JAM FOR JAPAN – Charity Event

Hi Everyone,

I am the event coordinator for this and will be there.  If anyone interested to join me, pls send me a private email and we can make arrangements to meet there.  Hope you will come to support.  Btw, my daughter and her friends from Project Superstar 2 will be performing from 7pm to 7.30pm. They are performing for free so do join me to give a helping hand to the tsunami and earthquake victims.





More Info

Thursday, March 31 · 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Dragonfly @ St James Power Station

3 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore, Singapore

Jam for Japan is a fundraiser for the victims of the recent devastating earthquake. All door proceeds + 10% of bar sales go to the Red Cross Society so please come and donate generously!

Catch performances by Campus Superstar finalists, Yours Truly Live Music, Singapore Street Festival talent, St James artists, Universal Studios Singapore artists, a fashion show featuring the latest collection from PUMA and more!

Door charge is $15 including one drink.

13 thoughts on “JAM FOR JAPAN – Charity Event

  1. Hi Bobby

    Glad you can make it.

    There may be two or three others coming too. We will prob be eating at the Food Republic at St James. The food there is quite good and reasonably priced. The satay, fried hokkien mee and oh luak are good – tried before. If you want to have dinner with us, then meet us at the food area.
    I will get confirmation from the rest and then will sms you the exact place and the time we will be there.

    I want to be in Dragonfly before 7pm cos my daughter and her friends will be performing only from 7pm to 7.30pm and I dont want to miss that. I will prob be there by 6pm – to be confirmed, and have a leisurely dinner for strolling into DF.

    See you tomorrow.


  2. Hi Carly,

    I would very much like to support this event, I love the ambience at St James; but unfortunately, I have another appointment this evening, which cannot be moved around!

    Do keep us posted on the next event.

    Enjoy yourselves tonite.


  3. Hi Lydia

    Sorry that you cant make it. Yes will do.
    Up to now, I have about 7 to 8 persons coming with me 🙂

    We will be having some yummy food before we proceed to Dragonfly.


  4. Dear Dolly Choo, Karen Thio, Lilian Teo, Judy Lim, Laura Wee, Anna Seet, Bobby Bok and Tan Boon Liang for your kind support and generosity.

    My daughter asked me to say a big thank you to all of you for your support.

    The Dragonfly was full to the brim and the songs, dances and fashion parade were very enjoyable.

    Dolly Choo and I cannot tahan too late night out so had to leave early (10pm)with the rest of the gang staying on to continue their enjoyment.

    Goodnight 🙂


  5. Dear Carly,

    Thank you for sharing this event with great music & fantastic performance again to proved that we are still young & able to mixed & enjoyed with all the young generation.


    Judy Lim

  6. Dear Carly,

    Forgot to mention that should be Irene Seet instead of Anna Seet, I also use to missed out their name till my trip to Phuket..**(^_^)**


  7. Hi Judy

    Glad you enjoyed. And I did too. Very much with good company.

    Thanks for the correction. This is the second time already.

    Dear Irene Seet

    My apologies for giving you the wrong name. Hope you enjoyed too.


  8. Carly

    It was indeed a fun Night with my kaki as well.

    Soo.. should I comment – the daughter is pretty , or the daughter look like the mummmy – hahah – u know what I mean.

    Bobby/Irene/BL & me stayed till 11pm sharp as this is what we promised to Irene Seet.

    Forgotten that I did not have a proper dinner , feel so hungry when I reach home…

    Carly – we will have dinner at that Republic with live music … one fine day .


  9. Dear Karen

    Yes, good company, good music and good atmosphere makes the outing fun.

    Wow you stayed till quite late.

    Thanks for the compliments. No lah, she looks more like her Pops thats why pretty.

    Aiyo poor thing!

    OK, its a deal. Mon or Tues cos these two days my favourite band will play.


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