Live to Eat – Part 2 July 23rd,2011 (Saturday)

Dear members

Since our last session on June 5, 2010 we had not organised another food and fun fellowship.emoticon

This time round we will have a hearty and healthy vegetarian meal and then go for a leisurely stroll to Sentosa (RWS) led by Boon Liang. After our meal, we will take a 15-minute bus ride to Harbourfront. Alternatively we may take a train from Dakota or Aljunied MRT. It is also worthwhile if four persons share a cab.  Those who drive may wish to pack in a few friends, new and old.

The walk will be along the boardwalk from Vivocity to Resort World Sentosa. Per entry to Sentosa is a dollar. You may join us just for the dinner if you do not want to make the journey for the walk or you may join us just for the walk. 

Venue: 8treasures Vegetarian Restaurant, Guillemard Village, 102 Guillemard Road (Former Singapore Badminton Hall)

Dinner time: 6.00pm

Depart to Vivocity: 7.00pm

Dinner cost: $12.00 per pax

Yummy menu: Fresh Mushroom Roll/Kung Bao Chicken/Clayport Beancurd/Vegetable Delight/Sea Cucumber with Vegetables/HongKong Noodles/Dessert. Drink is on your own.

Please pay to Joy’s POSB Savings Account: 159-131645 by July16, 2011

EOs, Boon Liang, Dan & Joyemoticon(alamak, which of the three is banging the head!)

Hungry diners and walkers :-

  1. Dan (Paid)
  2. Joy (Paid)
  3. Boon Liang (Paid cash 16 Jul)
  4. Bee Gek (Paid cash 2 Jul)
  5. Audrey Wong (ATR 13 Jul)
  6. Judy Lim (ATR 10 Jul)
  7. June Koh (ITR 5 Jul)
  8. Irene Poh (ATR 10 Jul)
  9. Gabriella (ATR 2 Jul)
  10. Sockie (ATR 16 Jul)
  11. Pauline Tan (ITR 10 Jul)
  12. Maureen Lee (ATR 30 Jun)
  13. Clara Chay (IBG 12 Jul)
  14. Grace Wong (ITR 16 Jul)
  15. Ann Lim (ATR 15 Jul)
  16. Roland Tong (ATR 15 Jul)
  17. Helen Kuek (ATR 17 Jul)
  18. Susan Tan SW (ATR 17 Jul)
  19. Jane Ong (ATR 17 Jul)
  20. Elaine Kong (ATR 16 Jul)
  21. Rina Tan (ATR 21 Jul)
  22. Janet Chan (walk only)
  23. Ivan (walk only)
  24. Eunice Tay (walk only)
  25. Zariah Kassim (walk only)
  26. Margaret Soo (walk only)
  27. Janis Han (walk only)
  28. Christina Pan (walk only)
  29. More more more!!!   Burp…


Photos by Boon Liang & Sockie

62 thoughts on “Live to Eat – Part 2 July 23rd,2011 (Saturday)

  1. Good morning Dan / Joy / Boon Liang,

    Please include Irene Poh, June Koh and myself in this gathering.

    Thanks for organising.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Audrey, Judy, June and Irene,

    Good to have all your support and participation again after the durian trip. We going to have a whale of a time at the Resort World after dinner.


  3. Hi Dan, Joy and Boon Liang

    Tks for organising this event. I would like to join in the dinner and board walk to Sentosa.

    Pl include me.


  4. Hi Gabriella, Ronald and Maria,

    Glad you could join us. Let’s look forward to another day of fun, food and adventure. It’s such a nice place for a leisurely stroll and we may get to enjoy a free show known as the ‘Crane Dance’ at RWS!

    Ronald, dun worry. it almost nightfall and the weather should be cool and breezy.


  5. Hi Steven

    Good to have you join us. We can have you as our lighthouse so the walkers don’t go astray and end up in Vivo or St James.


  6. Dear folks,

    Those who do not intend to join us for the vegetarian dinner may just join us for the enchanting night walk to Sentosa. On the way back if you are tired you may catch the monorail back!


