29 March 2019 Monthly Gathering “Free & Easy Get Together”

EO – Doreen Chan
Co EO – Jeffrey Gan
Registration officer – Lydia Chin


Please register early

Our exciting programmes:
Date: 29 Mar 2019
Time: 6-11pm
Venue: Voice Art, SMRT club
Location: Bishan Mrt
At Bishan Pl which is in between the bus interchange and Junction 8
Mall; walk to the shop SASA, turn left and walk straight out of the mall
Address 2 Bishan 14 Level 2 Singapore 579780
Charge per person: S$17.00
Include: – Karaoke Stage: for those who like singing and dancing
5.30 pm Registration starts

6.00 pm Karaoke starts

7.00 pm: 5-course buffet dinner; free flow coffee, tea & water

8.15 pm Free 15 mins Salsa by Jeffrey Gan

10 mins Break

8.40 pm Free 15 mins Bachata by Jeffrey Gan

9.10 pm 6 additional songs for Line Dance

Acceptable no. of people: 30 people, first come first serve

Appreciate payment to be transferred after we have confirmed a place for you. Once you have transferred to DBS Bank, Saving Plus a/c 0292021094 Chan LT. Please scan your receipt via Whatsapp to us. The closing date of registration on 26 March 2019 5 pm

Registration start now:

  1. Doreen Chan – pd
  2. Jeffrey Gan – pd
  3. Irene Lee – pd
  4. David Ong – pd
  5. Lilian – pd
  6. Charles Wee – pd
  7. Teo – pd
  8. Caroline Gee – pd
  9. Ah Nee – pd
  10. Dolly Lim – pd
  11. Malyne Seon – pd
  12. Maria Tan – pd
  13. Thomas Loh – pd
  14. Lydia Poh – pd
  15. Michelle Sim – pd
  16. John Howe – pd
  17. Lydia Chin – pd
  18. Francis Poh – pd
  19. Richard Wong – pd
  20. Swanny – pd
  21. Cat Yeo – pd
  22. Sue Lim – pd
  23. Betty Chua – pd
  24. Tony Ang – pd

64 thoughts on “29 March 2019 Monthly Gathering “Free & Easy Get Together”

  1. Doreen/Jeff,
    Direction to the place is not clear to me. Is it next to the Sports Complex along Bishan Street 14 and about 7 mins walk from from Bishan Mrt .

    • ok, Dolly,

      We will reserve a seat for Thomas Loh
      Appreciate if 4 of you, Caroline Gee, ANee, Thomas Loh and yourself could make payment


  2. Hi Doreen,
    Your paynow not working. Anyway, I dont want kena Ah Long keep chasing for payment so I had already make a internet transfer of $119 (which I had already wat apps thru screenshot) for the following attendees:

    4) David Ong
    5) Lilian Ong
    8) Caroline Gee
    9) Ah Nee
    10) Dolly Lim
    13) Thomas Loh
    and #) Richard Wong

    Kindly indicate paid against our names. The reason that I was not so unwilling to make payment first is that I am not sure whether this event will be on or cancel should the headcount is below what was expected. But you have given me the assurance that regardless of how many attendees, the show will be on. So I paid lor..

    Looking forward for this coming gathering… Cheers.. Dolly

    • Hi Dolly, you owe Doreen C an apology, for implying that she is “Ah Long”, exhorting you for money. What is wrong with an EO collecting money upfront? Our usual practice, isn’t it?

      If you are worried that the EO will cancel the event due to “not enough people”, the EO is equally worried that you cancel your participation due to “not enough money”. If every potential participant is waiting for the crowd to build up before paying, how to get the crowd?

      Unlike surreptitious gossiping where one can get away scot-free, every post here is subject to a response or retort, from all and sundry. For a change, why don’t you be the EO; doing a favour for all members and enjoying the pleasure of being “Ah Long”.

      An apology is needed and an apology is due, otherwise there is no reason for the EO to accept your participation.


  3. Hi Doreen,
    If apology is needed from me to you thru another person and that you have no reason to accept my participation owing to this, then, I will not attend this event.

    Whether you want or dont want to refund me, it is up to you.

    Regards… Dolly

  4. Hi Doreen/Dolly,

    Personally I view it as casual joking remark. After all, we are friends that know each other well enough. Lets take it as no issue and look forward to our enjoyment in this coming event.


  5. Hi Dolly,
    Miscommunication dear, small matter. In the event that there is not enough participants, I will top up with the minimium amount.
    Lets get together for a great time, and not to be bothered by small matters.
    AS Daniel quoted, it is the normal practice to pay in advance, as EOs normally have to bear the losses. As for myself, I like to pay up asap in case I forget.
    I am fairly absent minded myself.
    Cheers and looking forward to great times together.

