SHC Prom Nite 2011

Date:         26 March 2011 (Saturday)

Time:         6pm to 11.30pm

Venue:      Serangoon Gardens Country Club – Kensington Ballroom l & ll

Theme:      Prom  Nite of the 60s/70s

Dinner:      Buffet Style with free flow of soft drinks

Beer:  Buy your own @S$6.50 per mug

Corkage:   Liquor & Wine – Waived

Music:        "Live" Band and DJ’s List

MC:  Irene Lee

Organising Committee

Caroline Gee  –  EO

Lily Ho & Dolly Lim  –  Games and Rock & Roll Dance Competition

Dan Huang assisted by Joy aka Ah Long  –  Finance and Prizes

Chee Lai Fong & Gang  –  Registration and Seating Arrangements

Hamidah Ishak & Gang  –  Dance Performance

Tan Boon Liang assisted by Karen Thio  –  Decorations

Jeffrey Gan   –  Music


Jeffrey Gan        –  S$200 Cash
SK Chua            –  1 Bottle of Jameson Whiskey and 1 Bottle of Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port
Lee Hou Chong  –  1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Rosalind Lee      –   Trophies for the Prom King and Prom Queen Contest and Gifts of Appreciation for Committee
James Tan        –   Trophy for Rock & Roll Dance Competition
Norlinda            –  S$100 Cash
Chee Lai Fong   –  S$100 worth of Takashimaya Shopping Vouchers
Dolly Choo         –  3 Bottles of Wine

Special thanks to Molly Chua for booking the venue and arranging the menu for us and to all the kind sponsors for their generous donations.

Special thanks also, to the committee members who are working very hard to ensure that you have a fun filled and memorable time at the Prom Nite.

And many many thanks to all of you, dear supporters, for making this happen.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the party!

Caroline Gee

63 thoughts on “SHC Prom Nite 2011

  1. I am coming but kept forgetting to bring along Joy’s account detail to do the fun transfer at ATM.

    Also I have been trying to make a ‘Carly Pok’ but without any success. At best, it looks more like the Indian cake made from ‘bee hoon’ I think they call them ‘Kuatoo Mayam’.

    I also tried to put on a tight shirt like in the 60’s, and release a few buttons to expose my masculine chest but I see breasts and cleavage instead. I got nightmare just looking at them. Maybe Geraldine will appreciate it but I better not try.

    I shall just go as the school janitor. I have got Phua Chu Kang boots.

  2. Hahahaha…… TS, you made me laughed out loud. Haven’t laughed this much on comments in SHC forum for a long time. Keep it up….. and make sure you come to the prom nite with your PCK boots, Kutoo Mayamm “Pok” and tight shirt unbuttoned down. We could all use a good nightmare…. hehehe

  3. TS

    I agree with Lily. I laughed so hard that my eyeshadow smudged even though it is waterproof.

    I think you make a good “Agony Uncle” because anyone with problem ask you any question, your answer will definitely make the person forget his or her woes 🙂


  4. Yes, TS, I want tits!!! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine……

    Really laughed (screamed actually) when I read your comment. Am not surprised if I woke the whole building up at this time of the morning.

    Thought you are not coming. Ready to lose your virginity? I am. Nyahh, nyahh, nyahh.

  5. Dear Caroline,

    Hi, I am a new member who was introduced to SHC by Judy Tay. I would like to attend the Prom Night. Can you let me know how much I need to pay, and the details of your bank account so that I could bank the money in? You can either reply me by posting a comment here or write to me at

    I look forward to meeting you next Saturday.

    Warm regards,
    Lee Sean

  6. Dear Lee San

    Yes, you are most welcome to join in the party.

    Please proceed to make your payments and looking forward to meeting you too.


  7. Dear Caroline

    With deepest regret I am unable to attend Prom Nite as I will not be in Sg at all.

    I was all prepared and set to come back but have to cancel.

    Have fun, everyone and I shall wait for the photos.

  8. Dear Geraldin

    Oh! I am so sad you are not coming.

    But I am sure you have good reasons for not coming. Will miss your presence.

    Do take care and hope to see you sometime soon.


  9. Hi Geraldine #10

    Aiyo so sad to hear that you’re unable to attend was looking forward to meet up with you again…me too will miss your presence. Stay tune to SHC news and hope we will meet again at some other SHC special events


  10. Dear Caroline and Hamidah

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Need to get well first before having fun again.

