Life Is Beautiful!

I have begun to fully enjoy life all over again.

I have met some "old" friends and made many new ones.  Nice people.

Yes, Tian Soo, happiness is there for us to have, if we want it.

I have taken up dancing and I hear music all the time, literally.  It gives me so much pleasure and of course my other interests in cooking, baking and singing give me as much enjoyment.

Of course, its a long way more before I can be good enough to dance well.  But at least I have taken the first step (no pun intended).

If you are feeling low, blast the music and dance.  It will lift your spirits.  Go on…..try it…..



38 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful!

  1. Carly

    This morning, after I wake up, I feel like you said ‘Life is Beautiful’. Then I figure that I should prolong this happy life and I go to the Gym as prescribed by my doctor.

    I rode the stationary bicycle, row a machine, do chin-ups and lift some weights. I don’t like all of them. Like my friend Ah Huat would put it…’Chin Chiak Lat’.

    So life can be beautiful but when we want to prolong it…’Chin Chiak Lat’ literally.

    I wonder if Shakespear had this in mind when he wrote these words, ‘pleasures and its pain’.

  2. well said Caroline..

    Just do it!!! glad to hear you have taken up dancing..
    We all have to make a start to do well in something be in dancing, singing…

    Ure already very good in singing… so dancing is a natural progression for a multi talented lady like you

    We only get better when we take the 1st step cos its the 1st step that leads us somewhere.. even though the journey may be tough at times… but we will get there



  3. Dear Tian Soo

    No pain no gain. With the workouts, you dont need tongkat ali anymore. So Jia Iu!!!
    I get blisters on my feet with the practices but its worth it 🙂

    Dear Patrick

    Thanks for the encouragement and compliment. You and your wife dance so well. Its inspiring! True, if you dont start, you cannot go anywhere.

    p.s. very eng today cos most lawyers and partners away lah thats why got time to write!


  4. Totally agreed. Coincidentally, “No pain no gain” is also the slogan of my own cycling group. End result is total enjoyment.

    If u male guys want to find dancing partner, Caroline is your choice. She is good n will keep u glued to the dancing floor.

  5. Our lives have many stages to go thru and the world is a stage for us to perform many character roles. So enjoy that scenes and treasure the memories. We have to take part in our national duty to our family generation and country, hobbies, financial planning in order to complete our life cycle successfuly.

    Then we can sit back and relax and appreciate life is indeed beautiful, productive. valuable and meaningful. We must at all times be thankful that we are still breathing every day at our senior age.

    June Tan

  6. Dear Baby Goat

    Reading your thread brought me a big smile………

    Your title ‘ Life is Beautiful’ is uplifting and one’s mood is immediately lifted with a smile.

    Am very happy for you having started (with baby steps, awwww…)dancing which will give you pleasure – blisters notwithstanding.

    Go, girlfren, embrace happiness!

    Hugs and Mwahs
    Tender Cow

  7. TS dear

    It is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

    If you want pleasure which you will get – once you get a rock hard body (nevermind your heart) from sweet, young things and thus, you no longer need to look at 45vers and above.

    In order to get there you have to go thru pain. Your workout sounds great; keep at it and when we next meet I’ll drool………….

  8. Hi Yew Kwong,

    I have been jogging daily (about 2 to 3 hours) for about 15 months before I have injury to my sore and knee. Later I switch to daily cycling (30 to 40 km daily) while waiting for my feet to heal itself.

    However during that period, I come across an article on the ST that prolong cycling of more than 5 hours per week may affect “IT” which in turn may affect your drive in life especially for male and to a lesser extent female.

    To avoid the problem I have now cycle less than 3 hours a week and do brisk walking as and when my feet is inflicted by any injury during my daily jogging.

    Here are some articles which may interest regular cyclists:

  9. Thank you Yew Kwong. I read a almost similar article in the ST recently (about 1 to 2 weeks ago) and it seem that nowadays the journalists also lazy – they based their article on information through the internet.

    Although as we age “IT” may become less importance. However IT energy is the primal and creative energy of human being and when we feel attraction, arousal, awakening, alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity, enthusiasm — in each of these situations, IT energy is at work.

    So it’s better to be safe than sorry. It will therefore be good to have different type of exercises instead of concentrating on one particular exercise.

  10. Dear Partner @ #4

    Hahaha! you still remember how I wont let you go when we do the cha cha cha? Good memories right? Thanks for “selling koyok” for me.

    Dear June

    Yes, life is but a stage. Who we want to be and how we want the show to go on, its our choice right? So just enjoy what you want while you can.

    Mwah Mwah to you to Tender Cow

    You always have something nice to say to me. I luv it. Thanks Babe.
    I will and you too. Stay pretty and hope to see you soon. And when TS has the hot bod already, you hold the whip and me the feather 🙂

    Lots of hugs 🙂

  11. Wah Lau

    I don’t think I can survive one sexy women with a whip and another with feather. But I will die happy. My last 3 words will be “Life Is Beautiful!”

    Now, I go and work hard at the gym and dream.

  12. Baby Goat

    The reason I say nice things about you is because you are nice, darling, not forgetting sexy, too. Totally.

    Am so tickled and turned on by the whip (you do remember my thing. Yes!) and your feather (how can I ever forget the gentle stroking?)

    Think he’ll survive?

  13. Go work hard at the gym. Big time.

    We’ll have the paramedics on standby; they can watch.

    I wanna hear you scream the last 3 words in the event when you………

  14. 1st hor , ah carly jie….kam sia kam sia 4 de salad hor..

    wah chin ho jiak ( good 2 makan )..

