SHC Prom Nite 2011, Sat Mar 26

Date:         26 March 2011 (Saturday)

Time:         6pm to 11.30pm

Venue:      Serangoon Gardens Country Club – Kensington Ballroom l & ll

Theme:      Prom  Nite of the 60s/70s

Dinner:      Buffet Style with free flow of soft drinks

Beer:  Buy your own @S$6.50 per mug

Corkage:   Liquor & Wine – Waived

Music:        "Live" Band and DJ’s List – Cut-off date for requests of songs is 1 March 2011

HiLites:    Dance Competition; Prom King & Prom Queen

No of Pax:  We are targetting 100pax

Price:         S$53 for early birds who pay by 25 February 2011emoticon
                  S$58 for those who pay after 25 February 2011

                  New members who join on or after 25 February has a grace period to sign up for the
                  event and still pay S$53 if they register and pay up by 9 March 2011.


Closing date is 9 March 2011  – closing date extended to 14 March 2011 –


Hi Everyone

An update on what’s happening for the Prom Nite.  Highlights of the programme include the Prom King and Prom Queen contest, the Rock & Roll Dance competition,  a dance performance "GREASE" by our very own SHCians and exciting games that will tickle you pink. 

You will dance to "Live" music performed by our 4pc band – 2 sets of 45minutes hip gyrating and bone shaking of non-stop music. More dancing to hip and hot numbers spun by our DJ.If you have any song or dance music you wish to include in the Band’s repertoire or the DJ’s list, do make your request and we will try our best to fit them in.

For seating arrangements, we have made a request for different "size" seating arrangements.  There will be the usual round table seating for 10pax, square or rectangle tables for 4,6 or 8.  Or if you want a little tete a tete with your date, you may want to come in early to chope a table for two :I am working this out with the banquet manager as to how many tables in various combinations the dance hall can

accommodate.  This will strictly be by first come first chope basis.

The contestants for the Prom King and Prom Queen will do their catwalk on a stage.  You will be given a slip of paper to cast your votes after the catwalk segment. We would like to hear the cat calls and wolf whistles cos SHCians rock!

Whether its the dance competition or the Prom King and Prom Queen contests, win or not, it does not matter.  What matters most is to go all out and have fun.

And most importantly, remember to dress to the 60s/70s theme.


Those who are still thinking,  wait no more and register and pay up soo to enjoy the early bird concession!

Payment to be made to Joy’s POSB  Savings Account No: 159-131645

Registration List

  1. Caroline Gee (Paid)
  2. Chee Lai Fong (Paid)
  3. Lily Ho (Paid)
  4. Tan Boon Liang (Paid)
  5. Hamidah Ishak (Paid)
  6. Dan Huang (Paid)
  7. Sue Chan (Paid)
  8. Andrew Yeung (Paid)
  9. Jeffrey Gan (Paid)
  10. Irene Lee (Paid)
  11. Janet Chan (Paid)
  12. Judy Lim (Paid)
  13. Irene Poh (Paid)
  14. Wong Hong Jeng (Paid)
  15. Thomas Loh (Paid)
  16. Lilian Teo (Paid)
  17. Alicia Lim (Paid)
  18. Bernard Chan (Paid)
  19. Gingko (Paid)
  20. Terence Seah (Paid)
  21. Angela Straatan (Paid)
  22. Rene Leong (Paid)
  23. Venika (Paid)
  24. Margaret Lee (Paid)
  25. Rebecca (Paid)
  26. Sockie (Paid)
  27. Dolly (Paid)
  28. Sam Goh (Paid)
  29. Rosna Rauaee (Paid)
  30. Dennis Wee (Paid)
  31. Dolly Choo (Paid)
  32. Irene Choo (Paid)
  33. Theresa Goh (Paid)
  34. Francis Mangalam (Paid)
  35. Catherine Koh (Paid)
  36. Henry Yip (Paid)
  37. Gabriella Chua (Paid)
  38. Janie Leong (Paid)
  39. Debbie Oh (Paid)
  40. Nelly Choo (Paid)
  41. Emily Choo (Paid)
  42. Linda Yeo (Paid)
  43. Susie Goh (Paid)
  44. Martin Lee (Paid)
  45. Judy Tay (Paid)
  46. Lydia Chin (Paid)
  47. George Chew (Paid)
  48. Richard Wong (Paid)
  49. Eyvonne Chew (Paid)
  50. Ivy Lim (Paid)
  51. Catherine Tan (Paid)
  52. Andrew Tan (Paid)
  53. Yatsing (Paid)
  54. Joy Chuang (Paid)
  55. John Howe (Paid)
  56. Daniel Ong (Paid)
  57. Charles Chua (Paid)
  58. Karen Thio (Paid)
  59. Eileen Thean (Paid)
  60. Edwin Tan (Paid)
  61. Bobby Bok (Paid)
  62. Laura Wee (Paid)
  63. Dave Tan (Paid)
  64. Marg Tian (Paid)
  65. Helen Kuek (Paid)
  66. Anna Seet (Paid)
  67. Doris Tham (Paid)
  68. Bessie Lam (Paid)
  69. Andrew SP (Paid)
  70. Terence Tan (Paid)
  71. Hou Chong (Paid)
  72. Lina Ng (Paid)
  73. Susan Chang (Paid)
  74. Christine Poh (Paid)
  75. Lina Tan (Paid)
  76. Lim Tian Soo (Paid)
  77. Ronnie Sow (Paid)
  78. Goh Lee Sean (Paid)
  79. Patrick Oei (Paid)
  80. Linda Oei (Paid)
  81. Jessie Cheng (Paid) 
  82. Y K Cheng (Paid
  83.  Lim Sock Choo (Paid)
  84.  Jane Tan (Paid) 

