SHC Prom Nite 2011, Sat Mar 26

Hi Everyone

Finally, everything, well almost, is sorted out.  Here goes:

Date:         26 March 2011 (Saturday)

Time:         6pm to 11.30pm

Venue:      Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Theme:      Prom  Nite of the 60s/70s

Dinner:      Buffet Style

Music:        "Live" Band and DJ’s List

HiLites:    Dance Competition; Prom King & Prom King

No of Pax:  We are targetting 100pax

Price:         S$53 for early birds who pay by 25 February 2011emoticon
                  S$58 for those who pay after 25 February 2011

                  Closing date is 9 March 2011

For the Dance Competition, contestants can choose their dance from the 60s era such as Rock
and Roll and its genres :- R n R, Jive, Jitterbug and Swing only. Contestants are to bring their own CDs for their dance routine.  Judges will be appointed for this contest.  The contest will have a maximum of 5 couples.  So if you are interested to participate, please indicate when you register for the Prom Nite.

For the Prom King & Prom Queen contest, the contestants will be nominated by attendees and nominations will be tallied.  The top 5 men and ladies will be chosen and their consent obtained from them for the catwalk segment.  After the catwalk, members of the audience will vote for their favourites.  Nomination and voting slips will be handed out at the registration counter that night.

Cash/Gift Voucher Prizes will be awarded to winners and participants.

P.S. We would like to appeal to kind and generous members to donate prizes of cash/gift vouchers for the contests and games.  Our apologies if we seem picky but I am sure the recipients would be most appreciative of the useful prizes and also not having to lug heavy items home.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the party.

Hurry and book your seats as registration is now open.

Payment to be made to Joy’s POSB  Savings Account No: 159-131645

Registration List

  1. Caroline Gee (Paid)
  2. Chee Lai Fong
  3. James Tan
  4. Tan Boon Liang
  5. Hamidah Ishak
  6. Dan Huang
  7. Sue Chan
  8. Andrew Yeung
  9. Jeffrey Gan
  10. Irene Lee
  11. Janet Chan
  12. Judy Lim
  13. Irene Poh
  14. Alfred Ang
  15. Wong Hong Jeng
  16. Thomas Loh
  17. Lilian Teo
  18. Alicia Lim
  19. Bernard Chan
  20. Gingko
  21. Terence Seah
  22. Angela Straatan
  23. Rene Leong
  24. Venika
  25. Margaret Lee
  26. Rebecca
  27. Sockie
  28. Dolly
  29. Sam Goh 
  30. Rosna Rauaee
  31. Dennis Wee
  32. Dolly Choo
  33. Irene Choo
  34. Theresa Goh
  35. Francis Mangalam
  36. Catherine Koh
  37. Henry Yip
  38. Gabriella Chua
  39. Janie Leong
  40. Debbie Oh
  41. Nelly Choo
  42. Emily Choo
  43. Linda Yeo
  44. Martin Lee
  45. Judy Tay
  46. Richard Wong

48 thoughts on “SHC Prom Nite 2011, Sat Mar 26

  1. Hi Caroline,

    Looks exciting,but unfortunately,My ‘lau kong’ and I may not be in town,anyway enjoy yourself and have a great time.


  2. Hi Carly and Company,
    Know you are all working very hard for the coming event in March. Like to take this opportunity to share some burdens with you by sponsoring a small token of $ 200 to the prizes fund. Kindly let me know how to pass it to youe end . jeff/ irene . Cheers and let’s paint the town RED .

  3. wah lua , i hor lua nua liao…but hor…cannot off got to chor cant cheong liao la…nvm , my leng hoon will wonder 2 there & kong huat ah huat ah….

    u , all enjoy hor….
    sam huat huat huat

  4. Dear Peggy,

    Thanks for your kind words. You and your lau kong enjoy yourselves too.

    Dear Andrew,

    Thanks very much for your support.

    Dear Jeffrey & Irene,

    Thanks for your generosity. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Yes, lets paint the town red!

    Dear Xiao Di

    No problem. In case you can get off, then you come and join us.


  5. Dear Janet

    Thanks for your support. Long time no see.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Take care


  6. Hi all,

    Pls note that competition for this dance event is for Rock
    and Roll and its genres :- R n R, Jive, Jitterbug, Swing
    Disco, Cha Cha, Latin and Ballroom dances are not included
    in this contest.

    (Program EO)

  7. Is this party strictly for members cos some non members are interested. Also, may I know how is the seating like, round table of ten? Thank you!

  8. Hi Josie

    Activities organised here are strictly for members unless otherwise stated. Please note that non members who want to join must first qualify for membership. Rule “age 45 and above” applies.


  9. Dear Josie

    Thank you for your interest in the Prom Nite.

    Admin has answered your query re the attendance of non members.

    However, you can encourage your friends to register as members if they are aged 45 and above. Very easy process and they will be rewarded with all the fun they get with all the activities organised by SHC.

    It will be round table seating with 10 pax to a table. There will be no line dancing as its the theme is Prom Nite of th 60s.

    Hopefully, someone will organize a country nite or line dance nite for all line-dance enthusiast in the near future.

    For now, why not join us in Prom Nite for dance of the 60s like R & R, Jive, Swing etc.


  10. Dear Sis Carly,

    Do include these members who’ll be joining us ~ Alfred Ang, Wong Hong Jeng, Thomas Loh, Lilian Teo, Alicia Lim & Bernard Chan.


  11. Dear Sweetie

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Thanks to Alfred, Hong Jeng, Thomas, Lilian, Alicia and Bernard for your support.


  12. Hi Caroline,

    You are most welcome!

    Sue, thanks for reminding and your prompt action. Greatly appreciate it.


