SHC monthly gathering Fri 13 Sep 2019 mid Autumn festival

Hi SilverHairsClub members,

For many of us, some 30-40 years ago, many of us were young adults. Some of us were at a romantic stage of our lives.

Although not a public holiday, we know when the moon cake festival is here. We wait for the full moon to bloom at its brightest. Our parents taught us not to point out 1st index finger at the moon. And we get to enjoy moon cakes.

Perhaps you have your version of how the moon cake festival existed. But definitely the same mid autumn festival is a romantic day each year. Now that we are in our fifties, sixties and seventies, we can still be romantic, in love with memories of our younger days.

This year, we shall again celebrate the moon cakes cum mid Autumn festival.

Here’s the planning details.

* Date: Fri 13 Sep 2019

* Time: 1700 -1830 hr at Ground floor,  1830 to 2230 hr at roof top.

* Venue: Jayleen 1918 hotel (roof top),

42 Carpenter St, Singapore 059921. Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay. Cross the overhead bridge to Carpenter street.  Car Park $1.50 per hr, after 5pm.

* Music: Chinese evergreen, musician and keyboard accompanied.

* F&B: Buffet dinner.

* Dress: Appropriate, light and breezy.

* Cost: $28 per pax (early bird paid before 31 Aug 2019.  $30 after 31 Aug 2019).
Non- member price $35 per pax. As this is an Anniversary celebration, we shall make an exception: extend payment to be made by 05Sep for S$28/per pax for members; after 05Sep will be S$30, no further extension. Payment to a/c Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.
* Liquor: You may bring your own wine, beer or whisky if you like. No corkage charge.

* Dress: to suit the festival.

Be a part of the thinking and planning process. I look forward to your ideas and suggestions.

And if you like to join this committee, please WhatsApp text me.

– – – – – – –
SHC was established in 2015.  This year, the Club celebrates its 15th Anniversary.  We will commemorate this occasion on Fri 13 Sep 2019, in conjunction with our SEP monthly gathering and mid Autumn festival.  I look forward to your participation.
– – – – – –

5.00 pm to 6pm: registration at ground floor lobby.  Plse contact Estee Oh on Arrival.

6.50 pm Opening welcome by Douglas Chan, Cycling leader.
7.00 to 9.30pm Music
7.00 pm buffet dinner starts on rooftop
8.00 pm Guest singer
9.00 pm Anniversary cake cutting
10.00 pm: Event ends

Terence Seah
– – – – –

Attendance list:


  1. Caroline Gee – Baking and contributing a cake for our anniversary.
  2. Caroline’s Friend- NN
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Doreen Chan
  5. Doreen Ho
  6. Terence Seah
  7. Bobby Bok
  8. Grace Kang
  9. Stella Sheng
  10. Karen Thio
  11. Thomas Loh
  12. Lilian Quek
  13. Andrew Koh
  14. Douglas Chan
  15. C H Teo
  16. Rosalind Lee
  17. Gabriella Chua
  18. Mary Kwek
  19. Lim Kim Eng
  20. Cheng Whye Kee
  21. Rosalyn Khoo
  22. Helen Chiew
  23. Juliet Say
  24. Diana Ng
  25. ChristinA Chan – Treasurer
  26. Graham Smith
  27. Doris Tan
  28. Eyvonne Chew
  29. George Lee
  30. Seok Cheng
  31. John Lim
  32. Yoon Chin
  33. Estee Oh – Registration desk
  34. Daisy Phua
  35. Steven Chan
  36. Inez Lim
  37. Pony Teng – Assisting at registraton desk
  38. Jean Tay – non member
  39. Evelyn Ong Choo
  40. Winnie Tong
  41. Violet – NM
  42. Christine Teo
  43. Catherine Cheng
  44. Agnes Hong
  45. Lee Joo Seng
  46. Doris Tan – unable to come
  47. Doris Tan’s partner – unable to come
  48. Irene Ong
  49. Michael Tan
  50. Judy Lim
  51. Janie Leong
  52. —- early bird registration before 31 Aug 2019. Registration is now closed.

104 thoughts on “SHC monthly gathering Fri 13 Sep 2019 mid Autumn festival

  1. The SEP 2019 mthly gathering will be held on Fri 13 SEP 2019. This is also the mid autumn festival, and for many of us, this is also moon cake eating time. But for me, this day is very romantic. I remembered when young, we quickly finished work after 5pm, have dinner and wait to see the big bright moon. Altho no girlfriend, at that time, the mid autumn festival has always been a romantic time. I focused my eye sharply at the moon, and visualising the face we see each night.