    • Hi Dolly
      Thank you for being kind and helpful to pay for the 7 members
      I have given you the assurance that regardless of how many attendees, the show will go on
      As an EO, the difficult job is collecting money and balancing the account. It is a painstakingly thankless task

      Hi Daniel C
      I thank you for speaking your mind; not only for me but for all future EOs. I know you will not mince your words.

      Let us Relax, Smile and Move On
      ”JIA YU”
      Hope to see more members coming to join us
      Happiness is when you see others happy

      Doreen ????

      • BRAVO Doreen & Jeff !!
        You both had displayed good qualities being excellent EOs…. to bring UNITY and not ugly scenes to your event & your selfless top-up to LOSS ( if any ) then getting freebies out of organising events! For these gracious mindsets, u both deserved my due respect. I, THANK YOU both for your best efforts to organise this event to allow us to hv a get-together nite to njoy ourselves!

  6. Oops! Serious typo yet again. …
    THAN getting freebies, not Then getting !
    Pls dont digest it wrongly OK EOs , my fast fingers to blame, Heehee !! Cheers.

  7. If people who know Dolly, she loves fun loving people who can take what she dishes out with a pinch of salt. No pun intended. If there are those who like to poke their noses in events where they didn’t even register just to stir shit and leave a bad smell behind, then you don’t belong here cos we are here to have fun. Either they buay song cos they are so disliked or just so eng with no one to entertain them or have nothing better to do.
    Dolly is not new to the EOs so they should know her well. We support your event but guess you are not firm enough in your reply to comments of “outsiders” who did not even register. Very disappointed.
    Btw, when Dolly was organising events, many which i was lucky enough to attend, these people were not even here. So shut the hell up and don’t try to be kaypoh cos it just makes me want to puke, these people trying to be knights in shining armor, trying to rescue a damsel in distress. Sickening to the max if you ask me!

  8. Indeed, people who have not participated in the event or not going to an event have no business to talk about the event proper.

    However, every member who logs into this forum platform has every right to comment on what is posted here. Similar to newspaper forum pages, where many “kaypoh” and “busybody” speak their minds on matters concerning or not concerning them.

    Ah-Long is an unsavory term, suggesting intimidation or harassment. It is used to ridicule and embarrass. From Ah-Long to Wicked Witch, and from puke to other 4 letter words, nobody is lacking in such a vocabulary. There is a time and place for everything. No forum editor will allow such words to be published.

    If anybody chooses to dwell on personal attacks and not addressing the issue, then let us cease and desist, before puking becomes mutual.

    I thank everybody for their indulgence. I shall not stop giving my piece of mind, with neither fear nor favour, until and unless the administrator tell me to.


  9. Hi Daniel ,

    I agree with you that anybody can give comments to what is posted here, not necessarily the participants to any event.

    However I would like you to refrain from using “strong” words, like lecturing others.
    There are better ways to phrase a sentence, such that people will agree and accept.
    Just only my own opinion.

    Let’s close this chapter and move on.

    I am neutral to both.

    Cheer !


  10. Hi Stella,
    Thank you for your understanding.
    We are in the silver years, maybe golden years.
    We look forward to better ourselves and enjoy our silver/golden years ahead of us.
    I now look forward to 29th to catch up with our fellow SHC members for a great time ahead.
    Cheers and Enjoy!

  11. Hi Doreen ,
    Kindly register for Cat Yeo ( 1 person)
    Also Swanny(x3). They went to the SHC DnD at KSL last year
    2 more later as they are in the process of joining SHC first.
    Thank You!
    Jeffrey n Irene.

  12. Thank you Jeffrey
    Have already registered for Cat Yeo and Swanny

    Will wait for Sue and Betty, our new members; for their application to be approved


  13. Hi Doreen,
    I have transferred $51 for 3 persons namely Betty Chua, Sue Lim and Swanny.
    Anymore I will update you. Please update payment. Thanks!
    Jeffrey Gan

  14. Doreen,
    Let me know by 25th March closing date so I will confirm with the caterer on the numbers of attendees this time around.
    I am expecting few more to come in as they need to join SHC as members first.
    Will update you ASAP.
    Looking forward to meeting with you guys.
    Cheers and all the best.
    Jeffrey Gan

  15. Thank you to all our supporters who have paid up before the registration ends
    Look forward to seeing all of you and to enjoy ourselves

    We still welcome to those members who wish to join this March gathering

    Please register before the closing date on 26 March 2019

    Should you have any other queries, please write to us

    Doreen Chan

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