SHC Ukeleke group

First of all, I must admit I am no Ukelele instrument player. Neither am I a musician.

But there are many Ukelele musicians in the club. And of course, all at different levels of skills. The idea of a Ukelele group is to help bring this group of members around. And perhaps, gather together to jam at some homes, play for SHC once in a while at gatherings, build friends and maybe improve on your ukelele skills.

I am not sure about learning the Ukelele, as it will involve you finding an instructor, and of course, your persistence.

I have already identified a fellow member who will lead and co-admin this group. Hopefully, the group will find its water level and move on with an interest and hobby to enjoy continued retirement. I shall introduce the member soon. Meantime, if you have some ukelele skills and wish to meet fellow players, whatsapp me at 9489 4360. Registration closes 31 Jan 2020.

Terence Seah

One thought on “SHC Ukeleke group

  1. Hi Terence ,
    Yes good idea , thank you for the initiative. I play the ukelele and also a member of a private ukelele group & we performed at Hillview Community Club at their year end gathering last week. Do count me in for this SHC ukulele group.

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