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(This Post and idea were conceived and written on Nov 2010,  7 years ago.  I must admit we had limited but natural organic success,

SHCians who have been with the club for a number of years will know that we have always been on the lookout for matchmakers.  To avoid misunderstanding, the role was create with no intention to match-make boys with girls, or vice versa.

I had used this role name in the club to facilitiate the match making of members with similar interests.  For example, a new member has joined the club, and is interested to find other friends with interests in tree climbing.  Well, the match-maker will then look around his/her contacts in the club and introduce the like-minded members together.

The criteria to be a Match-mater are:

  1. Has been with SHC for at least a year.
  2. Is an active participant in this forum, and known to other members.

The tasks are:

  1. To take care of new members (20 new members), as assigned by the club.
  2. To assist the new members with finding their interest and participating in the activities.
  3. To constantly keep in touch with these new members.

So, if you are keen to take up this role, please raise your hand.  I will then be in touch with you; and you will be assigned new members.  Initially, I am looking for 5 match makers.

Terence Seah

24 thoughts on “SHC matchmakers

  1. “….the role was create (sic) with no intention to match-make boys with girls, or vice versa……I had used this role name in the club to facilitiate the match making of members with similar interests”.

    Ok, Terence, while you are quick to clarify it as not to be a “match-making”, unless the common interest pursuit is restricted to folks of the same gender, the real possibility of it being self-fulfilling lurks large. Despite what it says it isnt is, the subconscious mind will continue to reverberate what match-making is, esp when a hottie meets a hungry. But of cos, the saving grace will still be the disclaimer.

    But who cares when it really happens, as has already happened and is still happening.

    However, what I fear is : if the match-maker is a champion of gore and gossips, the interest he leads will be more potent and lethal than on breeding a group of terrorists………

  2. Today is a holiday; and for those who have some time, please consider taking up the role of match-maker. You dont have to go around looking for new members, I shall introduce them to you. Only thing is you have to be committed to be friendly, smiling, and cheerful.

    And, Tim, I too agree that whatever outcome comes out from a relationship, it is only normal and human. Our objective is still the same, provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new friends, also more friends. We haven’t been too successful with you; but I shall have my fingers crossed.

    So, potential match-makers, dont be shy.

    Terence Seah

  3. Good to know that you too celebrate this holiday Downunder.

    “When there’s a will, there’s a way” is a truism as old as history.

    So unless, I am willing and willed to, no matter what you cross – fingers, legs, 2 strings of garlics – or even tie yourself to a “X’ like that superhero X-man, it’ll be in vain.

    Nonetheless, I think your’s is a novelty idea. As you’re game for it, you have my blessings that it will bear fruits……..bearing fruits in 1 more meaning than is obvious, Huh?

    And I can help you as an agent provocateur if there’s a need for it.

    Btw, what is a “match-mater” for which you hv set the criteria? Some kind of a meter to measure performane (virility?)…or what?

  4. halo chief terence ah ,

    i am wondering ,if i can be a kaypo ah sam huat bo har ??

    hahahha , yes i kar kar raise my hand to see if maybe i can match tim liu ah kor with me lor….
    ok serious note…yes will help u out & hope 2 make some good result lah…
    sam huat huat huat

  5. Hi Sam #4,

    You are the first person to raise your hand to be an SHC match-maker. I shall be in contact with you soon. I am be putting those who have joined SHC in Oct 2010, under your group. Take care of them, make sure they come to our monthly gatherings, help them know who are the people in our club and help them find their interests.

    Now, I am still looking our for 4 more match makers.

    Hi TimL #3,

    I dont know what is an agent provocateur; but I accept your service. I can only assume you will recommend me some matchmakers. I thought I made a mistake in my spelling. No such word as match-maters.

    Terence Seah

  6. Haha, Sam, I am sure we make a good match, perhaps not so much as teaming up as match-makers. Probably in a skit. an impromptu, without any rehearsal cos I am sure we can express better undictated by a script. We will have it in Hokien, Cantonese, Mandarin and Angmoh. On our day, think we can give Wangsa and Yehfung’s “di ah ah gak ah gak jiu hor liao hor……..” and their a-go-go danz, a match.

    Terence, so the need of an agent provocateur has not arisen since you dont know what it is. I shall wait then.

    I have no name to recommend but think Cat-Y’s eat-n-eat without adding meat is a feat. King-S has what it takes to be one, Ivan-L blends better than a blender, Charles-W can walk up a tree reading a book at the same time……..

    These are not recommendations. They are the creame de la creame in their realms. And, as far as I know, none belongs to 369 or 007.

  7. Hi TimL and SamG,

    Since both of you have volunteered, and good at entertaining us with an impromptu skit, I shall take note. Someday, either I or some EO will use your service. Dont forget to do it in multiple languages.

