A Scenic Nature Walk

Date: Saturday, 9th March 2019
Time: 4.15pm sharp     
Duration: approx 2hrs
Meeting place : Hillview MRT, Downtown Line “DT3”, Exit B.
EC: Linda

We will proceed along Hillview Park Connector to Bukit Batok
Nature Park which was developed on an abandoned quarry
site in 1988.

Bukit Batok Nature Park features stunning views and crystal
clear waters. Serene and tranquil, it is an ideal place for a
peaceful nature walk.
Taking a leisurely stroll on the meandering footpaths through
the secondary forest, admiring the beauty of the lush greenery.

We will head up to the look-out point that reach more than
10-storey high for stunning views of the quarry. Then stop
by the park’s entrance to marvel at the picturesque pond that
lies at the foot of a high cliff wall. The pond runs deep and
still – a relic from the mining days of the region.

Within the park is a memorial plaque that pays tribute to the
soldiers and victims of World War II .  During World War II,
the Japanese selected the Lorong Sesuai site as a memorial
for the soldiers who died. All that remained are two pillars
and 120 concrete steps leading up to a transmission tower.

We exit the park to Old Jurong Road and turn to Upper Bukit
Timah Road. Our walk will end at the Beauty World MRT
station which is near a some popular eateries and a hawker
centre where we can enjoy our dinner.

Walk Team: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Azhari
Cuttilan, Linda Chua and ChristinA Chan…. signing off!

Register soonest!

  1. LindaC
  2. ChristinA
  3. GabriellaC
  4. GingkoT
  5. Jenny Lim
  6. RonaldLee
  7. VictorC
  8. StevenY
  9. MelissaK
  10. LH Cheah
  11. MargaretS
  12. PhyllisT
  13. Margaret’s friend – Dorothy
  14. HenryS
  15. Wee Chin
  16. PeterG
  17. GraceK
  18. JamesT
  19. SusanT
  20. PaulineK
  21. IreneC
  22. IreneP
  23. AnnaS
  24. Anna’s friend Lynn
  25. Alex Chan
  26. Catherine (Alex’s wife)
  27. DollyL
  28. RonT

38 thoughts on “A Scenic Nature Walk

  1. Hi EOs/Linda,

    Please register me for this walk. Hmmm, more than 10-storey high look-out tower. You may have to hold my hands and move my legs… LOL. Acrophobia!
    Thank you for organising.


  2. Dear all participants,

    Kindly be punctual as we will not be able to wait for late comers

    See all this afternoon. :)


  3. Hi Linda, Christina,

    I am not feeling well today, so I won’t be joining the walk. I am sorry for the late notification.



  4. Hi Chris/Linda,
    Too long a time to go for a walk since my last one many many moons back. Really enjoyed this walk but too tired coupled the fact that both legs ached hence delayed to convey my utmost thanks to both of you for a detailed walk routine. Hope to see both of you the next round.

    For those that we bumped into each other during the walk.. nice meeting all of you.

    Cheers… Dolly

  5. Hi dolly dear,

    Your presence made all the difference. I know how busy you are, but you still made the time to spend this special day with them. To bad i was oversea.
    Hope to see you next round too.


    • Dearie,
      Everyone’s presences definitely make a difference in one way or another lah… Hope to see you too.. in the next walk… cheers.. Dolly

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