Singing and Dancing the Blues Away – January 28, 2011 (Friday)

We are glad that all of you present last night have a whale of a time. There’s so much fun and meeting of new friend. As usual there will be karaoke singing, dancing. This time round we are able to cater to a bigger group.emoticon

Venue: Ez4u Dance Studio, 169C Selegie Road 

Time: 7.30pm – 11.30pm

Cost: $10.00 –  Come with 2 bottles of soft drinks and finger snacks with complimentary 4 bottles of wines from Jeffrey and Dan. You are at liberty to bring your own liquor.

Please pay to Irene’s POSB Savings Account 104018149 by 26 Jan 11.

Free parking after 5.00pm at URA carpark next to the former Rex theatre.

EOs, Dan, Jeffrey n Ireneemoticon

Limited space please register early.

Coming :-

  1. Dan – Paid
  2. Joy – Paid
  3. Jeffrey Gan – Paid
  4. Irene Gan – Paid
  5. Gabriella – Paid
  6. Richard Kee
  7. Jane Kee
  8. Jeremy Lee – Paid
  9. Peggy Lee – Paid
  10. Bobby Bok – Paid
  11. Lydia Chin
  12. Edwin Tan – Paid
  13. Thomas Loh – Paid
  14. Sam Huat – Paid
  15. Lily Ho – Paid
  16. Dolly Lim – Paid
  17. Lim Kok Eng
  18. Catherine Lim 
  19. Debbie Oh – Paid
  20. More, more, more!

62 thoughts on “Singing and Dancing the Blues Away – January 28, 2011 (Friday)

  1. Hi Terence,

    I have checked with Jeffrey pertaing to the permit. According to him a permit is not required if it is run by a private group like Silverhairs Club.

    To meet the requirement no percentage of the collection must go to the club and all the pool monies must be paid out. Jeffrey has done the Tombola session on a few ocassion without any issue.

    We will play safe by checking with the relevant authority or perhaps our legal counsel Tim would care to shed some light on this?


  2. Hi Dan,

    Thank you for the clarification. My position is if you are organising a Tombola night, under the name of SilverHairsClub, I am afraid I am not able to give you any approval.

    However, I would leave the activity to you and JeffreyG, if it is a private event, organised by both of you.

    Terence Seah

  3. Dan, my forte is in corporate and shipping laws

    I am not familiar with the legislations (complicated by subsidiary legislations which might contain exemptions) governing lotteries and wagers, which are regulated, and the relevant licences/[permits issued, by the CID.

    Nevertheless, my gut feel is that tombola comes under “private lotteries” so do do it safe by checking with the CID.

    The CID can be reached at 68350000. Ng Boon gay has just left but you dont hv to reach him.

    I can however assure all that the buying of the CID numbers in any 4-D combination isnt an offence and wont require a permit but you will have to buy from the Spools, not from ah lian or ah loong son.

    I hv a strong hunch that the numbers will take pride of place in 2day and tomorrow’s 4-D draws. Start the year rich.

  4. Hi Terence,

    This Tombola Nite will be held under the auspices of the Silverhairs Club and not by Jeffrey and me. Never have I ever organise any activities or event for my own gain. I have not ever made a single cent from any of these activities but rather put in my time and effort.

    If there is any issue with getting a permit, I will wash my hands and suspend the event!


  5. Dan, relac lah.

    You have always been a keen organiser of events and have put up many successful ones for many to emulate. You’re also an ardent supporter of activities organised by other EOs.

    However, if there’s the smallest of hints that there may be a possibility of infraction of some laws/regulations, we will need to be safe and sure. We need to look at the bigger picture. That must be Sengh’s concern; no insinuation shd be read in there.

    SHC has been around for some years now. We are watched. Despite the fact the we arent a registered entity, they let us grow. The reason is simple : let this group of ah laos look after themselves. They are relieved and spared the resources from taking care of a 3,000+ strong group.

    However, this Tombolo Nite is published for all to read. Its date and venue are given.

    Thus, if a permit is required but wasnt applied for, anyone jealous of the SHC success story might tip the mata kuching and they will be duty bound to come and join in the tombola. It will be turned into a humtam bola. The possibility of it happening, however remote, is a ta’ boleh.