    Take care,

    Sick Cow

  11. Dear Geraldine

    I was looking forward to meeting up with you again. Sad that you’ll be missing this event.

    Anyway, c you again at some other functions in the not too distant future eh?

    Cheers and get well soon….

  12. Oh you poor baby 🙂

    Get well soon and you will be a sick cow no more 😀

    Prom Nite is round the corner and its making me a loony goat!


  13. Dear Caroline, EO

    I would like to thank you and all the Organising Committee for all the hard work in making the Prom Nite a great success. The food was delicious, music and games etc were funtastic and participants sporting. I had a whale of a time.

    Last but not least, thanks to our Chief, Terence for conceiving the idea of a Prom Nite. Made me feel young again. kekekeeee…

    Irene is a wonderful MC.

    Cheersssssssssssssss…. till we meet again.


  14. Terence

    Nobody seem to bother if they have a good result .. all was enjoying themselves that they forgotten the “Report Book”…


  15. Dear Caroline, Lily, Dolly, Dan n Joy, Lai Fong, Hamidah, Boon Liang, Karen, Jeffrey n Irene, & all the kind sponsors. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    Thanks for transporting us back to a time in our lives when life was fun, carefree & simply wonderfull.

    Great music & great games. THANK YOU!!

  16. To: New & Veteran SHC Members

    Thank you very much for your great support & attendance, hope you all had a great time. Yes! at last the stress is over, I had a good sleep last nite but when I woke up this morning…sob..sob, I’m Silverhairs again, my kaki cramp lah after effect of last nite “Wannabe Young at heart” haa..haa..haa

    Hi Karen #21

    U r right, who cares abt the result..enjoy first cry later hee..hee

    Hello Henry #22

    I know you had great time gila2 dancing with us and u shld be the “John Travolta”. Haha my “John BL Tebotak” so quiet and shy lah never go and ji siow with the girls…he’s more like a Prefect last nite. Behaving like college students, I noticed most of the members were so energetic dancing and they felt young again.


  17. To: My Dancers (Boon Liang, Andrew Y, Rose, Cat Koh & Rene)

    Thanks a lot for your support and sacrificing your valuable time to come for practices, I appreciate it very much.

    Ha.ha B Liang I’m so proud of you. I remebered the first time I approached you to be my partner, you very very shy & immediately surrendered saying you cannot dance but I insisted & said I can change you. See what happen last nite, you’re my hero “John BL Tebotak”

    Olivia Newton Road

  18. To dear Caroline, Lily, Dolly,Jeffrey n Irene, Dan n Joy,Boon Liang, Karen, Lai Fong, Hamidah including your dancers (Boon Liang, Andrew Y, Rose, Cat Koh & Rene) and of course not forgetting our chief Terence, Thank You Very Much for organising this wonderful Prom Nite. All of us really enjoy it very much. Fully agreed with Gabriella and Henry, everything is really fantastic. Cheers..

  19. Dear Carly / Committe,

    With your efforts for the past few months to make it another successful event & let us have a chance to savour when we are young & enjoyed ourselves
    Special thanks to Boon Liang & Karen creative idea to decor the stage.

    Thank you.


  20. Dear EO Carly,

    Yes!… Agreed its indeed another successful event! Kudos to you and your team of efficient committee members who helped with untiring efforts in putting up a great evening & transforming us back as teenagers in the 70s!

    Our sexy School Dance Teacher Hamidah with her team of ‘Grease’ dancers in their boogie outfits too motivated us to the dancefloor…’John Travolta-aka Liang’, you’re great and as Hamidah has highlighted above ~~ you did us Proud!

    Our lovely MC Irene, with Lily & Dolly helping out @ intervals, who’re all so dedicated & ensuring that everyone of us did enjoy ourselves whilst Jeff & his band delivered a repertoire of rock classics to complement all social & latin dancers on the dancefloor.

    Our School Headmaster Terence hasn’t changed a bit ..extremely lenient with his ‘students’ for running across tables and yelling for more fun &’re sporting too!

    A final note of thanks to the good audience for their kind support & friendly contenders in the RnR competition that led me & Bernard to clinching the Trophy & attractive vouchers which is a great memento for us!


  21. Dear Carly,

    Kudos to you and your committee on a successful event,
    organised with a lot of passion and oomph!

    We enjoyed ourselves very much.

    Although Ive been a member for some time & know quite a few of the members, this is the 1st event I’ve attended..

    I can feel the warmth of the members which speaks volumes of the hard work Terence has put in to be what it is today..

