“Zoom” Cloud meetings – a new concept in SHC monthly gathering

COVID-19 has forced us to find new ways to gather together.

From your mobile phone, Zoom is a high definition meeting app with video and screen sharing. Zoom enables us to connect together with crystal-clear, face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging.

I have been recommended to use “Zoom” for some monthly gatherings. I tested it recently and it worked well for up to 100 attendees. There is a cost to rent this app from the US software provider. We would also require support personnel to handle registration, and manage and cordinate the meeting.

For a start, we will take a free trial. I dont have a name for this event yet. Likely we will call this “SHC Zoom”. To participate, go to Playstore and install “Zoom Cloud meetings” app.

The first SHC Zoom meeting.

1. Topic: free and easy, self introduction.

2. Venue: Anywhere in the world, as long as u have WIFI.

3. Date/Time: Mon 24 Feb 1830 hrs, ends 2000hr.

4. Strictly for SHC members only.

5. Dress: Appropriately as you are on video.

** Meeting ID: 417-852-5736.

Terence Seah

4 thoughts on ““Zoom” Cloud meetings – a new concept in SHC monthly gathering

  1. Good starting experience with SHC Zoom, a video conference for members.

    A few points to share:
    1. Members can use another name, instead of phone name.

    2. Good to have a topic or agenda.

    3. Television in background needs to be off. Headphone preferred.

    4. Video should be ON. Audio can be off.

    5. Recording of conference is not allowed.

    6. The next SHC conference will be about CPF issues. The SHC CPF group will decide the date, time and topic of discussion.

    Terence Seah

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