Looking for roommate, travel to Malaysia

My name is Alan Ang join SHC Since the club started. A retiree but sometime working for pocket money I seldom joint the club activity. I like cycling’swimming’ travel and sighting I use to driving to Malaysia free and easy on budget planning. I’m looking for a roommate and altogether 3 or 4 travel members to tour with me to Malaysia. The cost will be shared among all members I will provide free driver and car while for food I would like to spend individually because I like to eat to myself which the food I like. if anyone interested regardless man or woman can contact me. Purely for the tour only no monkey business related. Thank you to SHC administrator if allow me to post to the club website
Alan Ang

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About Alan Ang

I am a retiree, formally, I worked in Singtel(Telecoms Radio Station) for 34 years, but still work as part time once a while for some pocket money, I like travels, driving to noways, jogging, swimming and karaoke and coffee chats etc.......

12 thoughts on “Looking for roommate, travel to Malaysia

  1. Hi AlanA,

    The Club always supports members’ travel interest. I am glad you open up your Malaysia driving interest to fellow members. Keep telling us about your plans, and I am sure there will be guys and gals ready to join you.

    Terence Seah

  2. Good Afternoon, Alan Ang,
    I am interested. I prefer 2D/3D Trip.
    I liked very much your comment ” for food I would like to spend individually because I like to eat to myself which the food I like”. I also like individual billing.

  3. Francis, yours are most welcome! Indeed.
    I’m usually don’t like to follow the tour agency because I hate shopping and very early wake up in the morning. I’m intended to go Sky-Mirror beach Malaysia for a few days and using my car free and easy sighting tour but my car can not accommodate more passenger. If anyone wants to drive his/her car will be better otherwise I can only carry 3 passengers including myself 4, very sorry indeed! If you don’t mind I will add you to my chat group thanks
    Alan Ang

  4. Hi Alan. I am interested. Please keep me in the loop. Do let me have your email address, so that I can give you my mobile number.
    TQ for organising this. Have a great day.

    • Jacqueline Han
      Thank you so much. Yours are welcome to join me with Humbly budget travel chat group.
      My email Adress:angchiqui@yahoo.com.sg.
      Alan Ang

  5. Hello, my dearest SHCians Those who have the motive of doing business please quit my Humbly Budget Travel group. My group just purely travels eating and sightings So are hard to make a profit from this group.
    Alan Ang

  6. Dearest SHCians
    Thank you for your support for my Humbly Badget Travel Chat Group.
    My Group has only a small capacity of group chat.
    I have enough members already.
    I regret I have to force to close the application to join my group now.
    Your’s Humbles
    Alan Ang.

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