    Looking forward to attending more of SHC events..


  22. Good morning everyone, oh its afternoon already.

    I slept like a baby last night. Was really exhausted but it was worth every bit of my energy.

    I have to thank Terence for trusting me with the job.

    Thank you Francis Mangalam, Gabriella, Karen, Henry Yip, Bobby Bok, Judy Lim, Hong Jeng and Sue Chan for your kind words. Though it may sound cliche, but without your support, the show could not have gone on.

    I was really happy to see so many people on the dance floor, though at the beginning, everyone was waiting for someone to start the ball rolling.

    There were some hiccups here and there, but then it adds on to the fun.

    I am really fortunate to have a team of dedicated and hardworking committee members, full of initiative, ideas and commitment. I could not have done it without them.
    Muah! Muah! to all of them, and to all you supporters too.

    As usual, Lily and Dolly always have great game ideas that will leave you in stitches.

    Hamidah and her team worked very hard, practising once or twice a week for the past few weeks. I enjoyed your Grease item very much. And yes, the shy Boon Liang is finally opening up. Thats the way to go. Great Hustle demo too and the dance floor was full 🙂

    Thanks to Lai Fong and her sister Ivy, for making sure everyone who checked in have their name stickers.

    Jeffrey Gan for all the music arrangements, fabulous dance item with Irene being the fantastic MC.

    Boon Liang and Karen for their tireless effort in making the ballroom so beautiful. Although one has arm injury and the other with leg injury. But they seem to forget their pain when the party start rolling.

    Dan and Joy for making sure the accounts balance. Very important job, making sure all monies are paid up and hanging on to them to make sure the monies are safe.

    Sockie, busy clicking away, getting candid shots and I am glad you made some time to dance too.

    Thanks Molly for taking my numerous calls and sms last evening to make sure all go well at the venue and the food.

    Thanks to Ronnie for helping me with the songs. Great job Ah Koh.

    Thanks also to my sister, Catherine Tan for performing the 3 lovely songs for us.

    The boys worked really hard last nite. Thank you for dancing with all the girls, cos as usual, girls outnumber the boys at SHC functions. I noticed the guys danced with different girls, so I know most of the girls danced last nite. I was lucky to get to dance with six different guys.

    Thanks Dennis, for keeping your promise of dancing with me and always there to cheer me on.

    Bobby, your hard work at the lessons paid off. At least you can tell me, helicopter and the bridge and then normal disco rock, things I dont know cos I am not a dancer. And you guided me well through the dance. Keep it up.

    Thomas Loh, you are a great party guy. Always on the dance floor to keep the party alive. Nice!

    Thanks to all who so sportingly took part in the R&R Dance Competition and the Prom King and Prom Queen Contests.
    And thanks to Dolly Choo who made it possibe for me to reward the competitiors with bigger prizes.

    If I have missed out any names, pls forgive me. Cos each and everyone who attended the Prom Nite last evening is very important to me.

    Thanks to all, who one way or another, made the evening a memorable one, at least it was for me.
    I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I hope you all did too. I stepped on some toes, I mean real toes, so I think I really must start dance lessons soon. Any teacher willing?

    Love you all!


  23. My dear friends who could not make it to the Prom Nite for one reason or another, thank you for your words of encouragement.

    Wished you were there.

    But not to worry cos there will be photos.


  24. Dear Patrick and Linda
    Thank you for your compliments.

    Also, thank you for attending the Prom Nite and my committee and I are glad you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly and that this event spurred you on to want to attend more of SHC functions.

    Looking foward to seeing you all again at future functions.


  25. Dear Carly

    A promise is a was a great pleasure to dance with u.

    There are 3 words I wld like to say to u and ur committee



  26. Bobby#26, congratulations heard that your disco rock has
    improved by leaps and bounds that even Carly #31 has nothing
    but praise. Keep up your good work.

    SusanC, congratulations too as you are now the official
    R n R Queen of SHC, and your partner King of R n R.
    One of these days, hope you can perofrm the same winning
    routine for the sake of those who missed the Prom Nite.

  27. Hi James #35,

    Thank you for your compliments. You’d miss a great party and thats your Graduation Nite too! Gather you could be joining us @ the dancefloor together with Tajie SueT if you’re in town last week.

    SHC do have several talented social & line dancers and you’re one of them too! Do try to plan an event where you can include some Dondang Sayang music for a change in the near future.


