can go home after one week. Please keep me posted. End Feb is fine if nothing comes and disturb my schedule.

    Looking forward to going to “Paradise”


  13. Hi Caroline,

    A pragmatic move. Keep your metal gate locked but open your door so if there’s an emergency, people/neighbours passing by would be alerted. It’s also more windy.

    In which part of S’pore is your new place? Would like to bring a hanging MONEY plant for your corridor space so that it’ll attract money to your place. lol! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Dear Caroline,

    Congratulations for your practical approach to living a happy, simple life.

    You do not have to be a slave to the smaller house with lesser space to clean instead,you’ll now have more time to catch up on more activities that you had previously shelved for want of time. Also, as you have mentioned that even conservancy charges are cheaper. Now with more savings,better spending power,and lesser home maintenance you can enjoy a more relaxed and happy life.

    May you enjoy your stay in this new apt you call HOME.

    Geok Suan.

  15. Weiwei Buddy,
    how come har staying at hdb can change 2 retirement village at Yunnan har.. Aiyo, in China, no nid manager la, everyone wake up 7 early 8 early 1 leh..

    Yeap, Carly, staying at hdb is good cos got lots of subsidy from cheng who lor especially 3room flat lor.. like dat, can save lots 4 other activities lor.. tio bo? Cheers.. Dolly

  16. Dear Jassmine @#16

    I am still in the East. Born there and lived all my life there. Hahaha! thanks for the offer of the Money Plant. But must make sure the hanging wire not too long otherwise if ketok my neighbours head, kena pay money instead of get money heheehe! Maybe its a good idea to just lock the gate and leave the wooden door open. There was an incident when I just moved in. My back was facing the corridor window and I was looking at my apt. I decided to look out of my window and I received a shock when I turned around and saw one of my neighbours who came so close to my window and trying to see what I have inside – her face was almost pressing against my window pane.

    Dear Geok Suan @#17
    Thanks so much for your well wishes. Yes, less area to clean, more time and money saved so more time and money to spend on other things like go lim kopi, jalan jalan and makan makan – how wonderful.

    Dear Dolly Buddy
    Aiya we were talking about living in small place so can have enough money to enjoy until old old. So when talk about old, it has to include retirement village loh!
    Haha get up early and idle is no use so must have farm manager to shout orders otherwise got nothing to eat.
    You are right, waiting to see what cheng who will give for the next round of “hand-outs”. I always get only $200 max so i envy the people who live in 3-rm flats. Now my turn is here heee! Ya lor! Thats why can gau guan many cups of cappucinno at your kopi place. BTW, your cappucinno pass ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. Tan Soo,

    Is your farm still open for visit? You once invited some of us for an orientation and it was an eye oener on farm living. Are you into organic farming or any kind of vegetation?

    It would be a good idea to organise for us member to vist your farm and let us experience a laid back life. How about providing a program for us? Things like wat you are currently planting and wat make you and your wife decided to take up this arduous task of running a farm.

    Good if the program includes helping us to recognise the different types of vegetable and plants and fruits that you are cultivating. How about a night stay and getting those coming to cook for us.

    You heard of the homestay that KTM and the Tourism Board of Malaysia are promoting? Why dun we have it right here without having to step out of Singapore. Things is you may have to provide accomodation, if not then we bring our camping gears, how dat?

    As Henry pointed our, we could learn to milk the cows and clean the loo. If you dun have any cows or goats, we can make do it on the dogs and cats, haha!


  18. Carly, I live in a 5 roomed HDB flat and the view I get from my living room window is of private housing – terrace houses/bungalows and condominiums. Those living there faces HDB flats! *tickled pink*

    In addition, when it comes to living space I have a big kitchen area whereby 5 people can easily hang around there without knocking into each other. The kitchen is my haven in my home.

    I’ve visited friends’ condo apartments and it’s always the same kitchen layout that appalls me. Soooo small! Of course there are some condos that have bigger kitchen area but so far from what I’ve seen, none beats mine. The other HDB estate that has spacious kitchens is in Simei.

    Like everyone here said, it’s not so much of WHAT kind of housing you live in. What’s important is that the place you reside in is HOME. And home is where the heart is.