  • Molly Guan (Paid)
  • Irene Lau (Paid)
  • Goh Hong Kew (Paid)       Registration closed liao!!!!!!!                              

    Rock & Roll Dance Competition
  • 1.   Francis Mangalam & Catherine Koh
    2.   Bernard Chan & Sue Chan
    3.   George Chew & Lydia Chin
    4.   Rosna Rauaee & Thomas Loh
    5.   Terence Tan & Doris Tham

    Photos by Boon Liang, Karen and Sockie

    134 thoughts on “SHC Prom Nite 2011, Sat Mar 26

    1. Thanks Lydia & George for your support. I have included you in the rock & roll dance competition. Thats the way to go 🙂

      As for the outfit, go to any retro clothing shops in bugis. am sure you can find something there. Or Midah dear can recommend.

      p.s. The old post is closed so all future comments will be posted here.


    2. hi carly

      I have just done a internet transfer of $371 to joy’s account. payment is for
      1.dolly choo
      2. irene choo
      3. emily choo
      4.nelly choo
      5.linda yeo
      6. theresa goh
      7. susie goh (she has registered and has received welcome message from terence) Thanks

    3. Hi Janie Leong @#2 and Dolly Choo @#3

      Thank you very much for your payments.

      Looking forward to the fantastic nite out with you gals.


    4. Hi Everyone

      The 25th February Early Bird discount cut off date is round the corner. Do hurry to pay up to enjoy the special price.

      And those still thinking and thinking, wait no more. Hurry and register and make payments quick.

      I believe this will be the one and only Prom Nite theme party we are going to have.



    5. Hi Fellow SHCians

      For those who have not signed up, wait no more, come and join the fun. Haha come see my version of Grease dance performance by “Olivia Newton Road” and “John Terbotak”.

      For those who can’t dance social dance or have no partner, don’t worry join me to “boogie wonderland”. Bdway, I will be doing a workshop to teach everyone to dance a very simple dance so you can have fun.

      Don worry with Hamidah around sure you see GILA GILA atmosphere. Come and support Ok?

      Tks & Cheers

    6. Hi DollyC #3,

      Gee, yours must be the bigest family of Choos in SHC. Got any boys visible within a range of 20km? No need to be Choos. Look forward to seeing you and team.

      Terence Seah

    7. Hi Lai Fong,
      Can I request you to put up the ballroom layout? I would be eager to have a peep at the room, so at least I know when I can come down and chop a seat early.

      I remmembered when we had events at Serangoon Gardens country club, there was limited car park space. Even though, I cant drive, can you share with us where and how we can park our limousine. Dont want to keep the girls, or the guys, waiting in the car.

      Hi CarolineG,
      Years ago, and I really mean years ago, when we have Prom nights, I remember hearing “San Francisco” and “To Sir with Love”. If the band reads this email, and if it doesnt get out of sync with Grease, can make this request? I hope other participants will make their request too.

      And, I hope you will give all of us a chance to dance the night of a lifetime, with good memories of the 60s and 70s.

      Look forward to seeing all the different hairdos.

      Terence Seah

    8. Hi Terence

      To Sir With Love is in already. Yes, how can I forget San Francisco. Your request is noted. And I hope to hear from members their requests. Must make it soon for us to get them ready in time for the dance.

      You bet Terence. You will have lots of fun and memories of the 60s and 70s. Only thing is you come and let loose.

      I dearly hope all those who are coming to dress up to the teme. Whether its hot pants, polka dotted flare skirts, mini skirts, pouffy lacy numbers, bee-hive hair, lion-look and the guys in their tight fitted shirts, bell bottoms, brylcreem laden hair, “cully pok”, shirts unbuttoned to show hairy chests – whatever turns you on. The 60s and 70s styles are varied so take your pick.


    9. Hi Terence

      We will keep you and everyone posted once the arrangements are confirmed.

      Hahaha …. Chop seats…CANNOT use tissue le, handkerchiefs maybe can la…just kidding.