  28. Hi Sue #21
    Thanks for your compliments and congrats to you & partner Bernard for being the R&R Queen & King.

    Hi EO Carly #31
    Thanks too for your compliments and my pleasure to be in the team. Hee..hee I like the part you mentioned “the boys worked very hard that nite”. Kesian they all dance non-stop kena chope here and there so laku like “hot cakes” or no like “hot goreng pisang” haa..haa

    To: Participants Of Hustle Dance Workshop
    Wow you all are great dancers & fast learner too. Thanks a lot for your participation and making the dance floor full, hope you all enjoyed dance likewise I enjoyed sharing “The Hustle” dance with all of you.

  29. Midah Sayang

    Ya, Dennis is still complaining his legs are so tired with all the dancing. I told him he is so laku, like what you said. That’s why kena tarik here and tarik there. Luckily tak jadi kepala botak. He promised to dance as many dance as I like but apa macam. Tidak ada chance pun. Heee! But its ok lah.

    Sorry, I cakap cakap but forget to congratulate Sue Chan and Bernard Chan for their prowess on the dance floor. But everyone who went on the dance floor are already winners. Yes, all participants whether do the hustle, do the catwalk or the R & R are so brave 🙂


  30. Dear James #35, thank you for the compliment but we are still learning. On behalf of our dance class I would like to thank you and also Daniel Ong for teaching us this Disco Rock dance, the cha, cha and the waltz. Yes also like to thank our sponsors and everyone who one way or another, made the evening an enjoyable and memorable one. By the way I got some video clips of Hamidah and her Grease dancers, Jeffrey and Irene dance performance and the Rock and roll dance competition shot with my Samsung galaxy smartphone in mp4 format and you need Realplayer to open the video file. Please email me at if any of you would like me to email you any of the video clips. Cheers..

  31. Hi Bobby #40

    Thanks a lot for your video shot, I will get in touch with you via email on this. My John Travolta set video camera on tripod stand but unfortunately someone did not press the button properly so not recorded, what a waste.


  32. Hi Carly,
    Congratulations for a very successful Prom Nite. Can see everybody enjoying themselves very much . Also to the rest of the gang working along with you . a BIG congrats too . Boon Liang is very very cute in the opening . Also thanks to all the ladies helping to bring up the system . Thanks for everything and hope to see you EO another interesting event. Cheers ! Irene/Jeff

  33. Hi Jeffrey

    Thanks and you deserve a pat on the back too.

    Yes, I agree that everyone was very happy, dancing away like there was no tomorrow. And the end of the party was hilarious with many guests running around, trying to win a prize. And poor Irene had to put up with an almost “indecent exposure”

    Hahaha! Me EO again.You’ve got to be kidding!


  34. Dear Carly,

    We were sixteen going….on…to seventeen once again.
    Thank you very much for being the EO for this event.

    Kudos to your voluntarism spirit. Keep it UP! :))

  35. Yo Carly

    Congrats on a job well done to you and all your team members….I usually do not dance at most function but this nite I managed to do a few and at one point I had to take off my shoes :0)

    As for the photos, please be patient ya, I still have not received those taken by Boon Liang and Karen yet. I also saw a few other members clicking away., so if all of you can e-mail me the photos asap I will consolidate and post them up at one go.

    Remember hor, pl take out those that cannot be posted and also do not use web version to send me as the photos will be very small once it get uploaded and you might need a magnifying glass to view :0)


  36. Thanks Rene. Yes, I felt so young and happy that night at the Proms. You did a great job in the Grease performance and after that, I saw you dancing the night away 🙂

    Yo Sockie, glad you got a chance to dance that night. Thanks very much for your help to capture all the fun moments. I witnessed many were like little children, running around or dancing bare-footed.


  37. Dear Carly,

    Thank you and your committee for doing such a good job! Although I don’t dance much, I enjoyed every minute of it.
    Kudos to Jeff Gan and his “boys” for providing us with live entertainment.

    I’m sure that the energy of the “16 year olds” at the Prom Nite surpasses the energy of the real 16 years olds in school!


  38. Yes Angela,
    I agree with you, we surpasses the energy of the real 16 years old.. I was dancing like I have never dance before..

    Cheers to the EOs and the team who make it happen, especially to Carly, Dolly, Lily,


  39. Dear Angela

    Thank you for your compliments and kind words. I asked you to dance but you were very shy and said later but the later never came. Glad you enjoyed the evening.

    Yes Angela and Eileen

    I thin our Silverhair 16 put the real 16s to shame with their energised dance routines.

