Login to SHC Website, Password Issues

Dear Members,

We are aware that some new members are facing some related issues of Login to SHC Website, Password Issues as well as Own Profile’s info need to be changed but somehow, cant seem to be able to do so.

I was aware that some members did tried called to me previously but regret to say that I was unable to attend all calls as I was either working or running some errands of which I don’t access to either my mobile or laptop. Also coupled the fact that I am lousy at multi-tasking too. As such, I am going to make myself available on February 21 2020 (which is also the February monthly gathering) from 6pm onwards to walk thru the steps with you should any assistances needed. My senior, YoonChin, also will be present to guide me too.

Hope, by doing so, every members will be able to login at SHC website from time to time to participate and organise any events which you may interest in.

Cheers.. Dolly/Club Admin

3 thoughts on “Login to SHC Website, Password Issues

  1. Thanks Dolly for the effort and arrangement. We really really like to see more members login to SHC website themselves to register their interest in events or chat on interesting posts.

  2. Dear All,
    Since we had canceled the February monthly gathering in view of the current worsening situation with Wuhan virus, regret to say that there will be no hands-on for this now.

    Nevertheless, stay tuned and when the situation is much better, I will re-schedule and venue for this hands-on.

    Till then.. Cheers.. Dolly

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