A Fancy Dress Dinner and Dance 2020

I am sure most of you must have been missing the Dinner & Dance which we have in previous years. Yes, they were great fun. Let’s start the year, to plan a Fancy Dress Dinner & Dance. I guess we can identify a suitable ballroom, a date and work on the concept. You can come come in an elephant costume, a sweet kimono dress, a masked Egyptian warrior or in a Trump golf suit.

The first stage is to identify a location. A great place with a band, plus a dinner buffet. Price is always difficult, but I am thinking of a budget of $50 per pax. Once we determine the venue, date and price, we can put things in motionP

Please do not call or WhatsApp me. Send all your thots and suggestions here. You can also discuss with your GL Group leaders, if you are shy. Meantime, please think of the role you like to play in this Fancy Dress Dinner and Dance.

I shall be travelling but will watch out for your input here.

Terence Seah

3 thoughts on “A Fancy Dress Dinner and Dance 2020

  1. One of my happiest feeling with many SHC supporters is we have dedicated members ever willing to plan and make an event work. The planning of location, the dinner and event proper is underway.

    At this stage, what I ask members to prepare is your fancy dress. Be wild, be young, be yourself and be colourful. If you like to be a ship captain, go ahead and get your one-eye patch, your hook, your sailor uniform. Like to be a bar girl, wear nothing, put on some tights, maybe a sexy bikini, and flavour yourself with a Suzie Wong perfume.

    Obviously, we need to excite you to participate. Anyone likes to help us think how to motivate participants, come, its time to volunteer and be known.

    I just arrive Kuala Lumpur. Long enough flight to get me thinking. The more ideas, the better.

    And KarenT, fight your life, i like to see your usual self 10 years ago.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi terence

    ow honored are we , to have you giving some inspirations for this wonderful event.
    So keen to see more hot pink this year.

    Honestly I m happy u have picked us as your planners.
    The way u trusted us do our thing as you just focused on being present in each moment, was a joy to witness.

    Cheers !


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