    # 01 ..bro lua tua…u hor..100% siong liao…cos with carly jie & sexy mei mei .1 armed with whip & feathers..hor no man !!! in de world can tahan 1 lei…u must now whack jambu , tongka ali liao lah..hahahahha..
    sam huat huat huat wah lua friday 5meeliion $$$$ toto only neng aa lan 1 humm liao lei… hope 4 coming pai 1 liao ( monday )

  15. Hee Huat Sam

    Guess you just woke up.

    Each time when you comment, I have to re-read (sometimes many times) in order to understand. Good thing you do have translation in brackets.

    Perhaps you want to workout in the gym, too? Think I am dead, kor kor.

  16. hahahahha ah mei ti mei mei geraldine ,

    u r rite ..koon very early @ nite pak tor wif dolly lor..(dating ).. i like de sentence me workout in de gym ?

    den hor..t.s surely chiak lak liao… he got good stamina in deep sea diving.. ever wen wif him in mar lai si ( kuntan )

    he bo eng de gas tank & swim like a damn pro lei !!!

    sam huat

  17. Dear Ah Mai…………

    I am picturing the two beauties uttering sweet things (in dialects) to a “Ching Chung men” in a play, hahahaha……..

    “Try everything……be anything”life is beautiful…


  18. Dear TS @#12

    Work harder in the gym and you dont have to dream…..

    Dear Tender Cow

    Thanks! Mwah! Mwah! to infinity! He may survive if he only dreams about it heee! We are so evil!!!!

    Xiao Di

    You are welcome.

    Dear Freda

    Hmm… but its a pity Tender Cow will not be here for the 100% Mandarin event in Sept. Otherwise, just imagine TS strapped to a pole….

    Yes, I agree with you about trying everything….cos you only live once.


  19. Keekee Huat Sam

    Like this part ‘he got good stamina’. Yummie!!

    I suppose that also means endurance? Just hope it does not include falling asleep. Kekekekeee. Those in the know will know what I’m talking about.

  20. Hey Freda

    You know, ‘Ching Chung men’ sounds to me like dirty old men. That’s how I interpret it.

    ‘Try everything’? Errmmmmmmmm……..

  21. Baby Goat

    He can still be strapped to a pole and feathered by you without my being there. Let him have the pleasure first before I inflict pain. Hell ya!

    p/s hmmm, am wondering how is this pole thingy gonna fit in the mandarin hardcore, with lion dance, no less? Next to your fortune cookies stall? Baby, you’ll have to multi-task. He’ll have to scream the 3 words in PUTONGHUA! Ha.

  22. Tender Cow

    Wicked!!!! Hahaha! I think the lion dance will have to use the pole first.

    Multi tasking? Thats my forte, especially with cookies and feather 🙂

    I think he will be gasping and the 3 words in PUTONGHUA is a mouthful!


  23. Dear Caroline

    Yes,life is indeed beautiful. Come to think of it – all of us have countless blessings versus the ‘little hiccups’ which is part and parcel of life.

    Moreover, we have the time to rest now that the little birdies have taken to the skies. We have more room for ourselves in the ’empty’ nest (not empty nest syndrome). Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a sunny day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time. Alas, we have the time to smell a rose!

    This stage in our life is really a time of R & R everyday.
    Hee heeeeee


  24. Dear Gabriella

    Well said. Yes, we are enjoying our singing and dancing until must use koyok and see chinese tui na heee!

    Yes, we have done what was needed and now its time to enjoy ourselves.

    Let me know when you feel like lying on the grass under trees or look at stars, let me know. After our joget sessions, we definitely need to do this. But I need a mat cos grass makes me itchy. Very therapeutic – not a waste of time.

    Have a nice day 🙂


  25. Dear Caroline#26 (para 3)

    Oh yea, can be arranged………….among some like-minded friends.

    U have a wonderful day too!

    Till we meet again,

  26. Hi Mary #20
    “Ching Chung Men – no, not referring to anyone in SHC, it’s our way of naming characters who has poker-face humor like Michael Hui? Hong Kong’s legendary comedy icon ( Hui brothers?). If you don’t watch their show nor listen to their songs, it won’t tickle you.

    Hi Geradine #22
    The ching chung men is not necessary a dirty old men but rather he is one who say it like it is, he can be one who is genuinely ignorant trying hard or just testing the water, depending on the story line and if its in a real situation, u r right, it reali reali depends how each one of us interpret it.

    Lets blast the cantonese music by Sam Hui’s ???? ……
    still, life is beautiful…

  27. Ahh, Freda, I am enlightened. Your explanation reeli sounds suspiciously like one dirty old man in our club. Kekekekekee.

  28. Hi Daniel #33 ?????

    ??, another of Sam Hui’s classic, everytime I hear it, I sing along…..

    ??????????(A talent made by heaven, definitely has its use)
    ?????????? (Spread your wings and fly, not limiting that only to your dream)……


  29. Hi Daniel#35

    How I wish I can sing such meaningful lyrics in Cantoneseperfectly, I can’t sing and do not wish to ruined such nice song. Thanks for the invitation.

    Please sing, unfortunately I am also not Karaoke singer, otherwise a Sam Hui hilarious group song during the mandarin event would be great fun………??????? (Nngor tei lit pan ta kung chai………….)


  30. Freda

    This is one of my favourite Cantonese songs. Very upbeat but I dont know how to sing in Cantonese. Trying to learn but have not succeeded. Must ask Janet Chan and Lai Fong to be Sifu.


    Must go and register with Janet Chan if you want to belt out that number.


  31. Hi Carly/Daniel #37

    I love this song,its very funny. So will we we have 2 Sam’s Hui’s song during the Mandarin event ? one by Daniel and the other by you? please say yes!!! I shall go and “po mai” for this event.


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