Moving on with Paperclips

Hi Paperclips members,

It has always been my hope that Silverhairs members are able to find like-minded friends. Since the club started in 2005, our activities are generally participated by about 80% females and 20% males. However the Club itself has registered about 60% females and 40% males. The question has always been why the inbalance.

As we get older, especially after leaving full time work, our colleagues carry on their lives. Nowadays, many senior club members find that our children are having their own family life. And for some, they leave the nest home. For others, our spouses leave us naturally, either through a divorce or to another world.

At some time, we are all left alone, with an empty apartment, no one to have lunch and dinner with. We have time to travel, but we are unable to find someone with common interest. Obviously, no one to chat, go out with, hold hands together, go to a cinema together or travel to nearby Penang together.

Very often, we then try to keep busy. Spend time with grandchildren. Watch Korean movie or roam Changi Jewel alone. Better still, some find our local kopitiam a place where we can debate the budget or find out more about CPF life from neighbours.

I had hope that SilverHairsClub will be a platform for members to find new friends. Today, I read an article in Channel News Asea on dating apps. I guess the article suits the 25-35 age group. But I believe the dating apps suits single SilverHairsClub members. The Paperclips program is for singles only. Plse read the article below.

I plan to be in Spore in May, and am thinking of having the next monthly gathering with the topic “Dating for SilverHairs”.

For members planning to join the mthly gathering, the date will likely be 13-18 May 2019.

If you like to speak on this topic, please contact me at 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “Moving on with Paperclips

  1. Dear Terence

    I am happy to register to attend the monthly gathering. However, being single for almost 16 years after my hubby passed on, and never dated in the real sense nor found a partner, I dont think I am qualified to speak on this topic. I found my best buddy and my bunch of very good friends in SHC, which I am always grateful for this platform. I am happily single and I have my buddy and friends to hang out with, together with my family and my work, I am almost fully occupied.
    I agree with you that there are some moments when you wish you have someone to hug or hold hands but my freedom with no responsibility towards a partner outweighs these moments.
    All things said, we can never say never cos it may just hit you when you least expect it.
    Would love to listen to what others have to say.
    Many thanks for sharing Terence.

  2. Mesmerising Melody. And for those who can read (traditional) Chinese, appreciate the beautifully written lyrics.

    Briefly, this song is about a man meeting his old flame whom have left him many years ago. The water, the waves and the wind are as before – and he wonders whether he can rekindle the fire with his once upon a time soul-mate.


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