How are you managing with the COVID-19 situation? And what are you thinking of doing for the rest of 2020?

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All of us are very conscious of COVID-19. We have taken steps to avoid being infected with the virus, not only for ourselves but also our families. As seniors, we are prone to virus.

We are a living community, and we need to interact with other human beings. We need to go to the supermarkets, see our polyclinic doctors, bring our grandchildren to schools, take buses/mrt to work and eat at the nearby foodcourt. We need to continue going with our daily exercises, our weekly dancing classes and our regular karaoke.

We can delay our holiday travels, cancel our cruise trip and our weekly trip to JB.

But, we cannot don’t do anything. Can we close our main door, stay at home to watch Korean dramas? Or just chat the whole day on whatsapp?

Have you taken up a new hobby? Gardening, cooking, baking, Origami, Chinese chess, English chess or aquarium fish. How about more sleeping time in bed and watching more Youtube videos?

Get ideas from other SHC members. Start some farm work in Batam. Explore where you will spend some of your retirement days, in Batam, in JB, in Chiangmai or in Perth.

Plan with friends and look out for cheap airfare options when COVID-19 is over. Airlines and hotels are promoting their offers now. This may be a bad year for tourism, but a good time if you are yearning to travel kater part of this year.

The SHC CPF whatapp chat has been very successful. Time to find out what is your payout at 65. It is running well, join them to hear what other members are talkkng about before they go to the CPF offices.

How are you managing the current situation? And what do you plan to do from now to the rest of the year. Share your thoughts with the rest of us. What you are doing and thinking may be out of the box.

And if you still dont have a password to participate in our forum, talk with Dolly Lim or Yoon Chin.

Terence Seah

13 thoughts on “How are you managing with the COVID-19 situation? And what are you thinking of doing for the rest of 2020?

  1. The new coronavirus (Covid-19) has a latency period of 0 to 24 days.

    As there may be no sign of infection, one will not know if one is infected. By the time one has fever and/or cough and goes to the doctor/hospital, the lungs r usually 50 % Fibrosis and it’s too late!

    Experts provide a simple self-check that you can do every morning :

    Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you can complete it successfully without coughing, without feeling discomfort, stuffiness or tightness etc.
    Congratulations! It proves that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicating no infection.

    In critical times, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air!

    * Deep inhalation for 10 seconds in the morning, no cough, depression, tightness, discomfort, etc. * It proves that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, which means that thevre is no pneumonia yet,
    so it is good to test it every day.

    However, as long as u have fever, cough or running rose , pl consult a doctor as soon as u can.

    Stay healthy.God bless!????????

  2. Hi everyone… When we have to keep our distance, what’s app is an excellent tool to communicate with fear of infection.
    Each day as we get to know i the viral enemy better we are better prepared to face it. Living is both dangerous and exciting n we remain ever alert.

    • Charles, now WhatsApp is preferred, to keep the distance. How long do you think this virus will stay with us? And what are you planning to do once the virus goes off?

      I am planning to travel significantly in March, so I am picking up ideas here and there.

      Terence Seah

  3. Quote : To participate, plse note strictly no URL, copy & paste, videos, audio, and any unverified news. 1 topic-related picture a day allowed.

    I was at first quite reluctant to accept this restrictive ruling. Lately, with this virus thing the talk of the town, I realise this is necessary. We should be hearing useful comments from members, and less of “copy, paste and forward” materials. Articles from known sources are still appreciated, as members wish to keep us updated. I can accept it too if the sender specifies it is intended for a laugh. However texts that appear serious and from a seemingly authoritative but unknown source can be alarming, if not damaging. I liken it to garbage being passed from one neighbour to another (or to many neighbours). Something like the much feared virus isn’t it ?

    Life goes on. Have to work lah. I still go to JB on weekends. Sometimes you see one side of the causeway piled up bumper to bumper while the other side can go up to 100 kph. Catching the correct timing for to and fro is important. Upon entering (either side), be prepared to be shot by a thermometer at close range.

    I will remain grounded till the June school holidays (at least). No flight. No plan for anything beyond June. Simply shuttling between SG and JB by 4 wheels. Will spend more time in JB during the two-week break in March. Let’s hope and pray that this COVID-19 spread will ease and soon become a bitter part of history, like SARS. Till then, take care.


    • Hi Daniel, i do understand and am conscious on the right to free expression and speech. Rightly or wrongly, i do have reasons to put some guidelines into different groupchats. I can only hope members understand.

      Glad to feel your confidence level despite the virus attack. I am always out of Singapore, and it is nice to hear and know how Singaporeans are managing the situation. Let’s all hang on.

      Terence Seah

  4. New coronavirus (Covid-19) is here and will be continued to be here for how long – is still a question marks to many including me. Maybe 6-8mths before this can be cleared and air to be virus-free. We can only remained hopeful.

    As for me, too bad, some projects still need to liaise with China counterparts and currently facing lots of assignments almost mission impossible but still need to work out recovery plans for end customers. To cut this short, results not promising but still trying very hard to cut down the losses so that I can remained employed :). Less going to SG office as instructed, thus, need to work from home which was an added bonus to me right now as I can have a more bonding time with my bedridden mum and also enjoying morning exercise regimes with my sister which I dont normally have the time to do so.. Wonderful…..