    You’re practical, Carly. The immense savings you get from downgrading can allow you to stretch your dollars further.

    Kudos to you woman!


  19. Hi Caroline #19

    I’ll feel sorry for the hanging money plant if it got ketok by a human head! lol.

    Could you e-mail me your address ( i’ll go explore your territory one day in Nov. If you’re not in (i’ll probably go on a weekday afternoon), it’s ok. Depending on the situation, i may borrow a chair from your neighbours and hang the plant up if there’s a hook or i’ll leave the plant with your neighbours.

    Ayoh, i’m getting excited thinking about bringing the plant over! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Dear Ros

    Kitchen is also my favourite place in the house. Yes, my previous apt’s kitchen is like a chicken coop. Can only have one cook and one helper at any one time. My current kitchen is more spacious and I like ๐Ÿ™‚
    As we grow older, we thinkg of ways to stretch the dollar. Thanks!

    Jassmine Dear

    My neighbours (only one family need to walk pass) are not very tall. So should be quite safe.

    Let me go home and check if there is a hook outside. I think I removed the nails which were in the ceiling along the corridor. Thanks very much. Me looking forward to the money plant and the “windfall” that may come with it heee!
    Pls check your email for my address and mobile number.


  21. Dan #20

    I think whoever or whatever created human, have a mean sense of humour. He place the most pleasurable part of our body next to where the shit comes out.

    It is the same with farms, they are nice to look at in pictures but when you are there, they are hot and humid. Flies are everywhere and the mosquitoes sucks your blood and leave disease germs into your blood stream. Not to mention the smell.

    People like me accepts the negative parts of the farm because I think even the most beautiful women in the world also comes with smelly parts.

    But people like me are scarce. Most people who have been to real farms know better and stay away. I don’t want to surprise and disappoint the others.

    Anyway, if my wife see all the beautiful girls from SHC she may stop me from joining SHC activities. How?

  22. Hi Carly

    if you’ve time (and passion) try to volunteer at the RC and be a grassroot leader – you can make a difference to your blocks/constituency

  23. Hi Caroline

    We probably have not met, but never mind that.

    When you want to remove any bulky items from your flat, you can call Town Council and they’ll remove for you FOC – up to 3 items per month. (I’ve also down-graded from landed to 3.5-room almost 4 years ago.)

  24. Hi Tian Soo at message #24:

    I am one those of people who missed farming. I was born into a farming family. My mother started rearing chickens before I was born. She proceed later to rear pigs, crocodiles, ducks etc when we got our own farm which was about 12 acres in area. I have to admit at one time we hate to be born into a farming family when we have to help in the farm 365 days a year even when we have started our career after our studies.

    Fortunately or unfortunately when the government decided to ban pig farming we finally convinced our mum to give up farming although she decided to focus on chickens and orchids farming. It take us almost 5 years to persuade the land office through our MP to take back the lease and provide us with compensation.

  25. Hi Caroline,
    Moving to a new place to stay has always been exciting for me, good to know that it has been for you too. I came out to stay on my own in my late 20s motivated by many dreams and ideas. Btw no, my neighbour didnโ€™t turn out to be a beautiful woman, he was a huge and scary man .. haha. In time, I decided that staying on my own, afforded me much freedom and private time to pursue many opportunities.

    Today, I was looking at an old red packet, pasted on top of the whiteboard in my study. I canโ€™t remember who gave it to me but I know its significance. It was there to remind me that life have been fantastic (to me) even if there are challenges at times. Thought I share this personal note to anyone in need of a hug.

  26. CANNOT SLEEP. Just feel like writing. Let me join in this fun – or fray – as I have had the honour – or horror – of staying in a semi-D house, a high-rise condo and a HDB flat (not necessarily in this order).

    Semi-D: Yes. Semi-detached, and what a name? Indeed, the everyday nightmare is the wall separating 2 units. If you have neighbours on both sides, you have 2 walls and your problems are doubled. Common problems are overhanging branches that donโ€™t belong to you but apparently aiming at your head. Then there are unexplainable โ€œUFOsโ€ landing in your compound. If your house is old, the pipes, the cables, the insects and the rooftop are constant fuel for disputes. Things are not so straightforward โ€“ and the lawyers are always waiting for business from bickering dwellers. Then the road just outside the house – those who have more than one car will know what I mean.

