SHC November 23rd Monthly Walk

Monthly walk: Yishun Lakeside & Springleaf Canal Walk

Date : 23rd Nov 2019, Saturday
Duration: approx. 2.25 hours. Distance 6 km
Meeting Place: Yishun Mrt exit C
Time : 4.30pm SHARP
ECs: Christina Chan and Charles Wee

This is a nice and easy route for an evening walk and it is also the last SHC Monthly Walk for 2019.
We commence our walk from Yishun Mrt , walk towards the Yishun park besides the lake at KTP hospital. Emerging from the park, a short distance away, besides Villa Francis Home, we walk through a green park corridor that links us to Yishun Ave 4 . This will take us to the perimeter of Orchid Country Club. From there on we follow the PCN that borders the fringes of Lower Seletar Reservoir and walk towards an underpass below Lentor Avenue, crosses it and stroll along a canal till we reach Springleaf Nature Park.
For this walk, we will enjoy much greenery and waterways in an unspoilt natural environment. If we are lucky enough we may even sight an eagle, a blue tail bee eater or a raptor amidst the tranquility of the surrounding tall trees.
The Walk ends at the junction of Sembawang/Mandai Road. Located nearby are nice eateries for our dinner & refreshments. From there, buses to many convenient destinations are easily available .

Wear comfortable footwear, no slippers/sandals.
Protect oneself with sun screen, sunglasses, caps. And bring along an Umbrella.

The Walk Team: ChristinA Chan, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Linda Chua, Azhari Cuttilan and Charles Wee.
This is an EC activity . You can bring your adult friends who are 45 and above


  1. CharlesW
  2. ChristinA
  3. Jenny Lim
  4. Bruce Lee
  5. GabriellaC
  6. Peter Goh
  7. Henry See
  8. SusanT
  9. JamesT
  10. GingkoT
  11. AzhariC
  12. Kang
  13. LH Cheah
  14. Yoon Chin
  15. DaisyP
  16. StellaS
  17. GraceK
  18. RonaldL

14 thoughts on “SHC November 23rd Monthly Walk

  1. Dear All,

    We ended 2019 with a very good stretch and fellowship along the way.
    The next day when I felt a slight tightness in my lower back, then realised that we had only 1 break walking that 6 – 7km! Kudos to all who came.

    The weather was once again kind to us with a very slight drizzle for about 5mins. The sun did not show up, the sky was overcast though not gloomy and with the caress of the breeze, the walk was enjoyable.

    For 2019, I announced 2 special programs with 5 small “token” gifts from me for the walkers as a small gesture:
    A) to provide a walk route, recce and co-lead.
    B) to participate in our walks through the year; only allowed to miss 1 walk, max 2 walks with good reasons.

    For (A): a special token gift was given to Ms. Anna Seet. She was very enthusiastic to recommend a trail which we walked on 13Jul.

    For (B) those who met the criteria are as follows:
    1. Mr. Ronald Lee — supported all the walks! Special token gift will be given.
    2. Missed 1 walk — Mr. Henry See.
    3. Missed 2 walks — actually left 3 token gifts but I have decided that all who met the criteria shall receive, namely: Ms EvelynO, PeterO, Kang, Ms Jenny Lim, Ms StellaS and Ms Susan Tan.

    Anyone who feels above is incorrect and/or I have missed your name, kindly Whatsapps me directly.
    I shall contact the above named to pass you as I emphasized a TOKEN gift.

    Our walk group make it a point to recce the trails before we bring the walkers on to it. The walk teams’ time and effort are precious and priceless, besides having you, the participants to put your feet forward to continue to support our walks.
    A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL from my heart!

    See more of you next year.
    We look forward to a year of goodness in 2020!

    ChristinA and the walk team

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