  7. It’s hard on weekends but if I manage to book a room in 1 of the hotels there, those who go to pahlawan beach for a dip after food & walk can bathe in my room on 1 condition that the bathroom door is kept open. Whether I want to look in is up to me – cant force.

  8. Hi Janet and Ivan (err…not related hor, just reply together only)

    It’s a pity you can’t join us for the dinner. See you at the start of the Sentosa boardwalk at about 7.30pm.


  9. Hi Joy /Dan/Boon Liang
    Here we come…
    1)Grace Wong 2)S.k.Chua 3)Laura Ng 4)Ann Lim 5) Roland Tong

    Veg Dnr & Walkto RWS

    Thanks …will make payment indidvidually.


  10. Hi Eunice, noted you are in for the walk only.

    Clara, coming for both dinner and walk?

    Grace, SK Chua, Laura, Ann and Roland, so glad to have all you good folks joining us for a hearty meal and an enchanting walk to RWS.


  11. We would appreciate that all those yet to pay do so as the deadline is just two days to go.

    Joy Ah Long is on the prowl and in a frenetic state and we dun know wat she will do next!


  12. “Joy Ah Long is ……… a frenetic state and we dun know wat she will do next!”

    I know.

    With the $ already collected, she will go into the casino. Bet on the sure-win Fortune Wheel. Make enough to pay for everyone, with winnings enough for retirement. She will then refund payments received and give everyone a treat. Might even launch a takover of the restaurant.

    Haha. Huh !

    Of cos she wont. She is careful and frugal with money. She hates gambling, like Lily-H (who is still trying to figure out a male from a female) hates me.

    I shd be able to book a room on the island this 23rd. If folks want to go for a swim first, pls contact me thru Dan or the frenetic Joy. They hv my hp #. The pool is small tho and it closes at 7 p.m.

    Fsyi, monorail and bus out of sentosa is free. Food joints there price their sales relatively high. Breadtalk and Toastbox are probably the exceptions.

  13. Hi Tim, since the pool will be closed by the time we get there, we are all going to your room.

    Dear diners, if you have not paid up, we would need you to do so by TODAY.


  14. Dear members

    If you are new, this is an opportunity to get to know some of us in a smaller group.

    If there are others who would like to join us for this makan and jalan next Saturday, you may still do so. Do make payment to POSB savings account stated in the main post, by today.


  15. Dan, normal check-in time is 3 p.m. but I shd be able to get into my roon earlier, say aftet 1.30 p.m. so a swim can be had b4 the makan altho the sun will shine directly above.

    I may be making a loaf with cheese or making love with chics when you go to my room. Either, folks can join in. Do bring some tidbits. Canned heineken beer – abt 12 cans – is on me.

  16. Hi Tim, was only joking about coming to your room. Our dinner is at 6pm at Guillemard Road and we probably reach the Sentosa Boardwalk at about 7.30pm. Thanks for the offer.

    Dear diners, some of those who signed up are now not able to join us and we have fallen below the minimum pax for the stated menu. We will re-negotiate for the best possible replacement menu.


  17. Dan-H, I wasnt joking but since you were, I will not standby any beer in the room until you advise to the contrary.

    The Fountain of Dreams should come alive on Saturday nites.

  18. Hi Helen,

    Glad that you are able to join us, Joy Ah Long is looking out for you.

    Christina, you are mia for quite a while, noted you are in for the walk only.


  19. Those coming for the walk only, meet us at the starting point just outside Tung Lok Restaurant at 7.30pm!

    At RWS, we can watch the ‘Crane Dance’ and also laser lights at the ‘Fountain of Dream’.

    3 more days to a healthy dinner and an enchanting walk by the boardwalk to Sentosa!

    Dan, Joy, Boon Liang

  20. Dan-H, I was told that the crane show starts at about 9 p.m. and should be over in about 15 minutes.

    Of cos other than the show and the walk thru crowds at RWS, you folks can also enjoy a stroll down the Pahlawan-Tanjong beaches.

    Remember, the island used to be known as Pulau Belakang Mati so ghosts and spirits are aplenty, some still clad in bikinis (as they went down and drowned while swimming). Say yes if they invte you to their party which is free.

