Prom Nite – Rock & Roll Dance Competition

Hi All Dance Enthusiasts

Register now for the Prom Nite and participate in the Rock & Roll Dance Competition.

Maximum number of contestants is 5 couples.  In order for it to be a fun competition, all contestants will perform at the same time to the piece of music played by the DJ.

You will be dancing to the tune of Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley.  So start choreographing your dance steps and put your best foot forward.


  1. Francis Mangalam & Catherine Koh
  2. Bernard Chan & Sue Chan

9 thoughts on “Prom Nite – Rock & Roll Dance Competition

  1. Hi Caroline Gee

    Please do register me and Catherine Koh for prom Nite and R&R Dancce Competition.


  2. Thanks Francis for your support. And kudos to you and Catherine for being so sporting.


  3. Dear Carly,

    Would be great to dance RnR with B. Haley’s hit song! Do register Bernard & me as the 2nd couple joining Francis & Cat at the dance floor.


  4. Walau, like dat, very jialat 4 tose just learning 2 dance 1 leh.. how 2 competite har? hahaha

    Weiwei EO, tis competition hor, got special performance bside d norm har? Bo hor, bo chi cak leh.. πŸ™‚ Tio bo?? hehehehe

    Nevertheless, is always good 2 hv sum1 taking part lor.. kudos 2 all of u… Cheers.. Dolly

  5. Weiwei Buddy

    Never mind whether learning, two left feet, pro, whoever love rock & roll, just do it.

    Its a fun competition. So whether first prize or not, just let your hair down and enjoy.

    Sorry we dont have rhumba otherwise you will surely join right heee!

    Yes, I agree. You need a lot of courage to come forward. And cheers to our first two couples.


  6. Dolly mei mei,

    I believe those who sign up to join the dance competition do it because they love dancing lah. Win or not never mind. If Sam didi and you love dancing, go and join lor. Just enjoy yourself and heck care whether you step on Sam’s feet or not. I think what is most difficult for people is their fear of making a fool of themselves in the eyes of observers. THAT needs a lot of guts and a love for entertaining people. Not many of us can do it hor?


  7. Spot on, Ros Dear! Having known Francis & Cat as great dance partners, the four of us will swirl & twirl with B.Haley’s top hits and its certainly a good cardio workout for us too!

    Dolly & Sam Huat ~~ as Ros has highlighted: ‘if you love dancing, join us’…let’s rejuvenate & restore the kind of vibrance we had during our teenage years… mai?


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