    Thanks Eileen for cheering us on.

    Cheers to you too being the most authentic 60s dresser.

  40. Dear Carly,

    Sorry for the late respond, I just got my password retrieved. I should take compliments to you and your team’s great effort, including Dolly, Lily and the “principal”.

    I’m not a very good dancer but I just want everybody to have a great time and most importantly enjoy the party. Still Thanks for your praises, I really appreciate it. I feel like I’m 18, going to enlist into National Service soon. I must say the the party is a Excellent job, Well Done. All the best and keep it up.


  41. Dear Carly & all,

    Allow me to join in on the “thank you” line.

    Yeah.. yeah… indeed Prom Nite proved to be another successful SHC event. I’m sure all present had a wonderful time.. though I did noticed that some quieter members and/or those who do no dance, were left sitting alone on the table. I tried to drag him/her to the dance floor; or engage him/or in conversation. Luckily, I managed to break the ice.

    For the benefit of those who did not come… here’s what you’ve missed …?

    Hamida & gang put up a good opening dance item. Great… keep it up. More.. more… Hamida.. we want more! We enjoyed the dance workshop, very much.

    The RnR contest was really fun … perhaps we could hv more of such? Sue & Bernard were naturally good dancers.. with co-ordinated rhythm and timing. George & I enjoyed the contest, and so glad we signed up. There was no stress .. win or lose nevermind… it’s all for fun. Thanks Bobby for the video.

    Jeff & his 4 pc band & his group of talented singers, did a fine job with the live band segment. I enjoyed backing up the few lines with George! And the games lead by our lovely MC, Irene, was really fun. Really hilarious. It had everyone in stiches, and everyone scrambling for all kinds of things.. including a bra! And I was running around the ballroom with a shirt, searching for Caroline! And there were shoes flying all over the place, too!

    And I’m glad my frens, Pat Oei & his lovely wife enjoyed the evening, being their first SHC outing! And Bobby became an overnight star, too!

    Yea.. I agree with Jeff… we should do it again! Now that Carly & team has so much experience, and the singers/dancers have polished up their act….. can we “play it again, sam?”


  42. Hi Thomas

    Better late than never right? No doubt about you feeling like 18 that night. You were basking in all the pretty girls’ attention because you look so cool in your attire and hat. And of course your sleek dance steps.

    Hi Lydia

    Thanks for your support for the event all the way. You have helped me in many ways to help me make the event a success.

    Yes, I can tell your friends Pat and Linda enjoyed themselves very much.

    Everyone had much fun that night. They all remembered their fun boots and dancing shoes.

    Like what I told Jeff, EO again? Must be kidding.
    No lah! Give others a chance.


  43. Hi Lydia #51

    Thanks for your compliments & support. Glad you enjoyed the whole event, my performance & dance workshop. Ha..ha the most unforgetable & hilarious scenes are the bra & trouser thing.

    Suggest for future events, you contribute some dance performances cos I see many talented dancers in SHC. If e SCHians see everytime my face only do dance performance & workshop wait they “jelak” (boring) lah.

    We sure felt young and energetic that nite.


  44. Hi Patrick Oei #54

    Haha poor thing you, I think you download until blurr blurr hee..hee. Jeff dance patner is his wife Irene Lee & not Christine. Luckily the female dancer in Video is really Irene if different chabor wait Irene will make Jeff’s eye “ore cheh”(blueblack) and you too will kena hantam by Jeff for causing him to have blueblack eye haa..haa

    Anyway thank you very much for your video uploading.


  45. Ha ha Hamidah
    I blur like sotong. Will amend later tonite
    or else,. Next time got no more leg to dance.hee hee.

    Cheers. Hope u and gang admire t dancing.

    The more I see it. The more I want to see it.

  46. Hi Patrick

    Good morning brother. I’m not good in IT matters, just asking, how can my dancers view the performance video if they are not your FB friends bcos you sent the video to my FB. Pls advice me “blurr like sotong” too when come to IT matters hee..hee

  47. Hi Hamidah

    Gotten to watch you and the lovely dancers in the youtube, great job. Enjoy watching is so much that I watched a couple of times. Contentants in the rock and roll contest, that was some fancy footwork.

    Caroline and team, it seems that the event was organised by by a professional event company.


  48. Hi Agnes #61

    Thank you very much for your compliments. You would also have probably seen via Facebook the video taken by Francis that I shared with FB frens. Too bad you could’nt be there to join the fun, we all felt like teenagers that nite.


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