    Seriously, if dinner starts at Guillemard @ 6 p.m. it’s tough to reach Vivo City (I assume where Tung Lok is) by 7.30 p.m. esp on a Saturday nite. Other than cabs, there’s no direct public transport from guillemard to VC.

    It’s good if folks waiting for you at VC will hv yr mobile to contact, and vice versa.

  21. Hi Dan

    Not sure if there’ll be a NDP rehearsal this Sat which means that there’ll be road blocks and traffic jams.


  22. Thanks Tim for the concern but we are taking this outing one step at a time and at our old leisurely pace.

    Gabriella, that a good question to ponder but like I said let’s try to enJoy ourselves and take life and it’s challenges as it come!


  23. Hi

    A little bird told me that there will be an NDP rehearsal and road blocks this Sat, but movement from Guillemard to Vivo should not be affected.


  24. Hi all,
    We will all bus on Svc 30 from Old Airport Road via ECP Xpressway/Benjamin Sheres Bridge, probably may get a glimpse of NDP actions along the way.

    From Old Airport Road to Vivo City journey est to be only 15min supposed if there’s no heavy traffic at Sentosa gateway. Well let’s cross all our fingers and have a smooth ride.

    We shall take a leisure stroll along & sock in the sight & sound along the new broadwalk into RWS.

    Yes Tim you’re right, Crance Dance begins at 9am (10min)- A 10-sty tall animatronic show and watch the magical love story between a pair of cranes fall in love and bless guests with prosperity and good luck.
    Combining groundbreaking audio and visual technologies, astounding light and water effects, be awed by the cranes’ graceful courtship ritual. The sheer size of the steel cranes moving deftly in the midst of water illusion and play of light is one not to be missed. Catch the cranes before they fly away, every evening at the WaterFront.

    Lake of Dreams at 9:30pm –
    A Unique musical extraganza,Flaming dragons, water cannons, and laser special effects, all in a spectacular show. This free entertainment spectacle, located close to the Casino at the heart of FestiveWalk , dramatically transforms the strip from day to night.

    Next, ToastBox for KOPI-O and have a leisure walk at RWS…Casino anyone?

  25. Tim cant be right if the Crane dance starts at 9 a.m.

    The Lake of Dreams brings screams. Once, the cranes pounced on me when all I did was to walk past them. Then, the flaming dragons spewed fire into my mouth when all I asked was for a cigarette light.

    So, safer to watch from a distance.

    Near the steps where you can be seated to watch the show, sits a black sculpture of The Thinker. I dont think anyone knows what he is thinking.

  26. Dear Dan and Boon Liang

    Thank you v much for the enjoyable evening yesterday. I fully appreciate all the hard work involved in making the event a success.

    Looking forward to our next get together.


  27. Hi Dan and Boon Liang

    Just wanna say
    “Thanks Ah Kors”
    Have a great week ahead

    Not forgetting Ms Sockie, who took pictures for the
    Have a great week ahead too.


  28. Thank You Dan, Boon Lian, Sockie & Joy

    Had a fantastic vegetarian dinner and a wonderful walk @ Sentosa with fireworks, fountain performance and ice cream session.

    See All Again!

  29. Thank you Sockie and Boon Liang for the memories. It was a wonderful outing for us enjoying a healthy meals and adjoining to a leisurely walk to Sentosa.

    Looking at all the splendid photos I was reminded of all the colors and gaiety we had. This is more than a family outing where all of you took time to pose for photos and a visit to all the beautiful lights and scenery. I wonder whether a visit to Disneyland would be as good as this though it is much cheaper.

    Tim was there waiting for us though he was there on another agenda and we were glad to have the company of Roland Tong. Do take time to review the photos.


  30. Yes, Dan-H, I was out for a breather and saw a large familiar crowd queuing for ice cream sold at half price.

    Nice fotos of happy faces and places at RWS I have not seen or known to exist.

    Will be watching the EP results there this Saturday. Am sure who will win and feel that another will lose his deposit so my vote will go to this underdog.

    Give him a high-five.

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