    Do call and find out from the Licensing Section. And we will all be wiser the call after.

    Off to my gallop now…………

  6. Dear Dan

    I have been reading the above blog. Dont mind me just giving my two cents’ worth of comments.

    You have been such a wonderful and responsible EO all this time and many of us have benefitted from your good work albeit voluntary and no $ earned. You have earned the respect and love of many SHCians in your role as EO for so many functions.

    It would be a great loss if you decide not to remain an EO cos of the above. I fully understand Terence’s concern as he is the ‘Boss’ of SHC. He is actually protecting everyone as he is afraid that SHC may have to close down in the event of a police raid etc. The participants may even be arrested.

    I would say that most of us enjoy the karaoke and dancing more than anything else. Whether tombola or bingo is included or not, this makes no difference to most participants. We are at Jeff’s studio more for the fun of karaoke, dancing, fellowship and enjoying ourselves … getting to know each other, sharing in a common interest.

    Hence, I really hope that the karaoke and dancing on 29 Jan can carry on. Hope you’ll remain as the EO for this event.

    Thank you Dan and all organisers.


  7. Hi Dan/Terence

    Further to my note above, perhaps the event can be changed to “Singing and Dancing the Night Away”..come and feel young again! kekeke………….


  8. Hi Gabriella, Tim, Dan,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    As to what will replace the evening, I am sure Dan and Jeffrey will come up with something. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the link to the Licensing Section.

    Gariella, it such an encouragement to hear from you and we have taken on your suggestion.

    Terence, as for the idea of Tombola Nite, I was just using a high sounding name to inject life and novelty to the Club. Bingo and Tombola are the same with slight variation and involving the use of a revolving drum to churn out number. If Tombola is an issue why have we not heard any thing mentioned when we had the Karoeke and Bingo Nite.

    Getting a permit is never a problem, I just need to drive down to the Police headquarter in Cantonment Road to get it. Sometimes I wish you would have more faith in me.

    Well folks, here we are, get ready for another enchanting night at Selegie Road. Now got to rush for my bedminton at 11.00-1.00pm today!


  10. Hi Dan#11

    Thank you, thank you. I’m happy that all’s well that ends well.

    Pl count me in for your dancing and singing on 29.1.11. Thank you once again Dan for being so sporting and has agreed to being the EO once again. Keep up the good work.. Kudos to DAN!

    Looking forward to another night of fun, dance and songs!


  11. Hi Dan,Jeffery & Irene,

    You have all done a great job in organising events for SHC!

    Please count me and my wife (Peggy) in. We can now look forward to another fun and enjoyable evening.

    Thank you.


  12. Hi Dan, Jeffery & Irene,

    I am sorry that I have overlook that this event clashes with SHC dancing class which is held every Saturday evening. As myself and my spouse have enrolled for the class, we will have to miss this event, which we woud very much like to attend. Is it possible to change it to a Friday evening???


  13. Hi Jeremy, Peggy,

    We have not met, perhaps on a Friday night would be better. Let be get the general consensus and revert. I know it pretty near to Chinese New Year and many will have lot of things to attend to.

    Keep your fingers crossed!


  14. Dan,

    I’m very sorry about my oversight. Yes, we have not met. I look forward to meeting you.

    Do let me know if the event can be held on a Friday evening.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.


  15. We will most likely change the date to a Friday instead of Saturday. So far Jeffrey, Irene, Richard and Jane are okay with the change of date. We need to hear if Gabriella is okay before I change the post.


  16. Hi Dan,
    Yes I would very much like to join the event if it is held on Fri or Sun, because about 20 over of us are attending the SHC dancing classes on Sat nite. Cheers..

  17. Hi Dan #18

    Friday, 28 Jan or Sunday 30 Jan is OK for me, although I’ll be slightly late on Friday. Nonetheless, it’s fine. Just carry on.

    Thanks Dan for your consideration.


  18. Hi Dan,

    Yes, I should be able to come, if it’s held on a Friday, either 21st or 28th Jan. So there will not be anymore bingo? It’s ok with me. I would prefer to have a dance workshop… and lots of singalong.

    Cheers …….lydia.

  19. Do note that this event is now held on a Friday night on January 28, 2011. The cost is $10.00 and includes two soft drinks and finger foods and free wines!