    Terence Seah

  8. Terence, sure. It was my thought and if Sam-G does oblige, a skit it will be.

    Btw, if I am lost in town later this afternoon, might stumble into the Bras for some milk…………….

  9. Hi Terence

    seem like you’re delegating responsibility of a PR into 5 hands. if i’m qualified for criteria no.2 then i’m raising my hand to help…

  10. ah tim liu as ah san as ah pui..di wei ah gak ah gak jiu hor long time never hear this phrase liao…

    u , swee swee i also swee swee lah…ho sei liao hor , finally our chief wan a SHC 1st gila gila impersonateing nite production…good idea bo har ???

    carly ,u be the cowgirl…act n sing rhinestone cowboy song can..cos u ve very solid voice…den lily jie with her so beautify look can join in de MISS SHC contest.

    our senior t.s must be de joker director lor….nor & ah nee de bluur blurr queen lor..who else har ???

    sam huat huat huat

  11. Hi Frisna #9,
    Thank you for raising your hand as a match-maker (Group 2). Next,I shall allocate you a group of SHCians who have joined us in Sep 2010. Will be in touch with you.

    I have always believed that match-makers are a great way for the club to keep in touch with members, and also a good way to encourage new members to get to know more people. You will enjoy it.

    For general info,and as of today, we will need 350 match-makers keep in touch with all registered members. I am game to hear ideas how to manage this size.

    See update on SHC key holders.

    Terence Seah

  12. Sam-G, read yr response earlier but had to rush to attend a prize presentation so can only reply now.

    Thanks for agreeing to do a skit together when the time comes.

    To my mind, it’ll be a cross-talk. Will chat on events/affairs current at the point in time, such as, if it takes place now, how to motivate local street urchins to annihilate international terrorists since these lads fight and for as miniscule a reason as staring…..and to be stared by terrorists (usually ugly) will certainly fuel a massacre.

    Then, these boys will be counselled to grow up as good loving adults, haha.

    Back to the main of this thread. Nice to see another volunteer in Frisna. She certainly has organisational skills and should make a good mentor as well.

  13. Frisna, why thank me for ehst you richly deserve? Pls take care of your charges and dote on them – that’s all i ask of you.

    Match for me? No, I use lighters, those selling for 20 cents apiece and each lasts me for 3 months, almost can match Dupont.

    Am not looking FOR anythg at the moment. Looking AT a book and reading it. First read ???? when I was 10. A revision at 54 is very different.

    ??????????????????????????? ??????????????? ?????????????????????????

  14. A number of SHCians have volunteered to be Event Organisers (EOs). Without them, SilverHairsClub would be borning, without activities and without fun. These are the members who wish to see other members happy, in good company and make new friends. I hope members who have not organised any monthly gathering or event, can learn and pick up some tips on doing their share for the club.

    Then, there are the Event Coordinators. They are the ones that share with other SHCians their private activities. They invite other members to join their fun, time and secrets. I like this group, because they are doing a part for the club. They enjoy the activities organised by the EOs or other ECs; and in return, they organise or share their activities with fellow members.

    Then, there are those that participate in the club’s forum. They are active, , a real fun, with sharing and caring. Do share, and SHC will be a great place to meet new and more friends. Dont be shy.

    If you like to meet new friends, and maybe help a small group of 10-20 new members integrate into the club, a fun place for the over 45s, be a match-maker.. I shall look forward to you raising your hands up.

    And, if you have never organised an activitiy for fellow members, about time you consider. Be an EO or an EC. I look forward to seeing your name in the list of convenors; something which I have picked up from Henry Yip, during once of our focus meetings. As a member, it would be nice if you just organise one activity during the lifetime of your membership.

    Terence Seah

  15. SilverHairsClub has been toying with the idea of Match makers, since the first day the club went live. No, the intention is not to help look for partners of the opposite sex; but more to help new SHCians find other partners with similar interests.

    We have given the SHC match maker idea a remake. To start with, we have Sam Goh, who is incharge of a grouop of new members who have joined us in Oct 2010. And we have also Frisna Tan, who is the match maker for members joining us in Sept 2010.

    I have been watching the communications within the groups; and I am now more confident that this is a good direction to pursue ie having a more senior member looking after a group of less senior members.

    Please let me know if you like to be a SHC match-maker. I will allocate a group, size between 10 and 20.

    Thank you Frisna and Sam.

    Terence Seah

  16. Richard Wong joined SilverHairsClub in Nov 2009. He has been active both at participating in activities, and getting members to know one another better.

    Today, Richard Wong is a SHC match maker, and he will be looking after a group of members who have joined us in Aug 2010. Thank you Richard for taking this effort and time to integrate new members to the club.

    And, if you are keen to take up this role of a SHC match maker, feel free to let me know. And if you are thinking what you can do for the club, this is one way you can contribute to the club, and making other members feel welcome.

