SHC CPF WhatsApp discussions

Let’s have another session on WhatsApp to discuss and share CPF issues concerning seniors.

The CPF website has plenty of information. An appointment at any of the CPF centres can also clear your doubt.

This WhatsApp discussion group will last 7 days, starting 15 May and ends 21 May 2019 midnight.

Rules apply:

1. No website URL link

2. No photos, tell phone numbers or invitations to attend any events.

3. No greetings. But feel free to introduce your name. Please address one another by first name.

4. All Q&A strictly text only.

5. Strictly, no unrelated content.

6. Plse keep to the above rules to stay on the chat. Sorry, no reminders.

Plse register here to attend. Deadline: 14 May 2019.

Terence Seah

15 thoughts on “SHC CPF WhatsApp discussions

  1. Currently those whose minimum sum for Medisave locked in (example $49800), any excess is transferred back to the OA account which I think CPF Board should look into the matter, as the interest is 2.5% instead of 4%.

    I proposed that any excess should be transfer to the Special Account which is 4% and member will not lose out in interest.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Recently, the HDB announced the use of CPF to buy elderly flats, with the aim of extending the value of flats before reaching its 99 year lease.

    Some of us consider buying a flat which has less than 60 years left, but am not able to use the remaining CPF. Is it worth considering buying an elderly flat, now that there is a relaxation on the use of CPF, compared with switching to CPF Life at 65?

    Come join the discussion where you get to ask questions among like-minded members. As payouts from CPF Life. Retirement account and HDB property vary from individual to individual, you can then go over to a CPF branch and be clear on the options available to you.

    Come join the CPF WhatsApp discussion.

    Terence Seah

  3. The SHC WhatsApp CPF discussion is ongoing. Currently, the group is discussing CPF Life options, whether to stay on RA or convert to CPF life.

    I find the discussion interesting especially the topic on trying to find ways to beat the returns and interest rates.

    Unfortunately some of us do not have enough CPF in the OA and SA, and are thus unable to participate meaningfully in CPF life.

    Of course, as usual within SHC, there are members who have good cash savings and are able to put their extra monies into private annuity programs.

    Terence Seah

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