  13. Hi Caroline,

    I have been eagerly waiting for the Prom night. My diary is clear. Please put me down as confirmed coming.

    Any chance to have a peep at the night’s program?

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Carly

    My shy shy friend Angela Straatan joining this event, so pls register her name, tks.

    Hi 2 Datins (Nor & Zariah)

    Where are you…mia? Come and support this event lah.


  15. Dear Carly,

    Please include all of us – Venika, Margaret Lee, Rebecca, Sockie, Dolly, Sam Huat and myself for this event.

    thanks 🙂

  16. James,
    I am sure that most members going will b probably more keen on ‘ruan ruan dance’ rather than having a competition leh.. pls make sure dat tose attending hv ample times 4 dancing hor… as watching others dancing but cant dance due 2 competition can be quite sian hor! Sumore hor, tose dances’ names mentioned here, except for rock n roll, others sim like ‘alien’ 2 me lor… :(.. Dolly

  17. Dear Dear Carly,

    Me too attending. Watch me perform on that day@ Grease the world,haha!!

    Rose White

  18. Hi everyone

    Sorry for the slow response. Was away from the computer for the last two days.

    Thanks to Terence, Angela, Rene, Venika, Margaret, Rebecca, Sockie, Dolly, Ah Huat and Rosna for your support.

    Looking forward to having a wonderful time with you.

    Terence & Dolly

    We are ironing out the program and I will put it up as soon as everything is finalised.

    Hang in there and it will not be long before its out -.-


  19. Hi Carly

    Please register dolly choo, irene choo and theresa goh. i can contribute 4 bottles of wine. you can decide on how you want to use them i.e. as prizes or drinks. cheers

    dolly choo

  20. Hi Dolly

    Was waiting neck long long for you to register.

    Thanks very much for your contribution. Will decide how we will use them and will let you know.

    Thanks for your support.


  21. Dear Carly…..

    I am so disappointed to miss this exciting Prom Nite. Sigh….maybe Norlinda too. 26 March coincide with my overseas trip with some of the Kovan CC com members. And Norlinda will be playing Golf oversea….wow! like real leh…

    I wish you and your com members have a wonderful nite. Have FUN everyone! :}

    Ah Nee

  22. Dear Ah Nee and Nor

    Aiyoyou! Why you so like dat?? Apa macam?
    Less people to gila gila already 🙁

    This is called bo bian.

    Thanks for letting me know early otherwise I will be scratching my head and neck long long wondering why the MAS Angels have still not registered.

    You all enjoy what you all will be doing too.


  23. Dear Caroline Gee

    Thanks for organising this event.

    Wd appreciate if you could reserve a seat for me.


  24. Merci Bro Henry for you support.

    Also, thanks to Gabriella, Janie and Debbie for your support. Will be looking forward to having a great time with all of you.


  25. Thanks to Sayang Nor who will be donating $100 worth of vouchers to the event.


  26. Hi CarolineG, your working committee, and also those who have been young before,

    What dress are we going to wear for this Prom night? I have accidentally cut my hair so short because of the weather. I hope I can keep it long enough for the evening. For men, white shirt, white pants?

    And, for ladies, dont forget the chicken backside hairstyle. For those who do not know what it is, look at a young 2 week chicken. And, you will know.

    Terence Seah

  27. Hi TerenceS,

    Since you have got your hair cut a little too short, might as well shave the whole lot and come in GI style. Or you can wear your infamous wig with John Lennon specs.

    For ladies, please come in your pretty party frocks, polka dotted or lacey ones with flared or layered skirts where you will have your skirts all swishing while you twirl and do the rock and roll. Pouffy hair or beehive, lion look or just simple and straight. Whatever makes you look and feel good.

    For the guys, use your brylcreem and make your hair stick to your scalp and dont forget the “cully pok”. But if you intend to waltz the lady, remember not to place your head on her shoulders -.- Enjoy!


  28. Hi Carly,

    Wow..great ideas and really remind me of TV series “Happy Days” Love it and can’t wait to see all. Cheers!


  29. Hi Janie

    YES! Me too. Remember to wear your girly outfit for the party.


  30. Hi Terence #35

    You can wear Black Jeans/Pants with white round-neck T-shirt tugged in and black jacket like John Travolta. As for hairstyle you can wear the same wig that you put on during TGIF nite. That wig looks ok & also suitable for Prom nite too.

    If can’t find the wig, you follow Carly’s suggestion shave botak, dress like John Travolta and you will be named as “John Terbotak” hee..hee


  31. Hi Carly

    Pleas register nelly choo Emily choo and Linda yeo. Understand they have already enrolled as shc members.


    Dolly choo

  32. Dear Dolly

    Thanks for garnering support for the Prom Nite.

    Looking forward to a good time with all of you.


  33. Dear Nelly, Emily and Linda for your support of the Prom Nite.

    See you all there.


  34. Dear Joy

    I have made payment of $53 this morning at the Bedok South Road 18A POSB atm for Prom Nite.



  35. Hello Carly,

    Looks happening!!!
    Must join in the fun.
    Confirmed coming.

    New Comer
    Judy Tay


  36. Thanks Martin and Judy for your support. Yes, it will be a fun nite to remember.

    Thanks Dolly. Will await what admin has to say before I include Susie.


  37. Hi Carly,

    Please register me for THE event of the year! Also include a new member, George Chew. I believe he would have cleared his email/admin procedures by now. I was holding on to this registration, pending the admin procedures. And, yes, we would like to have fun in the rock and rock contest too… since you mention that it’s all for fun.. so lose also never mind! Now, I need to go shopping for suitable rock n roll clothes… where can I find them?

    Cheers, Lydia.

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