      Hi Carly
      All the while I thought was “Cally pok” cantonese version..

      Guys – tigh fitted shirt with RABBIT EARS COLLAR…hairy chest wow….geting more exciting…

      Ladies – micro mini also Boleh!!!

      Lai Fong

    10. Lai Fong

      Well said. I think its cully pok.. Like my mum used to ask me to go and buy “cully pup” for her to eat. Whether its cally pok or cully pok, we know what hairstyle it is.


    11. Music makes the world go round. Songs bring back memories, of our school days, college days or university days. A song can remind us of that girl next door or that school boy waiting besides the toilet.

      I believe our band for the Prom night is somewhere nearby. They are definitely reading this forum. So, if you have a song that brings back memories of your last school party, it’s good to let the band members know. Make the Prom night your night.

      As for me, I remembered years ago, at our school last day party, the song that triggers pleasant memories is “to Sir with love”. How to dance this song?

      Please send your song request to Caroline. 60s, 70s … I have put up a 70s music video collection. Hope it will trigger your nerve.

      Terence Seah

    12. Hi Francis, Cat, Bernard, Sue, George & Lydia Chin,

      I am glad to see your participation in the dance competition during the Prom night. I have never been to a dance competition. Had wanted to organise one, and I see it is now a reality with 3 pairs taking part.

      It is nice if we know a little bit about you. If you can share us something about yourself, how you got into dancing, and maybe how you both decide to enter this competition, I am sure the audience will feel your dancing spirit when you are called to come to the floor.

      Besides saving us some time on the intro, that night, it would be great to hear from you before the event. Look forward to hear from you. Of course, you may also introduce your dancing partner, on his/her behalf.

      Terence Seah

    13. Terence has requested his songs. So all those who has a special song that reminds them of someone dear or a memorable event, reminder to give me the song titles that you want the band to play or on CD, and let me know soon so that we can meet your requests.

      There are two songs I would definitelye want to hear are “Love Potion Number 9” and “The Young Ones”. Bring back sweet memories of the time when I was young once.


    14. Dear Carly, thanks for acknowledging all the payments. Do include me for this event.

      Dear Gabriella/Richard Wong/Judy Lim/Yat Sing

      Joy Ah Long has surfaced from the depths of the burrows. Payment received with thanks.

      For those who have not paid up, you have till 25 Feb to enjoy the early rabbit price of $53.

      For those who have not signed up, you have till 9 Mar to do so. Where else would you be thinking of hopping to on 26 Mar?

      Joy AL $$$

    15. Wei2 Carly,
      My boss, Mr John Howe said hor, he will boh chep his other arrangement 2 attend d prom nite woor.. pls register him hor.. signed… Sextary..Dolly Lim 🙂

    16. Dear Gabriella & Yatsing

      Thanks for your payments. We will have a good time at the Prom’s.

      Thanks very much Joy Ah Long. Not only can you collect, count and add up all the $$$$, you do PR and Marketing too :))
      Bonus to get this type of Ah Long.

      Dear Boss John

      Thanks for your support. Very touched by your thoughts. And thanks to his sextary for bo miaing for him.


    17. Hi Terence # 17,

      Dancing has always been my passion since young where I first started off with folkdancing during my younger days in school. Inspired by my circle of friends who are good dancers, I took up dance lessons with Shawn & Gladys Danceworld where I met Bernard in the 80s’. Bernard and me do share similarities in music and with our synchronized dancing, we’ve always preferred dancing to the bluesy rythms of Rock n Roll classics which has a fast-paced tempo & a dance with sensual twirls & swirls.

      All for the jest & fun, I encouraged Bernard to partner me in this friendly competition as we ‘rock n roll’ to one of Bill Haley’s top hits!

      Dear EO Carly,

      I have 2 oldies to request, hopefully our Band is able to play or spin the CD for us….Thank You!

      i. Shake, Rattle & Roll ~ by Elvis Presley
      ii. Candyman ~ by Christina Aguilera


    18. Hi Sue #27,

      I had a bad night last night. I stayed at a nice small hotel in Singburi city, but the room did not have good air conditioning, and had a few mosquitoes roaming around the room. Lucky, the sun is up, and I am having a relaxing porridge and cereal breakfast.

      Got time to go into the SilverHairsClub’s website. It’s nice to know how you took up Rock & Roll; perhaps after seeing you and Bernard danced, I may be convinced to take up Rock & Roll too. Really look forward to seeing both of you on the floor.

      Hi Francis and Lydia, how about telling us abit about how you got into this love called Dancing? Like me, the audience will be looking forward to seeing you perform.

      See you soon, in about a month’s time.

      Terence Seah

    19. Dear Sue

      Your request noted. No problem with Shake, Rattle & Roll. As for the other song, let me check it out.

