Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 22 June 2019 from 2pm to 6pm (EC)

Its been some time since we last had our Tea Dance. We have had queries as to when the next one will be.

We are happy to announce that we shall be having one soon. For this time round, we shall cap the maximum number of attendees to 56.

Date:             22 June 2019 (Saturday)

Time:            2pm to 6pm

Price:           S$25 nett

Mini Buffet (free flow):  we shall be discussing this with the person in charge at Club 5 and keep you posted on the menu once its confirmed.

Drinks:          Free flow of hot or cold tea (other drinks at your own expense)

Music:           DJ Armstrong – one of the best DJs in town.  You can make song requests.

Account:        Payable to Caroline Gee – POSB savings account 067-00687-9 (by 30 April 2019)

There will be a game or two and if you know my buddy Dolly, her games are hilarious and will leave in stitches. There will also be a lucky draw.  So if members feel generous and would like to sponsor some prizes, please contact me via caroline.gee23@gmail.com and it will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

P.S.  Club 5 at Park Royal on Kitchener Road has informed us that they will be sponsoring several prizes which will include dining vouchers and one or two bottles of wine.

Registration starts now and the closing date is Friday, 30 May 2019 and we shall close registration on closing date or when we reach our target of 56 (paid up), whichever comes first. So save the date and get ready to party through the afternoon.  No gate crashers allowed.

If you don’t know how to dance, you could learn a step or two from other members or just be there to soak in the atmosphere and chill out.

Registration – Closed.

  1. Caroline Gee – paid
  2. Dolly Lim – paid
  3. David Ong – paid
  4. Lilian Chua – paid
  5. Ah Nee – paid
  6. Lydia Poh – paid
  7. Frank Poh – paid
  8. Michelle Sim – paid
  9. Andrew Tan – paid
  10. Catherine Tan – paid
  11. Catherine Tan’s friend (A) – paid
  12. Mega – paid
  13. Caroline (RH) – paid
  14. Holly Lim – paid
  15. Judy Chia – paid
  16. Gabriella Chua – paid
  17. Tony Ang – paid
  18. Gingko – paid
  19. Pat Oei – paid
  20. Linda Oei – paid
  21. Thomas Loh – paid
  22. Shirleen Kao – paid
  23. Shirleen Kao’s friend (I) – paid
  24. Malyne Suen – paid
  25. Dolly’s friend (RW) – paid
  26. Dolly’s friend (JT) – paid
  27. Doreen Chan – paid
  28. John Howe – paid
  29. Dolly’s friend (L) – paid
  30. Dolly’s friend (A) – paid
  31. Dolly’s friend (AH) – paid
  32. Dolly’s Friend (E) – paid
  33. Caroline’s friend (D) – paid
  34. Caroline’s friend (C) – paid
  35. Clara Chay – paid
  36. Sarah Zahriah – paid
  37. Susan Tan – paid
  38. Edwin – paid
  39. Philip – paid
  40. Susan Tan’s friend (R) – paid
  41. Susan Tan’s friend (A) – paid
  42. Rosalind Lee – paid
  43. Janie Leong – paid
  44. Janie Leong’s friend – paid
  45. Charles Wee – paid
  46. CM Teo – paid
  47. Sue Chan – paid
  48. Judy Lim – paid
  49. Cat Yeo – paid
  50. Wong Hong Jeng – paid
  51. Mary Quek – paid
  52. Stella Sheng – paid
  53. Bobby Bok – paid
  54. Lydia Chin – paid
  55. Karen Thio – paid
  56. Karen Thio’s helper – paid
  57. Joan Ang – paid
  58. Susan C H Tan – paid

Dear All, please note that registration is now closed. No more wait list. Many thanks for your support. Looking forward to a fun-filled afternoon with everyone.

53 thoughts on “Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 22 June 2019 from 2pm to 6pm (EC)

    • Thank you my dear Lydia!! You will be the “live wire” and fun generator!!

    • Hi Melissa dear . Long time no see. Thank you for your support and see you soon.

