SHC monthly gathering Fri 13 Sep 2019 mid Autumn festival

Hi SilverHairsClub members,

For many of us, some 30-40 years ago, many of us were young adults. Some of us were at a romantic stage of our lives.

Although not a public holiday, we know when the moon cake festival is here. We wait for the full moon to bloom at its brightest. Our parents taught us not to point out 1st index finger at the moon. And we get to enjoy moon cakes.

Perhaps you have your version of how the moon cake festival existed. But definitely the same mid autumn festival is a romantic day each year. Now that we are in our fifties, sixties and seventies, we can still be romantic, in love with memories of our younger days.

This year, we shall again celebrate the moon cakes cum mid Autumn festival.

Here’s the planning details.

* Date: Fri 13 Sep 2019 (fixed)

* Time: 1800 hr to 2300 hr

* Venue: nothing yet

* Music: Chinese evergreen, musician and organ accompanied.

* F&B: planning stage. Can be catered or provided as part of venue.

* Cost: still early. Likely there will be an early bird price. Non- member price will be SGD 15 over members price.

* Dress: to suit the festival.

Be a part of the thinking and planning process. I look forward to your ideas and suggestions.

And if you like to join this committee, please WhatsApp text me.

Terence Seah


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