      You are so lucky (pretty mah!) to snag a guy partner. Now, when I attend dance classes, chances are out of 20 participants, only 20 percent are guys 🙁

      Looking forward to your dance routine at the Prom Nite.

      Dear Boss John

      Thanks for your payment and looking forward to see you enjoy yourself.


    20. Hi SueC #27,
      we have your song request on our banner today. i wonder if this is what we can expect?

      Are you expecting the minis to be that mini? My mum would go crazy if she is around today. CharlesC, Tian Soo, is this music clip ok for your heart?

      Terence Seah

    21. Hi Bro Henry

      Thanks for your payment and looking forward to seeing you with your cully pok hair at the Proms’

      Haha Terence. Dont get so excited. Looks like there is a pair of “safety” shorts(thats what my girls call them)under that micro mini skirts. Sorry for being a party pooper.

      I used to wear these little skirts to work when I was 18. Those chee ko pek uncles in my office used to wolf whistle and I told them not so fast. I have a pair of shorts underneath so no need to pretend to drop your pen and picking it up at my foot cos cannot see anything 🙁

      Thanks for the video. Very nice and catchy tune.


    22. Darling Old Goat

      I would like to register for this epic Prom Nite.

      As with my situation, can only confirm before March 9. Will try to confirm and pay by the 25th (3 days’ time, kekekekee)- the middle finger bird price.

      Regardless my attendance (or not), would like to request ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by the Bee Gees – DJ list, please.


    23. Thanks very much Gingko for your payment and looking forward to Boogie Wonderland.

      Thanks Daniel Ong for your support and looking forward to see the fruits of your labour – show off your dance moves.

      Darling Old Cow. I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for flying in to join us in the Prom Nite. For this Muah! Muah!
      OK will include your “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees.


    24. Hi Carly,

      I have transfered $53 to Joy’s POSB Savings account 159-13164-5 last night (21/02 @ 19:13, Location Tampines Mall Br1, Ref 9403).

      George Chew also transfered $53 on 21/02 @ 19:14, Location Tampines Mall Br1, Ref 9404.

      For the DJ list, can we request for a segment on “Elvis hits”. Some of his songs have a very nice tempo to dance with. We particularly like “Blue Suede Shoes, All Shook Up, Suspicious Minds, In the Ghetto, Its now or never, Are you lonesome Tonight.”

      Our other favorites on DJ list would be ABBA’s hits, “Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You, I have a Dream”. And Lettermen’s “Portrait of my Love, Sealed with a Kiss”

      These songs are very popular in the 60’s & 70’s, and I think alot of us are familiar with the tunes. I hope you’ll play them for the Prom Nite.

      Cheers, LydiaC.

    25. Karen Wan Shui!@#40

      Thanks for your support and Eileen Thean and Edwin Tan.
      See you all do your stuff on the dance floor.

      Dear Lydia Chin & George Chew

      Thanks very much for your payments. Note your requests. Some of the Elvis songs are already in the DJ list. Now will go and look up your lovey dovey songs. Looking forward to see you do your Rock & Roll. And not forgetting Dancing Queen, also Terence’s favourite.


    26. Hi Carly,
      Thank you for organising this Prom Nite. Please register my name for the event. We have just learned how to dance the cha,cha, disco-rock and the waltz from our dancing Sifus Daniel Ong and James Tan. If you include more songs like Dancing Queen,etc in which we can also put to practise our dance lessons like disco-rock, I think it will be more fun and more students from our dancing class will join in the Prom Nite. Cheers..

    27. Yay! Thanks Bobby. Now you can show off all the dance moves. Then you will be very laku at the Proms.

      Yes, we will have Dancing Queen and many more fast numbers for you to groove to.


    28. Dear all

      If you have made payment, do write a comment here. Otherwise I may assume that the rest of the payments which have not been accounted for are part of my inheritance.

      Thanks Hong Jeng for your text message. I have received your payment.

      J Ah Long

    29. Dear Eyvonne

      Thanks for your payment. Muah! Muah!

      Dear Karen Thio, Thomas Loh, Charles Chua and Daniel Ong for your payments. Muah! Muah! to you too.

    30. Dear SK Chua

      Thanks very much for your bottle of port and whiskey which I have collected from you last sunday.

      Dan, I have them with me and will either bring it to the Proms or you may want to collect them from me. Either way is fine with me.


    31. Dear Caroline & Joy,

      Did my transfer at Admiralty MRT at about 4.30pm today for the amt of $53.00 Machine not able to generate receipt, but was in a hurry to process the payment. Sorry, need your help to check it, pei seh.

      Thks n regards,

    32. Dear Lilian

      Thanks very much for your payment. Thought I heard you telling me that you paid and the recipt not coming out. Hiaz… LLP (lao lung piow). Looking forward to see you at the Proms.


