Let’s rethink SHC succession

This year, we celebrate our 15th Anniversary. SilverHairsClub has been established since 2005, and we have been quietly successful through a network of Event Organisers EOs, Event Coordinators and members support who share our culture and traditions.

It’s about time we look again at succession and a new team to take the club forward. At 50, I founded the Club. Next year, I shall be 65, and will get to collect the 1st payment from my CPF. I am running out of ideas. And in reality, I don’t have so much time to spare for the club, as I intend to continue work till I die. On average, I spend about 3 days a mth in Singapore.

Every organisation needs continued succession and we need to review this from time to time.

I am now ready to hand over the club to someone or a team to take over and develop further the SilverHairsClub. My eyes will be focused on someone with SilverHairs at heart. Let’s reopen the discussion.

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “Let’s rethink SHC succession

  1. Succession in any club is important. 15 years is a long time, and we need new ideas, a renewed team and a new head. I see change is necessary. We have many members who have been with us since 2005, and we need to meet the challenges of a younger set of members who are now joining us at 45.

    Silverhairsclub has served its purpose to provide a platform for Singaporeans over 45 to meet new and more friends. Club has no other objective. Our taboos on religion, politics, race, sex, direct selling and MLM are broadly accepted by members, although some members do feel the need to deviate away from this rule.

    Over the last couple of years, we have a number of members with roles to play in the club. And generally this has worked well, although I must say I am not the most organised person in the Club. In fact, for the many who knows me, I believe “A little disorganisation is good for all of us”. Our lives have too many rules.

    I encourage members to come up with proposals to take over this Club. Present your ideas here, and I am sure we can arrive at a succession plan.

    Let’s look forward to hearing views and ideas.

    Terence Seah

  2. To-date, we have no volunteers from anybody to run the club. Everybody who has written in, has suggested to stay status quo.

    I am now very inclined not to accept the status quo. Therefore in the absence of new ideas, I will be making transitional changes from now to sometime next year.

    We have currently a supporting team. Yoon Chin (membership and passwords), Christina Chan (Treasurer), Andrew Koh (Facebook), Susan Tan CH (Event registration), and Susan Chan (Social activities). For activities, we do have the respective EOs/ECs.

    But this has been difficult as many members usually do not have the time. Due to the complexities of meeting members expectations, many ex EOs are unwilling to organise activities due to frequent complaints from certain individuals, criticisms and members’s distaste for the behaviour and attitudes of fellow members. We have a volunteers system, so criticisms and complaints are “negatives” towards finding leaders.

    I am determined to not allow the “status quo” scenario. I have set a deadline of 30 Jun 2020. We will have a new team with a new head, to run the SilverHairsClub”.

    More updates as we develop the change. Your views and suggestions are welcome here.

    Terence Seah

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