    We have programmed the evening to have Chinese classic music, played by a musician on his keyboard. Very likely, food will be catered. So, make a date to join this mthly gathering. We will have a paper lantern for the 1st 50 registered members.

    The monthly gathering aims to bring SilvrHairs together, meeting new ones and catching up with old ones. As we get older, knowing a set of friends with similar interests is key to keeping an active life circle.

    Keep your ideas coming in.

    To make this occasion, i shall arrive Singapore on 12 Sept, and leave on 14 SEP 2019.

    Terence Seah.

  2. We have now confirmed the venue for our mid Aug festival monthly gathering at Jayleen 1918 hotel (rooftop).

    Our cost is $30 per pax. This will include a buffet dinner at the roof top. The cost of musician is a contribution from a fellow member

    For those who register before and pay before 31 Aug, the early bird price is $28 per pax.

    Those who wish to bring their own whisky, beer or wine my do so, without corkage charge.

    Terence Seah

  3. I am very pleased we have some very senior and new faces coming to our SEP gathering and 15 th anniversary celebration. I note members are pulling in other members, despite other interesting events going on during this mid Autumn fest night.

    I need some help for someone to buy or make a cake, say 1 kg and bring to the event. Club will pay for the cake. This is for celebrating our 15th birthday.

    Ideas are welcome.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hello Terence,
    First of all. Thank you very much for helping me to log in….forgotten password.

    Kindly register George Lee and Seok Cheng for this mid autumn event.
    Thanks again

  5. In commeration of our 15th anniversary, all members, please gather for a moon cake birthday cake-cutting and photograph session at 9pm. Caroline Gee loves baking, and she is contributing this cake for our special occasion.

    Tq Caroline.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Terence ,
    Please register for Steven Chan .
    Thanks and looking forward to meet my old and new friends.

    Many thanks to the organiser who brought about this auspicious event.

    Sawadee ka.

    • Sept gathering mid autumn 15th anniversary, payment to a/c Treasurer Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.

      $28 Early bird
      $30 1 sept and after.

      Plse indicate transfer reference number and date/time for easy checking. Tq.

      Terence Seah

  7. Dear club members,
    I am Estee. I am glad to join Silver Hairs Club’s 15th Anniversary Monthly Gathering & Mid Autumn Festival Celebration on 13 Sep.
    This is my 1st time turning up for an event ever since I joined as a member many years back.

    I am pleased to help out the committee at the registration desk.

    When you arrive at Ground floor , please come say hi and register with me.

    Hope you have a great day then and see you soon!

  8. Hi Terence/Christina,
    Payment of $140 is being made for the below attendees.

    3) Dolly Lim
    10) Karen Thio
    11) Thomas Loh
    15) CH Teo
    16) Rosalind Lee

    Thank you and cheers… See you soon.. Dolly

  9. Dear Participants,

    I would like All to indicate (must) your payment made here in this blog:
    1) The date of payment
    2) Amount and
    3) who paid and/or for which other person
    4) you may use PayNow if you are sure you have my mobile contact
    Note: mobile numbers will not/should not be posted in this blog.

    Purpose: audit verification will be clear and easy. :D

    ps: I will try best to verify payment received at the end of a weekday, though no promises.

    Trust your kind understanding.

    Thank you!
    The Treasurer,

  10. Hi Christina, I have transferred $35.00 to your acc for my friend, No. 2 on registration list, who is a non member. Done at Bedok Market Place, 348 Bedok Road. Ref 5577 today, 29 Aug at 1852hrs.

  11. Sorry Terence, I have to cancel my registration as I am still nursing my gastrointestinal after I recover from my cough. No appetite for buffet and I prefer to rest at home. Since I am not going, Michael also give it a miss.

    Thank you
    Ah Nee

  12. Hi Christina
    I’ve transferred $28 to your posb savings acct at 6.20 pm today. Done at atm (ref 6083). Pl check that you’ve received.
    Thank you.


  13. Hi Christina Chan;
    Thanks Bobby for your kind thought and gentle reminder. I almost forgotten about the early bird payment.

    Just manage to pay on time at 11.50 pm on 31st. Aug 2019 at Sunset Way POSB ATM .
    The receipt ref no is 0544. Pls acknowledge.

    Thank you.
    Steven Chan.

  14. Dear All,

    As this is an Anniversary celebration, we shall make an exception: extend payment to be made by 05Sep for S$28/per pax for members; after 05Sep will be S$30, no further extension.

    Look forward to seeing All of you!