    33. Darling,

      In my excited state forgot to ask you about wine. Read the post and do not see my blood transfusion. Getting stressed. What is the arrangement? Do we bring our own and any corkage?

      Utmost urgent……..matter of life and death. Hehhehheh.

      Also, one more request: Abba’s ‘Voulez Vouz’ – DJ list; a good piece to disco-rock.

    34. Hi Carly & Joy

      I have made payment for Angela Straaten Ref 5027 at NTUC AMK Hub last nite 7.25pm.

      Appreciate if your could play those Funky music that I suggested to you.


    35. Hi Carly,
      I have tranfer $53 by Posb ATM to Joy Posb saving account:159-131645 @Kembangan MRT this morning 7:21am. Would be nice if you could add Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock to your song list. Looking forward to groove with you all, cheers..

    36. Hi Lilian

      This is another of my favourite song and I listen to it almost every night. And yes, its already on the list.


      Dont panic. Corkage is waived for liquor and wine. So you BYO. Beer is to paid by individuals. And Voulez Vous – no problem.

      Dear Bobby

      Thanks very much for your payment. And save a dance for me. Disco rock? Must brush up on variations and not do only what you did with Dolly k?


    37. Hi Everyone

      My apologies for my oversight. I have given more information regarding the drinks and their charges and they are in red at the top of the posting.

      Now, you can decide if you want to drink your beers, or wines or brandies or whiskies or just simply soft drinks.


    38. Its me again.

      Please send in your song requests by 1 March as either our band needs to rehearse the songs or the DJ has to go source for the songs and put them all into the CD so that the tempo of the music will flow smoothly.

      Thanks for your understanding.


    39. Dear Dolly Choo

      Your request for “Those Magic Changes” from the movie Grease is on the list already. I love this song. Another of my favourites which I listen to very often. Good choice 🙂 See you at the Proms, if not earlier.


    40. Hi Carly & Joy,

      I had made paymnet $53/- thru’ atm @ sembawang mrt stn on 22 Feb 2011.

      Transaction no. 4954.

      Looking forward to the exciting event.

      Thank you.

      Judy Tay

    41. Hi the lady ah long Joy,
      O$P$ liao, $53 has been transfer to your a/c ref 8027, please check and update. Then please ask you men to remove all the red paint from my corridor and clean the wordings on the wall. Thanks very much.

      Hi Boss Carly,
      You have a very formidable staff – the lady ah long Joy, really scaring, haha, from the y’s family, Andy.

    42. Dear Andrew

      Thanks very much for your payment. Yes, dont mess around with my Ah Long lady iron fist. Now that you have O$P$, you can enjoy your Prom Nite.


    43. Dear Caroline
      Please register me one place. I will make payment later before 25 Feb. I wanna support my good fren, Rose White for her performance. Thanks.

    44. Calling Spiderman, Superman and Catwoman, Olivier Newton John and John Travolta,

      I was told you are coming to the Prom night, in Superheroes outfits. I am sure we can tell you out from the name tags. Making name tags can be quite time consuming. But, since we are one month to the event, you may get yourself a name tag holder, and paint your name with big luminous colours. We can then recognise you on the floor or when the scheduled blackout starts. Enjoy the dance floor.

      Somehow, Grease came at a time when most of us were in our 20s and 30s. Right age, and looking out for the choice of a lifetime. Songs help us to remember time. We still remember these songs, and judging from the song requests, Saturday night fever comes alive every Saturday night.

      I have just changed the website banner video. It is in Korean, and I hope it will lead us to a wonderful and enjoyable Prom night. The two ladies at the end of the movie were part of the clip. Nice to watch it in full screen. Click on the bottom right of video clip.

      Can you recall who you were dancing with in the 60s or 70s? Where were you? In Katong, In Chua Chu Kang, in London or the States? Look at some old photographs of yours. Your hair styles, your dress, shoes. Pony tails, chicken backsides, white tight T-shirts, bells. No pregnant dress. If you are not too sure, look at Tim, he looks great still. Maybe Spiderman, Spiderwoman and Catwoman can help you. Ask Lai Fong, Thomas, Sue, Dennis, Eileen, Richard and Robert for help.

      Help us to help you remember the days when you were young. SilverHairsClub helps bring us into the future, remember the past and keeping us young. So, keep looking good and feel good.

      Thank you Caroline and team, for making this event possible.

      Terence Seah

    45. Yay! Thanks Laura Wee and Dave Tan for your support and payments.

      Now get ready to burn the dance floor!

      Its our pleaure Terence. I have always wanted to do an event like this and then your suggestion came along. Its a dream come true for me. Thank you for giving mmy team and I the opportunity and we plan to deliver what we promise. An exciting and fun event.

      p.s. I wonder what a chicken backside hairstyle looks like ._.



