Prom Nite 2011 …. continuation

Hi Everyone

An update on the Prom Nite 2011.  A brief update with more coming in January 2011

Date:          26 March 2011 (Saturday)

Time:          6pm to 11.30pm

Venue:        Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Price:          TBA

Please block out the date in your calendar for the event.  We hope that you will all come to enjoy this mega event.

More information will be provided after our next meeting, in the second week of January.

P.S.  Please do not listen to hearsay about the price of the tickets as we have yet to agree on it.  And no, the hearsay price is incorrect.  We are looking at the costs involved and will be able to come up with the ticket price by mid January.

Many people have come up to me to ask if the price they heard is true.  Please rest assured that my committee and I are committed to charge a fair price for the event so that more members will be able to enjoy the party.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more information.



4 thoughts on “Prom Nite 2011 …. continuation

  1. Hi Jodie

    Thanks for your proposal but I already have a band for the night. Aiya, if you have been more active, then you would have informed me earlier.

    However, I do hope that you can come to the party.


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