    • Hi Christina,

      Payment $112 made via internet transfer on at 0100 hr for Rosalyn Khoo, Helen Chiew, Diana Say, Juliet Ng. Unfortunately, did track the ref number.

      Terence Seah

      • Hi Terence,

        No worries.. bank statements does not reflect Tracking no; only the Date and Tme of transaction will be shown.

        Checks / verification will be on Monday.


        • Hi Christina, interesting, I did not know tracking no not shown in Statement. Payment $112 ref MB1368 3104 950P41 on 31 Aug for Terence Seah, Douglas Chan, Doreen Chan, Inez lim.

          Terence Seah

          • Hi ChristinaC, payment for Andrew Koh, Loh Yew Kwong, Caroline Gee, and Christina Chan – $112 ref MB1368 3122 422P74 dated 31 Aug.

  15. The registration desk is a good starting point to get to meet new and current members. Both Estée Oh and Pony Teng are new members, and they will be managing the registration desk from 5pm at Jayleen lobby and from 6pm at the roof top.

    Please register when you arrive, and you will be given a name label for u to stick to your blouse or shirt. We find that this is a great way to see and know who is the person 1 metre away.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi Stella,

      LilianQ payment $30, received. Kindly ask her to get the $2 excess from me on day of event, lest I have a “senior moment”!


  16. Hi Christina,

    this msg reassigned here from Estee Oh,

    “Hi, Christian Chan, I had transferred $28 to yr account thru IBanking on 31 Aug ,Sat night , 12:05 . For yr ñ.a. pls. TQ.


  17. SilverHairsClub name tags are welcome at all events. Plse bring yours along if you have them. The name tags with your name should be visible 1 m from you.

    All name tags are different, no fixed design, colour or shape. We would be making name tags for those who are interested to have one. Our registration team Estée Oh and Pony Teng will be preparing them plse let us know by 10 SEP 10pm latest. If not, we will prepare a sticky label for you on that day.

    Tq Estée and Pony.

    Terence Seah

  18. Hi Terence , I managed to log in as what’s app had asked my daughter to pay for us – George Lee & seok cheng for mid autumn on 13 Sept. The ref 2019090612628456 at 6/9/19 1018pm . Is under my daughter name tlxl. Have written a note: for George Lee.

    • Hi ChristinaC,

      Mary Kwek paid SGD 35, shd be SGD 28, on 8sep2019 10.03pm. I have asked her to contact you on the evening for a refund.

      Sorry for inconvenience

      Terence Seah

      • Hi Terence,

        FYI, just login my bank account, there is no payment received on 08Sep.
        In fact there is no payment since 06 – 09Sep.

        Any payment made after extended dateline 05Sep, will be S$30/pax


  19. Hi Terence/ Christina,

    Sorry for last minute signed in the gathering this Fri.

    I have transferred $30/- to Christina’s POSB Saving accounts, Ref No: 6697.

    Thank you

    • Janie, tq for being able to make it to SHC 15th anniversary and monthly gathering. Long time.

      Members, when you arrive tomorrow, plse go straight to the ground floor, our holding area. Estee and Pony will be at registration, and shall give you a sticky name label for you to put on your blouse or shirt

      We shall go up to the roof top at 6pm. Musician Ken Tan will play for us Chinese evergreen songs on his keyboard. SHC singer Caroline Gee will also be singing and entertaining us 3 songs.

      Our always exciting Dolly Lim will be organising a networking game for new and old members. Please join the game.

      I shall arr Singapore in the morning, in time for the SEP monthly gathering. Look forward to meet everybody.

      Terence Seah

    • Dolly dear,
      though already ack receipt via PayNow/WhatsApps; shall confirm here as well …. {smile}

      See all of you tonite {smile}

  20. Yes, yes, you are right, is today for the celebration of 15year anniversary of SHC – wow that’s was long ago since I joined. Sure going to have another round of enjoyable night… Hurray!!!.. seeing everyone here this evening. Cheers… Dolly

  21. Heard annoument from mrt station Jus now, certain line operate till.11pm tonight cause under construction..
    Please take noted

    I.think downtown line affected. (My hse line)

  22. As always, it was great to get together. It was always such an amazing gathering , and as always dinner was great with 3 different type of chickens , but spending time with new and old members are  even better.
    Thank caroline for the delicious shc  birthday’s cake and nice vocal ,Thomas for contributing fruits to us and pony ,dolly  ….too

    The evening was a perfect combination of great conversation and good food .

    Lastly thank Terrence for hosting this mid autumn event.

    Cheers !


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