    46. Hi Terence #67

      You said no pregnant dress, I remembered in 1966/67 there was this dress fashion which can be used as maternity dress cos it’s a bit beggy shaped like a tent and it’s known as “tent” dress. In early 70s there’s a fashion call “Baby Doll” also beggy can use as maternity dress too ha..ha

      I’m looking foward to see which lady come with chicken backside hairstyle dat nite


    47. “…..look at Tim, he looks great still……”.

      Terence @67, you must hv picked up Robert-O’s spectacles left behind at Hans when you recently looked at me.

      Yes, that was the me who got you and many women pining, whining and unwinding robes to get my attention. Distraught and disappointed, some went to look for ropes to tie the noose. You didnt cos you finally managed to think straight. You tied a goose and totally focussed on its butt, you perfected the much acclaimed chicken backside hairstyle which you will show off on Prom Nite.

      Those were the long bygone days.

      The me now is a grated steel, peeling and flaking.

      Folks, enjoy yr Prom Nite as you enjoy Terence’s 2 backsides………..

    48. Dear Carly/Joy,

      Just made a payment transfer of $212.00 to Joy’s POSB account for myself, Bernard Chan, Martin Lee & Alicia Lim. Transaction ref: 00698 @ 12.30, DBS Woodlands Branch.


    49. Dear Hamidah @#69

      Yes! Yes! I remember the tent dress. Bright coloured or in bold prints. The arm hole part is always cut in. Love it! And those “baby doll” dresses 🙂

      Dear Sue Chan, Bernard Chan, Martin Lee and Alicia

      Thanks very much for your support and looking forward to meeting you there.

      Dear Marg Tian

      Thanks for your support and also looking forward to seeing you at the Proms.


    50. Dear Caroline/Joy

      I made Internet Banking on24/02/2011 to Joy POSB bank acct 4.31 pm for S$106.00 for me and Catherine Koh.

      Transaction no: 6550075031 from Francis Raja

      Thanks for organising the event


    51. Dear Carly

      Sori 4 late reply.
      Please refer to #30, Of course we can dance the rock n roll not once but more if u like dancing with me. We can also dance other social dances. Wat says u?


    52. Hi JoyC,

      GeraldineT #57 wants to beat the deadline, so she has asked me to pay on her behalf.

      The earlier confirmation for attendees #20, 22-28, trans ref 159-13164-5 for $477.

      Thank you for taking up this role of collecting money.

      Terence Seah

    53. Thanks Dennis. Yes, would love to.

      See you at the Proms.

      Thanks Rosna for your payment.

      Hey guys, Rose White is looking for a dance partner for the R & R dance competition. Quickly answer her call please.


    54. Hi Carly,

      Pls register me and Adnrew SP for this event.

      Hi Joy,

      Just iB 106 dollars to your account.

      Ref: 6552669853 at 2.20pm

      Thks for organising this event.

      Besie 🙂

    55. Yay! Thanks Bessie and Andrew for your support and payment.

      I am sure you will enjoy all the dancing and I love watching the both of you do the R & R so beautifully and effortlessly.


    56. To all my old High School classmates coming to the Prom night,

      The Prom night will be the happiest party for all those who have graduated with good marks, and progressing to a good university of their choice. For me, I was a High School dropout with 5Es and 1F. Where can I go, except to quickly get out of college and into the army asap.

      The Headmaster disliked me, and he was always pretty proud to get me up on stage to either tick me off or give me a few slashes. Those were the days.

      The results are out, we have smiling faces as well as sad ones like me. Some guys in my class had found girl friends from the Arts stream, but no one wanted me. I was poor, had a bad record, caught gambling a few times, a suspected drug addict and also a suspected molester.

      Well, Prom night is here. I am glad to join the party of the year.

      I have even forgotten the name of our college. What is it?

      And, Sandy, my darling, where are you?

      Terence Seah

    57. Dear Laura Wee and Anna Seet

      Thanks very much for your payment.
      See you at the Proms 🙂

      Our High School name is So Hot College! Heeee!


    58. Terence

      Now I know why you like to bend over and make me spank you real hard and can’t get enough of the whip! Bet our Headmaster had hard-ons each time.

      Can’t wait to get my hands on you again on Prom Nite. Sandy is very welcome to join us.

    59. hi caroline

      i understand from bobby bok that there will be no waltz dance music during the prom night; whilst i understand that the theme for the night is mainly the 60s with rock & roll and its genre; i think it will be kind of strange to have a prom dance party without other types of music like the waltz or cha cha for that matter; the cha cha is no doubt the most popular dance and as for the waltz, well i guess i am kind of an avid enthusiast; i sincerely hope you will give this some considerations; thank you;

    60. Hi Carly & Terence.

      I fully agree with Daniel. THE music of the 60’s & 70’s does consist of cha-cha & waltz too. And esp during Prom nights, the DJ will also play cha-cha & waltz beats too.