    ADVANTAGES ? Landed-property. High asset value. Belong to the โ€œrare speciesโ€ of private house owners in Singapore.

    High-Rise condo : It is a mini United Nations. Many of the residents are temporary boarders from all over. Yes short term expatriates who pay to enjoy the features and functions of the facilities. The Management is conscious of this and hence it is run more like a hotel than a home. People are generally more courteous and law-abiding but there are exceptions. Once I saw a not-so-young couple running straight from the swimming pool into the lift. They were clad with the bare minimum, the woman clearly flaunting the tips of her ice-berg while the man showing the tip of his vice-bird. Pretty sight some may say but it was YEECH for me. Then there were dogs everywhere โ€“ in the lift (see them every day), at the cafeteria, car park, swimming pool and even the gym.

    ADVANTAGES ? Swimming pool, gym, cafeteria, security guards, guaranteed car park space.

    HDB โ€“ Welcome to the heartland. The sight, sound and stench are unmistakably HDB. People throw rubbish around the rubbish bin, not into it. Ah Pek smokes inside the lift and spits anywhere. All kinds of rubbish stacked up along the corridor. What is junk to one family is jewel to another. FIGHT for a car park space every day, after having paid 3 months season parking. The town council is damn โ€œhard workingโ€. The โ€œBlangahsโ€ are all over the place every day, doing donโ€™t know what and making a lot of noise. Insurance agents, ice-cream sellers, charity workers, window repairers etc are your frequent visitors, not forgetting the flyer-distributor who boldly pushes the flyers through your metal gate when you are standing right there.

    ADVANTAGES ? The supermarket, library, bank, post office, food court and MRT station โ€“ they are just a minute-walk away. What more could we ask for as far as convenience is concerned?

    So there we are โ€“ dwelling delights and displeasure in Singapore. Of course, this is only my personal experience. However, there is one thing that I can safely conclude โ€“ that is, kindness begets kindness.

    Many times we quietly expect somebody to do something (common-sense what!!!) and when the person does not do it, we become irritated, repulsive and even hostile, Our โ€œbuay songโ€ face is clearly displayed and the other party naturally reciprocates. MORE โ€œbuay songโ€ lah.

    Easier said than done, but if we just open our mouth and politely request for assistance, I believe the recipient will gladly oblige; never mind if he is a millionaire tycoon, a foreigner or the ah dee ah kow we surreptitiously despised.

    LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR. Not easy hoh? Try lah!!

    ok…try to zzzzzz

  27. Dear Frisna @#25

    Will do so after I have fully settled down at my new home. At the moment nursing some health issue so when the time is right, it will be all system go. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Seok Cheng @#26

    Thanks for the information but my contractors have moved all the bulky stuff after renovation.

    Dear Steven @#27

    Thanks for highlighting on the cost involved.

    Dear Hou Chong @#29

    A new place is always very exciting because you dont know what to expect and surprises come in big and small doses, good and bad. Thats what make life interesting. Haha so you got a big scary surprise! You are one luckky fellow ๐Ÿ™‚

    So now that your marmalade are all sold out, and there will nothing left to sell at your table, maybe you can set up a “A Hug for a fee or for free” – you choose.

    I will definitely patronise your stall.

    Dear Daniel @#30

    Thanks for sharing.

    We were very lucky cos we had a very good neighbour on our right. On our left was a vacant house which looks quite eerie but it does not bother me cos the owner has someone to come and cut the grass. Our house was fully renovated and we did not ask our neighbour to pay for the beautiful fence we built so no issue. In fact, everyone in the neighbourhood were very nice people.

    At the condo where I used to live, there were many local and expat families and the residents were quite well behaved. Of course you get screaming children playing in the swimming pool and you get dogs barking.

    HDB, ah the convenience to all the amenities makes it easy to accept whatever unpleasantaries that come with it. Its true we take things for granted and we expect. Maybe its because its in us that we would have done it without being asked so we expect others to do the same for us. Too presumptious on my part.
    You are right! Maybe I should have asked for help in holding the lift door open. The problem is as soon as the door is opened, they are out in a flash ๐Ÿ™ This is a lesson learnt that people cannot read our minds.