    Not much office works need to ponder about, therefore leaving much time to think about personal issues. Make a trip to down CPF Board recently to understand the before Age 65 so called locked in/locked out positions – A fruitful trip indeed. Was told that SHC CPF group watapps had been very fruitful with well furnished info from other members. But did not joined that time as I dont have the time.. Lousy and lame reason, I know… maybe lazy is the correct word to use. Now to think of what other personal issues I need to do… hmm…..

    As for daily activities – I did not cut down meals and other hang-outs with friends except that we went to places preferably with lesser crowds and/or non-aircon areas. Of cos, watapps chat do played an important role to our daily routines now but sometimes is still good to out and relax lor.. I dont intend to change this current lifestyles as long as I seem deem fit.

    A trip to JB recently was a good and enjoyable 1 as no much crowd at massage and shop areas and lots of attractive offers given – Thinking of going again. A few nice and scenic photos from my regular MJ kakis to Bintan recently also making my feet itching to go there too. Promotions to nearby JB, Meleka, KL and Penang also added to my current list of wanted to go POIs too if time permits too. Over-excited or reacted? Maybe but still good to have brain storming on these as compared idling at home for sleeping and watching videos.

    Dancing and other anti-aging activities – Most CC large events had been canceled but was told that PAs did not insisted that lessons need to be canceled so long both the Teacher and students are willing to continue. To this, kudos to our Teacher, she will continue to teach us but did cautioned us to be more responsible, ie.. if sick, fever, running nose, dont attend classes.

    As for any oversea trips (both working and casual) – will temporary shelf them in a corner first. Eventhough I really want to meet up with my overseas friends (especially those in Haikou and Perth) but will continue to look out for cheap fares, probably will book for the August – October time frame. Will also not ruling out a self-drive trip to Thailand country side if Stella is still keen to drive me around lor… :)

    Others : As I dont want to spend too much monies for hand santizers which can be very harsh/dry on our hands applied so during free time at home, googled and lately after numerous tries, currently using my own self make hand-sanitzers… though some told me that might not be so effective. But, I was thinking that so long, that my hands are always being cleaned with this, I should be ok.. Anyone here tried making them and if so, perhaps, share with me to further improvise them. Anyone game on this?

    As for those that need my help for login, password reset – feel free to let me know but drop me either SMS or watapps first to let me know your requirement. Much regret that March gathering had also been canceled too. BTW, for this issue, how many members are willing to travel to West, ie around Bukit Panjang area for hands-on session? I might consider this option too.

    Till then…Stay healthy always and be safe… Cheers… Dolly

  5. As for me – i have to expedite all my pending task before any quaratine to stay at home. I run and romp the street with less crowd and get things done faster.

    Drink plenty of water 1.5litre and ensure a cup of 3 fresh orange from the vending machine almost addicted to it. Hey i found my skin more radient and smooth with glow – dun believe right. Of course, i spend more on water instead – worth the investment !

    Few friend sick with cough and flu so avoid any gathering with them. Advise them to drink more water and less outting for rest. I also found out that sun tanning do help – try the 9am to 11am sun bathing is good for you. I dun understand why but seem to work for me and more relax too.

    Tallk less, sleep more nap and order thru food delivery. This is how survive so far – and hope the saga end by march or may.

    I wish everyone to show some personal hygenie and take care of family member.

    May we meet again for the next gathering.

  6. Every morning when I wake up, I pray for my family and friends that they stay safe and healthy. And that the virus will soon go away completely.
    Life goes on and I still go to work, to the wet market, supermarket, shopping mall, restaurants, etc. I try to drink more water and exercise more (even though I do exercise daily except for some days when I have to do the laundry or do ironing or cook extra food). My office is well equipped with Nespresso coffee machines, hot and cold water dispensers, refrigerators and microwave ovens. So I usually cook and pack my lunch to work and I know what goes into my food. I place my lunch box in the fridge and then reheat them during my lunch break and have it in my office pantry. These little things I do, help me to reduce my risk levels.
    I try not to press the panic button when someone next to me have the sniffles or cough. But I would not say that I am not uncomfortable.
    I have a trip coming up in less than 2 months time and unless the red code is turned on, I would still go ahead and stay put at my first destination and give Shenzhen a miss.
    Eat well, sleep well, stay clean and fit, more than half the battle is won!
    Please be safe and take care everyone!


    • I am not in Spore, so i have no feel of how the situation is like in our city. But it seems many people are pretty happy to stay at home and be contented with TV whatsapp and Youtube.

      Howard, at least, you have house moving to look forward.

      For others who are working or in business, the fright of a lost job or business can be unerving during the next few months.

      Maybe we can sit and look forward to the govt budget which promises a package to help the economy tide over the rest of the year.

      Can we sit and watch the figures?

      Terence Seah

      • I thot I had learnt two new words from COVID-19. One is epidemic and the other endemic. But i still cannot tell the difference. Who has a good way to clarify the two words?

        Terence Seah

  7. One is an adjective the other a noun. In the context of this virus outbreak, we can say, “The transmission has been so endemic that the health minister declares it an epidemic”.


  8. I talk to 15-25 passengers in changi airport close range every day. Mostly foreigners. Since Client doesn’t want to stop the survey work we continue to do per usual. no fear and not wearing mask but i do wash my hands with the ever free sanitizer after every flight. Am very happy that the temperature screening is done in EVERY entry point (met 2 SHC friends who work there recently. Nice surprise). Next weekend am going to Medan and my childhood friends are ready to bring me to lake toba and to eat all delicious food there yum! Hoarding food? No. But i do stock some can food n instant noodles. Toilet rolls? No need lah

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