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I am looking for acoustic guitar,ukulele and cajon player and vocalist to form a new acoustic group. Currently I am the lead acoustic guitarist of such a group but wish to form another to meet up with others. We play vintage 60s and 70s Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and English songs.No need to be very good as practices will make us better. I have tutorials in soft and hard copies to help.
New member must has keen interest to learn and is committed to practise on weekdays during office hours only. We plan to tour old folk homes and rc centres.

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    • Hey thanks for your well wishes. Just to add if anyone wants to learn the guitar I will be glad to share my knowledge and it is foc fot fellow seniors.

    • Hi everybody thanks for the responses. At this moment I hope to bring in a ukulele and guitarist into my current group to give them some experiences. It would be wonderful they can double up as vocalist. And can read and sing Chinese songs. They would have no problem with timing as they are playing a musical instrument. Singing in a group is very different from karaoke. If you wish to join as a vocalist it could good to let me know your past experiences as I am not able to help train vocalist to fit into a group.Thank you.

  1. Hi Dave

    A very good initiative.
    I enjoy singing. And I have tried learning to play the guitar but my fingers hurt bad so I gave it up.
    As I am still working full time, a pity I would not be able to join the group.
    Maybe some day, I can make a date with the group.
    All the best!

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the reply.. My acoustic group practise on every Tue morning as we manage to secure foc a senior centre karaoke room at Queenstown.
      If you can, we will be more than happy to welcome you into our group.

  2. Hi Ladies, glad you all are interested in learning the guitar. There is no magic formula or express course for it. Indeed it is more difficult to learn than the ukulele. But with the right guitar and strings set up learning would be made much friendly. If you are determined you can master it. I am not an expert nor a qualified trainer. Its just that I played the guitar since I was 12. We need to have a venue to meet up. If you have a suggestion on this please let me know. We can start after the chinese new year period. You can write to me direct via:

  3. What time do you start? See if I adjust my work schedule. Why not we speak on the phone cos there are a few things I need to clarify, rather than having a prolonged communication through here. You can get my phone number from Terence or Dolly/Yoon Ching. Thanks.

    • Dear Susan,
      I think it would be better suggestion that you can write an email to Dave ( and from there both of you can communicate.. Dave responded quite fast as I had written to him before.

      OK for you?

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… Cheers.. Dolly

  4. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for to all that have written to me showing their keen interest to join.
    So far I have Susan who plays the ukulele and I hope to bring her in when my new group of retired folks start practicing after the CNY holidays.
    I am also sorry to disappoint many who wish to join as vocalist as we are not ready to take in one yet unless he or she has background singing live (without the help of karaoke videos) or is a musical instrumentalist. It is because I am not a vocalist and I am not able to guide or train anyone converting from karaoke to live singing. My experiences tell me that even those with good voice is not able to sing live in a group or band unless he or she has some musical training.
    I am still looking for a acoustic guitarist and cajon player.
    For those determined to learn the acoustic guitar, we can meet up and talk guitar before we start the learning. Especially for those who had tried and gave up. And there is no point learning any musical instrument if we do not join a group or practice with anyone. The interest will fade away.
    Merry Xmas Everybody.

  5. Latest, wish to express thanks to all who responded. I have found a someone who can play the guitar and sing.
    For those interested to learn the guitar let me know how I can help you further. I would suggest we have a common meet up during which I can share more on how to get encouraged to pick up the guitar as a hobby. Most learners start on the wrong foot.
    Trust me, once you learned the basic skill, it will be a life long adventure as the guitar opens the door to all forms of music. Never a dull moment. Somethings that is very good for old folks to pass their time. But learner must be committed.
    Thank you and Happy New Year Everybody.

  6. Hi Dave
    Nice to know that you have a group of enthusiastic retirees and have musical session at a senior centre in Queenstown. I do play the ukelele and also a member of a private ukelele group. I hope to meet up & catch up with you one of the days. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

    • Hi Bobby,
      I hope to join SilverHairs Ukulele group as a acoustic guitarist. From my past and current group practises I believe I may be able to contribute suggestions and guidance to the ukulele group,
      Perhaps someone can give me more info in this regards.

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