      Hence, can you pls include some cha-cha & waltz beats for the dancers? Either DJ list or live. If you need some song titles, just ask Daniel. Or Jeff. Off my head now, I can think of “Facination” & “Changing Partners” for Waltz. For cha-cha, my favourite would be “Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White”.. and I’m sure many others can add on to the waltz & cha cha list.

      This brings back memories for me. Ok, Terence, since you asked for it.. here goes my dance story.

      I remember when I first started to learn dancing, back in the 70’s, it was the Cha-Cha. I did not have any proper dance lessons, there were no CC’s; and we schoolgirls couldn’t afford the expensive dance schools. So we just we do our own stuffs in the school hall after lessons, and we put up impromptu dance concerts during assembly times. We danced to Grease, Saturday Night Fever & Abba tunes, which was the pop hits of the day. I enjoyed those growing up years. Sadly, our school never had any prom nites, during those times, it was just not the custom! Moreover, I was from an all-girls school, TKGS.

      After I graduated from school, started work & soon the daily toils of life took over, and left me no time for dance anymore! Besides, finding a suitable dance partner is like looking for a needle in the haysack! And I’m still searching for that needle .…! Hee..hee !

      This Prom nite will help us relive our memories… PROM nite… here we come.. ! Yipee…

    61. Dear Daniel @#98, Lydia Chin @#99 and Dolly Lim @#100

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

      Yes, I remember my sisters in the 60s do the cha cha and waltz. Disco rock is a variation of rock & roll right. So we will have the music played for the dances.

      Actually, I have already included some waltz numbers in the list before your suggestion. Maybe it was kind of noisy at the monthly gathering and I may have miscommunicated to him.

      So come come and enjoy yourselves ho bo?
      We must stick closely to our theme of Prom Nite in the 60s/70s


    62. Hi Lydia, Daniel,

      Here’s two songs to both of you. Hope they add meaning and excitement to the Prom night. “Changing Partners” and “Apple Blossom White”. Please refresh the website banner.

      And, Lydia, hope you will find your needle soon too.

      Terence Seah

    63. Hi Lydia #99
      You lamented that nowadays to find a partner for dancing is just like finding a needle in a haystack. It is quite true as you can see that in any gathering, usually the women outnumber the men. When a SHC member recently inviteted participants for free dancing lessons, he has to limit the nnumber of would-be women attendees.
      However, it is possible to increase your chances if you are proactive enough. For instance, if you want to seek out that proverbial needle, you can apply a strong magnet. But in reality, many men would not meet the criterion for a dance partner as beside other attributes, he must know at least the basic steps of dancing.
      The free lessons given by the SHC member goes a long way to increase the number of men in the pool of potential partners.
      In the meantime, we including Terence hope that you will
      find your needle

    64. “You lamented that nowadays to find a partner…… just like finding a needle in a haystack. …….Terence hope that you will find your needle”.

      Ok, assuming she finds a needle, fine but what is she going to do with the needle? Prick herself? Poke herself and wake up to the reality again that all she has is a 3 cm needle. But a partner is still nowhere in sight. Even if she stacks the needle with hair, it only becomes a hairstacked needle It still is a shiny needle, not Kim Kim Dear Leader.

      Btw, I think she already has a dancing partner – suave & better looking than Liu Ping Huat. At he is neater than the Dear Leader and any needle.

    65. Hello Tim #104

      Don’t talk talk lah, come join SHC Prom nite and you can choose what you wanna be… the golden needle, silver thread or thimble

    66. Hamidah, I know you have a good heart. You want me to join you to pom pom together. i wd gladly hv accepted it if it’s not a Prom Nite held at night.

      See, with the heater turned max, I will still only choose the day to bathe. Cold will worsen my rheumatism into communism no opium even if administered by Susan Limp can cure. I dont like the shudders.

      Do it in the day the next time and I will definitely pom pom with you (and I can hear you saying it softly “I dont like the shutters”)

    67. Thanks Lina. Well said. Your support for the event is very much appreciated.

      I am looking foward to seeing the OLD COW again ._.

      OLD GOAT

    68. Hi Lina!!

      We’ll have a blast being 18 again.

      Old Goat darling

      Can’t wait to see your cleavage again. HAHAHAHAA. Just no rooster jigsaw puzzle, please…………..keeeee.

    69. HI Christine (Soh Hiong)

      Yes, you are most welcome to join us for the fun event. I will register you for the event.
      Pls make payment to Joy’s account asap – number given above.

      Looking forward to meeting you there.

      Old Cow Baby

      We wont need Rooster Jigsaw puzzle cos we have more exciting things to do!


    70. Hi Geraldine Dear #111

      I’m very very happy to hear you’re flying in all…the way from HK to support Prom Nite and sacrificing your precious time to be with us.

      Dat nite we can 4get abt silver hairs cos we’re suppose to be having black when we are 18. Should behave like young girls during prom nite ok?