  20. Dear Dan/Jeffrey/Irene

    Aiya sorry I have to miss this event. I know its going to be another night of fun and good company.

    Its so near to CNY, I have lots of cleaning, baking and cooking to do. Scalp itchy also no time to scratch!

    Next time lah, if it does not clash with my other appointments.

    You guys have fun!


  21. Dear Caroline #23

    We’ll surely miss you, the ‘live wire’ for the karaoke and dancing night.

    Aiyo, sure you dowan come? Leave the baking, cleaning and cooking to another day lor.


  22. Hi dear Caroline#23

    Relax, Have a break, I’m sure you are not going to clean,bake etc the whole day, afterall this is an evening function, as Gabriella Chua said,come and be the ‘LiveWire.’

    You will have the whole Sat n Sun to continue yr baking…etc….

  23. Hi Dan/Jeff.

    Sorry, I have to withdraw from this event. I sprained my right foot yesterday, and it is swollen and extremely painful when I walk. And definitely cannot climb stairs. Or even dance for some time. When I recover, will definitely be back for more action..!

    You guys enjoy…!

    Regards, LydiaC.

  24. Dear Peggy

    Thanks but you dont know how many pcs of cookies and cakes I have to bake. Cleaning is no problem cos I only do the finishing touches as my sister helps me with the major cleaning – she loves to clean and I really detest doing house cleaning.

    I have to bake over 1000 pcs of each type of cookies and almost twenty pcs of marble cakes – this number is just family’s cos I have many sisters and they have married children so each household one share. Apa macam. I am still struggling with grating and cooking the pineapple 🙁

    You all enjoy lah!

    Oh dear Lydia. Were you chasing after some dude? Sorry jus kidding. Take care and get well soon.


  25. Hi Jeffrey #32,

    Please request Mrs Lim to contact admin@
    silverHairsClub re membership.

    For future registration, may I suggest you do not register on behalf of any person whom you are not sure is a SHC member. It is better you let them register on their own. It will save us some work checking.

    Terence Seah

  26. Hi Terence,

    Mrs Lim register her name under Catherine Lim.

    Those of you coming, please pay the amount o $10.00 to Irene Lee POSB Savings Account 1040-18149 by January 21, 2011. Thanks!


  27. Dan,

    I have just transferred $20.00 to Irene Lee’s POSB Account 1040-18149 to pay for Peggy Ong (wrongly posted as Peggy Lee)and myself for the function. The DBS transaction ref. is 6461920456.

    Thank you.


  28. Hi Terence #35,
    They have registered on more than 4 occassion when they hv registered as Mr. and mrs Lim Kok Eng in SHC’s function. This guy does’nt even carry a handphone not to mention a Laptop. Weird character . Cheers !

  29. Hi to everyone who have registered,
    If u r interested, I could do a workshop for free dance disco . Very energetic and wild dance as a Bonus . Last Thursday 40 over people attended my free dance disco . jeff/irene to co-ordinate the steps for U .

  30. Hi Jeffrey #40, Dan,

    All members are required to be registered with the club. As we have no application from Mrs Lim, she is not a SHC member. Please read the club membership application procedures.

    Terence Seah

  31. Hi Jeff,
    Kindly note that author of the respective post is able to edit the post to add and/or delete members’ names, hence, Dan shd b able to do registration instd of Admin.. Cheers.. Dolly

  32. Hi Bobby, Tks for the transfer . c u next week . do bring along ur dance shoes/karaoke disc (optional )
    Edwin had paid me personally.
    Tks dolly for the transfers .
    Hi Dan , pls update ,tks ! Cheerio ! I believe Lydia Chin is not able to make it due to her spraining ankle . Kindly delete her name tks
    Richard n Jane Kee, Just wondering if you have make transfer on above event . tks

  33. Hi Terence,
    Can you register me and my hubby Lim Kok Eng to the above programme. We will pay when we come over to the office/dance studio .Thank you for your help .

  34. Hi Catherine #49,
    For any events you want to join, look for who the EO ( Event Organiser ) and address him or her . Terence is the founder/administrator of SHC .hope the info is clear to you.
    in this case ,like Terence said, you address Dan to register both of you. tks .
    Dan, kindly update . tks .