    • Aiyo paiseh paiseh hor David. Change liao so its Ong! Huat Ah! Fat fingers plus lao hua and I next to O so very easy get typo. Also added your wife’s surname.


  1. Hi Carly

    I put Thanks in Signage but it turn out with all those ???? mark above. Pls do not misrepresent those ?????.


    • No worries David. So long as not bad sign. Happy can liao!


    • Thank you Holly dear. Payment received with appreciation.
      See you soon.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    We are keen to join your High Tea event. Please register the following names:

    1. Sue Chan
    2. Judy Lim
    3. Cat Yeo
    4. Wong Hong Jeng
    5. Mary Quek


    • Thank you Sweetie! Looking forward to having fun together. See you all soon.

  3. Hi su , cat, wong
    At last u decided to join.
    Very happy
    See you !

    Cheer !


    • Thank you my sweet Lydia. Looking forward to a fun filled afternoon together.

  4. Good morning Caroline ,
    Please register Sarah Zahriah and me in your hi tea event. Looking forward to meet all again ..Thanks


    • Thank you dear Clara. So good that you and Sarah are coming too. See you both soon.

  5. Hi Caroline. Please register me and a friend. Wow… Last 2 slots!
    Lydia Chin

    • Thank you dear Lydia. Yes, last two slots. More partying together! See you soon!

  6. Dear All
    As we have reached our 56 pax, registration is now closed. For those who have registered, please make payment by 30 April to confirm your seat. If payment is not received by then and if we have registration on waiting list, they will be moved up to the confirmed list once they pay up, capping at 56 pax.
    Many thanks


  7. Hello Caroline,
    Fyi, I’ve done a ITR of $50 (For sarah & myself) into your savings account minutes ago. Transaction No. 22281762739 for your reference.

  8. Hi Caroline,

    I’ve transferred the amount of S$125.00 to your POSB account via OCBC transaction ref: 2019041106954029 for my group of 5.

    Appreciate your update.


    • Thank you very much sweetie. Looking forward to the fun afternoon together with all.
      See you soon.

  9. Caroline,
    Just remitted $50.02 to your POSB savings a/c . The amount is for
    Charles Wee & CH Teo.
    Please update . Thanks.

    • Thank you very much Charles. See you soon for a funfilled afternoon.

  10. hi carly-how can i not be inform n support yr event – count me n my helper in pls – thks

  11. Hi Karen

    Good to hear from you. Everyone who registered got the information about the event from the post here.
    I shall put you and your helper on the waiting list and keep fingers crossed. Thank you for your support.

  12. Hi Carly,

    Sorry I didnt register early but I have high hopes of line dancing, so I’ll register now. It’s some time away, who knows there may be a withdrawal or two, so I’ll wait and meantime keep my $25 in the bank to earn interest!



  13. Thank you Dear Susan.
    Keeping our fingers crossed. I hope you can come and lead the line dancers for a couple of songs.

    • Sure do, but appreciate early release of dance/song titles so I can do my homework on time! But I may not know all the dance steps, as you know, line dancing has 1001 different styles so I hope you won’t be disappointed!


      • Good morning dear Susan. Shall let you know by early May. I know right? One set of dance steps for one piece of music. Too difficult for me to remember. I only know Electric Slide lol!

  14. Dear Marie

    Thank you for your support. I shall put you on the wait list.


      • Hi Marie
        Sorry for the oversight. Your name is on waiting list now.

        • Dear Marie
          I have removed your name from the attendance list as you have missed the deadline to pay up by 30 April. Registration is now officially closed. Many thanks for your interest.

  15. Hi Carly,
    I am not able to join the tea dance.
    Please delete my name.
    Thank you for organising.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  16. Dear Susan and Marie
    I have moved your names up to registration list. Please make your payments by 30 April to secure your seats.
    Many thanks for your support and looking forward to a great afternoon together.

    • Hi Carly,

      Thank you for adding me. I’ve just transferred the money to you. Looking forward to this party and we shall have a great time, Cheers!

      • Good morning Susan. You are welcome. Glad to have you on board.

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