    71. …did they say cleavage….hahaha
      even at this age it must be savagely seductive…hahaha

      Dear Terence chief, like to dedicate this song to the girls who were caught smoking in the men’s toilet hahaha

      Yvonne Elliman – I Can’t Get You Outa My Mind (1977)

    72. Midah dear

      Yes, we will be sweet 18 young things about to lose our virginity that nite. Kekekekeeee.

      Henry my man

      Wait till you see all the hot women in their pretty, sexy frocks………….to die for. Now you know why I am into women. See ya, hot guy!

    73. Geraldine The T,

      I completely adore yr playfull post keke, I think all of us when V come into this thread, we shud post like we r 18 ya! hahaha

      The summer is coming, school lessons are over….the flowers are coming into full bloom……LET THE FLIRTING SEASON BEGINS…….hahahaha

    74. Caroline, Geraldine and others,
      Cow, Goat, Rooster and Spring Chicken at the prom, gosh so exciting. M hot downunder n M glad to be able to join all of you guys/gals in this cool gathering.

    75. Dear Hou Chong

      Love your sense of humour! Tickles this Old Goat 🙂

      Old Cow, Old Goat and “Spring” Chicken are also very happy to have an extra Rooster (or is it Cockerel) to heat up the party.


    76. Henry The Y

      My mantra is simple; be happy even when the frigging sky falls on ya. Also, stay away from negative people; they drain your positive energy. Absolutely.

      Moi adore thee, too………..

    77. Hi Hou Chong

      Good to hear from you, mate (one of my favourite men, thus far).

      Feeling hot down under as it is? Great. Will be hotter on THE nite with all the happening senior high school graduates.

      Can’t wait to party before we all go off to college/uni.

      See you there!

    78. Hi Caroline,

      Please register Lina Tan for the Prom Nite.

      Has transfer $58/= to POSB saving a/c 159-13164-5
      DBS ATM ref: 9167.


      Richard Wong

    79. Baby Goat

      Is the seating arrangement still 2,4,6,8,10? How many 2s, 4s etc? Don’t wish to sit next to the plant when all seats are taken. Kekekekeeee.

      Kindly update.

    80. Tender Cow

      We have gone to recce the place again yesterday and have spoken with the Banquet Manager yesterday.

      Seems like its ten to a round table seating arrangements for aesthetic and maximising the space reasons.

      If you want to have a tete-a-tete, then you drag your chair to a corner. There will be many dark corners to use your whip! kekekekeke!

      Baby Goat

    81. Hi High School Graduates

      Our prom nite is just round the corner. Everyone got your party gears ready? Practised your dance steps?
      Got your killer heels or sexy boots? And guys, how about your skin tight pants and shirts?


      We are ready to party!

      Please note that the Prom Nite is held in the Kensington Ballroom l & ll at the Serangoon Gardens Country Club.

      Dinner will start punctually at 6.30pm. We start registration at 6pm. However,if everyone can come in on time to register their attendance, then we can start dinner earlier so we can do an extra dance or two.

      See you all soon.


    82. Baby Goat

      Thanks for the seating update.

      No need to drag the chair; Terence loves doing it standing up. Why do you think he is so excited about the standing-only gathering in April? Kekekekkeeee……..I think I am dead.

      See you, darling.

      Tender Cow
      (totally love this – always see myself as old, never tender)

    83. Tonight, I was able to squeeze some time after my favourite Taiwanese drama LOVE, to go over to Jeffrey Gan’s place and watch a rehearsal by the singers and the band. Got to say I was impressed with what I saw. On this coming Saturday night, SilverHairsClub will be having its Prom night, organised by Caroline Gee and her team of fellow SHCians. Hopefully, the evening will bring back good memories of your senior high, Pre-U, college and university days.

      Prom night promises to bring together young pretty girls and handsome boys, all eagerly waiting to have a great evening, before they get to see their results on the college notice board the next week.

      This event has taken almost 6 months to prepare, and through the hard work of fellow SHCians, all these college graduates will get to have a great evening. I hope everybody will enjoy the spirit of the event; and should there be a hiccup or disorganisation in the event, the food or your seating or schedule, do appreciate “A little hiccup here and there will make the evening memorable”.

      See you this Saturday.

      Terence Seah

    84. Dear pretty gals and handsome guys,

      Kensington ballroom is above Yum Cha Garden of Serangoon Gardens Country Club. It’s a separate building from the main clubhouse. Let’s enjoy and have fun!


    85. Hi Friends

      Yes, I am so looking foward to tonight’s party.
      It will be a feast for the eyes, like what Terence said, pretty girls and handsome boys.

      No matter how hard you try, some things may not be in our control. So if there is a little chaos or hiccup, its part of the fun.

      Thanks Janie for giving the direction to the ballroom. Totally forgot to hightlight this point. See you all tonight.


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