  35. Hi Catherine Lim,

    So glad to hear that you have personally log in and registered yourself and your hubby. We look forward to meet both of you for a night of fun, dance and singing.


  36. halo hlo all hiah ti jie mui ah ,

    lai lai kar kin cheong ki ah jeffery gan 2nite event is on liao…only 10 bucks ,,got makan,wine,lumsing lum sing somemorestill ve free tee $$$ need to got prizes lagi…de studio ve gone for a makeup liao..betta den last time..see our handsome jeff …whack his 1pc band…so much improvment la…ah chief terence ah hiah..ler wu ti sing kar po bo ( spore ) ai mai lai see wif yrself ..can accommodate some more 30 paxs…so mai tan liao la…( dun wait anymore )…wah lua like as seem like i am selling CNY goodies…

    ah frisna , the left over ( chut tao ) prize will be 2gether
    wif jeffery prize up for grap…i ve oredli hantam 1 pte email to u liao…. so hor, hiah ti jie mui if ,u dun knoe or never see what is tee kum ..den 2 nite lai attend jeffery event & experience yrself lor… back in 1970 very popular…i ,manage to source it outfrm mar lai si ya…huat huat huat

  37. Hi to all attended the singing the ‘blues ” away nite. It’s really fun to have so ,many fun loving people in our circle. Dancing and singing/Singalong/backups is something I least expect, but ,it’s there . Tks again for enjoying your presence wholeheartly, and maybe after the CNY we meet again . Kong Hee Fatt Choy and prosperity goes all your way . Catherine so happy her T kum wins her a teddy bear . Cheers ! Jeff/Irene . The next EC would be Grabriella ( ok )

  38. Hi Jeff and Irene

    Thank you v much for hosting the party last night. I really enjoyed the party!

    Thanks also to Sam, Dolly and Dan for helping to organise the event too and thanks to all present for the good company.


  39. Hi Jeff and Irene,
    We really enjoy your singing the blues away nite party. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and generous hosts and giving us so much food,drink and wine and the dance lesson. Cheers and wishing all a Very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year..

  40. Hi Gabriella #56
    U r most welcome . Happy U enjoy yourself .
    Hello Bobby #57
    Tks for ur support. Glad U had a great time last nite. U r quite a talented singer. Perfect timing as it’s important when we dance to ur songs. Should try live band singing one day . C u next session .
    For geniune attendees, we will definitely do our best to ensure U have a great time . Cheers !
    A big thank you to Dolly and Sam for ur assistance and MC the games .

  41. Last night we have a tremendous time of singing and dancing. Thanks to Jeffrey and Irene who is there to ensure that every one enjoy themselves.

    The wines was missing but a bottle of vodka and lime was all drank up, contributed by Jeffrey and Irene. After that, I have a tough time driving and navigating home with Joy in tow!


  42. hahahahha ah dan ah hiah ,

    halo , u miss de boat la…those early birds 1 hor like gab , jeremey & his ah bor , bobby we all did whack white wine la…hahahahahhaha

    aiyo aiyo , wat happen to our senior richard kee & his mdm har ?bo mia liao den NATO liao.. ( register but NATO )

    den we all order his makan also wasted liao !!!ko lian tai ,

    simi tai chee har ??

    ah jeff ah hiah ,

    ai tai kay hua yee hua yee tio ho la !!!

    silor , ah gab must be de next EC in our next get 2gether !!! so ah jie mai pai sei lei ..kar kar cheong ah now u lumsing so swee swee liao…

    sam huat huat huat

  43. Hi Dan ( E O ) #59 May I correct U. From 730 pm , we had a full bottle of champagne (as Sam said) and 3 cans of beer followed by 1 full bottle of vodka and 8 cans of caramasi n 2 bottles of orange minute maid . So unfortunate you came late like Sam said and miss the boat . Edwin myself drink 2 glasses of champagne and 3 glasses of vodka . He jokingly said ‘I ate and drink over $30 worth .’ All sponsored by EZ4U .
    Tks again

  44. Hi Jeff #55 and Sam #60

    Sorry, I’m not ready to be an EC leh, now that I’ve to look after a little babe! Wait until little babe has grown up, ok?

    Will support the next EC by attending the event or contributing a bottle of wine?


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