    Have fun with the role of Match maker. The other match makers who have raised their hands are Sam Goh and Frisna Tan.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi Richard Wong
    Please refer Terence’s #17. You have been bestowed the position of a match maker and you will be looking after a group of members who joined SHC in August 2010. I belong to this group.
    Presently I would like to discus with you on an event of which I am the EO. Please let me have your email. Your expediency on this matter would be much appreciated.
    My email is

  18. Picking up the role of a SHC Match maker is Margaret Tian. She has kindly consented to look after a group of about 20 people. Those who joined SHC in July 2010 will come under her wing. Thank you Margaret.

    If you like to contribute to the success of SHC, do think about being a SHC Match Maker.

    Terence Seah

  19. When we first considered the role of match-makers, the intention was for the match-makers to assist new members find other SHC members with similar interests, and helping them integrate into the club. Perhaps, it’s the name of this position. We did not have success, not with members wanting to help out or even with members wanting to participate in this project. So, we now dropped the designation of match-makers.

    We have just sent out our monthly updates, and this time, the focus is on help new members get introduced to other members or senior members. The response was good.

    What has happened is that Joy Chuang has responded to the call of “Why some members do not join SHC activities?”. She wrote to me to offer assistance with helping new members integrate into the club, helping them to register for activities and basically getting to know other members. She suggested a role of “Befriender”.

    I thought this was a nice gesture, and coming from a senior member, I thought it would be nice to follow up the offer. So, for October 2011 news update, we offered Befriender to those members who have never participated in our activities. The result has been been good, and so far 15 members have requested to participate in the programme.

    Thank you Joy for this suggestion. Unlike Matchmakers, I hope Befrienders will be a better name and will attract more similar likeminded members like Joy Chuang to help new and shy members.

    Joy will be busy for some time. I hope more members will take up this role to help 10-20 new members. This is a great way to know more people.;

    Terence Seah

  20. Hmmmm….interesting to read something so alluring so close to the auspicious day, namely CNY. Digging out the exchanges among members some 8 years ago is both reminiscent and refreshing. How time flies. We should be more rejuvenated in our thoughts now – or retarded – as the case may be.

    Has anyone wondered how the word “match-making” was derived? Perhaps when you, the match-maker, rubs two “objects” together, it creates a spark and then it either provides warmth to a chilling abode or adds fuel and fume to an otherwise tranquil habitat. In any case, the match maker should not be responsible for the outcome, fiery or otherwise.

    Match-making, in our definition of course does not serve to attain either of these outcomes as it is but a suggestion to do something for members at large. Call it co-operative coupling if you wish. Playing with words can be fun. While I sometimes help in a child care centre, I cannot see myself in a position to entice seniors to join activities, apart from pulling them together to eat and drink. Climbing trees, anybody?

    This platform, as well as the many WhatsApp groups created should have, to a certain extent; gathered like-minded people together. There is a Chinese saying, “you can bring the cow to the water but you cannot force it to drink”. Applies to bulls too.

    Talking about drinks, beer anybody? Call me, email, FBmessage, text, tweet, wechat, whatsapp or whatever. When there is a will there is a way. And the first bottle (per participant) is on me. Lets call it match-fixing.

    Gong Xi Fa Chai. Happy New Year. Cheers.


  21. A number of members have volunteered to support the the SilverHairsClub, in the background. And I am very appreciative, for without them, I would be overwhelmed with administrative work to keep SHC going.

    From time to time, I like to share who they are. Managing Club membes passwords do seem a simple process. But, indeed many members keep losing their passwords or have forgetten what they were. This is a time consuming job; and over the last few years, Yoon Chin, our Club Admin, has been managing this well. She is a lot more patient than me. Thank you Yoon Chin.

    Over the years, I have not been able to find a way to collect payments. I had wanted to implement a digital self payment system. This didn’t go well with many of our technically less savvy members. So, we had a manual system. ChristinA Chan volunteered to be our Treasurer. She had the accounting experience and she is neat, tidy and principled. Well, you have seen her at work. She not only collects; she chases too, Christina is perfect with this role. I would have been lost trying to figure out whether members paid $10 or $11. This explais why we have been more confident to move ahead with EO activities.

    We have two more and I shall talk more abou their roles later this month.

    Terence Seah

  22. There are many Group Leaders GLs in SHC. They usually have between a couple of friends to between 30-40 in a group, and have their own activities and conversations. I am unable to respond every member, but I like to offer all GLs a direct channel to me and our supporting committee.

    As a GL, you will be regularly briefed on the future club thinking, future events and changes. If you and your team have an activity in mind, you can be sure of my full support. I am also most open to hear your feedback and suggestions.

    I hope this will help to make a more successful social club in Singapore. Please contact me at WhatsApp +65 9489 4360 if you should to be a GL.

    Terence Seah

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