    No, no, there is no discrimination on race, language or religion. When you smile, people think you are “gila” and if you dont, they think you are proud. Very susah hor?

    But whatever it is, life is about learning, adapting and accepting. Its a matter of getting used to it. So if the next time I see someone with the “buay song” look, I will smile at the person.

    Cheers Everyone and have a nice week ahead


  28. Many years ago, after working 14 years outside of Singapore I decided to return home.

    My bosses bought me lunch at a posh restaurant to find out what is bothering me. I cannot explain but this image of me sitting at a HDB coffee shop, next to a wet market,having may breakfast and watching the families going about their daily chores, somehow give me a sense of ease and comfort. I feel I belong here with my shorts, singlet and sleepers. All the spitting, noise and dirt is part of me.

    I just returned from a kopitiam just now. There was a group of mature men, some talking quite excitedly, while others sit back with an expression like they have heard the story many times before. One old couple was eating breakfast by themselves without exchanging a word, obviously they have got out from the wrong side of the bed this morning. Like conjoint twins, till death would they part. A kid refuse to eat his food. There were many foreigners whom I have not accept as our own yet.

    I ask myself. Is this what I come back for? All I know is, it is better than cooking beacon and egg in a warm kitchen looking at 4 grey walls and the cold outside.

  29. Dear Tian Soo

    How I envy you.

    Guess after I fully retire, I would love to sit in a kopi tiam, have my fried bi hoon, luncheon meat and all.

    Drink my teh-C and people watch. I will take kopitiam over a stylo mylo cafe anytime.

    So the next time you need company for a kopi tiam tete a tete, do call me and I will bring my dough with a hole ๐Ÿ™‚


  30. Thanks, Caroline, for that humble reply. You have undoubtedly demonstrated what you’ve had suggested, “Coming Down to Earth”.

    I agree with you about that “gila” feeling. Indeed, I feel like a fool when I smile at somebody inside the lift and an expresionless face see me as transparent. Not so attractive perhaps, so it can be painful when “down to earth”, ha ha. But to be fair, there are others – especially the older folks – who do respond.

    I always tell myself, “the world is a huge stage and everybody has a part to play. So take it easy if somebody is rude, because he is just playing his designated role. Thank goodness there are nice characters around us too”.

    Cheers !! Happy Deepavali to ALL

  31. Dear Daniel

    No man is an island. Sometimes, if we need to kowtow, we kowtow. No two ways about it.

    It takes all kinds to make the world. Otherwise, life would be so boring right?

    Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

    Life is beautiful. I made dau iu bak for one of our lawyers and he bought me a lovely piece of scones from Wild Honey and its so yummy. See when you are nice to others, they will be nice to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Thats the way to go.

    Its the long weekend! All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go….home ๐Ÿ™‚


  32. Dear Jassmine

    Thanks very much for the lovely pot of Money Plant.

    It makes my home very welcoming ๐Ÿ™‚

    And not to worry about anyone the plant cos its well positioned.

    I will remember to water the plant cos I am famous for turning my plants brown.


  33. Hi Caroline,

    My pleasure. Your sis did a good job finding a good spot for the plant. Thanks for the delicious cup cake and coffee – an unexpected treat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Hi Carly,

    Good move. As we get older, we don’t really need such a big place to stay. What’s impt is having good friends, good food and good company, everything else is secondary. Come to think of it, what’s the use of having all the facilities and not usng them yet having to pay thru the nose for them.

    When the time comes, I’m also thinking of down-grading but most probably moved to M’sia and retire with the rental I can get eventually. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay in your new abode and with all amenities nearby, things couldn’t be better as one goes gets on with age – no need to walk too far, hehehehe………… Best wishes, Lisa

  35. Hi Lisa

    Good to hear from you again. You pop up every now and then when we least expect heee!

    Yes. What you have mentioned is why I made the decision. Since I have all daughters, I dont think their husbands will want to live with me after they are all married. In fact they encouraged me to make the move so it makes my decision easier.

    You are right. It gets more difficult to walk briskly for long distances – bones creaking and back bending.

    Take care and best wishes from me to you too.


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